Dear Soaps, Now that we've found...

Dear Soaps,
Now that we've found out that Stefano is not the father of Hope's baby on Days of Our Lives, how many children does he have? — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Stefano may be upset that Hope's little baby isn't his, but he's had the opportunity to say "I'm your daddy" on several other occasions. He has three children who are deceased: Tony, Renee and Megan. Add to the litter Lexie, Benjy, his adopted children, Peter and Kristen, and of course, Little Elvis, Susan Banks's boy. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, I've asked this twice...

Dear Soaps,
I've asked this twice before, hopefully this time it comes through and I'll get some answers. Recently, a friend and I were in a dispute over whether Y&R's Eileen Davidson, who plays Ashley Abbott now, was the original Ashley back when she was once married to Anthony or Tony (I believe that's what his name was). I have watched this show since I was 11 and I'm 21 now, but I could swear it was a different girl. Please end this confusion! — Christine

Dear Christine,
I will try to end your confusion. Ashley's current portrayer, Eileen Davidson, did originate the role back in 1982 and played her until 1988, before returning in 1999. According to your numbers, you've probably been watching since 1990, so that could be why you don't remember Davidson. You probably watched the actress who followed her in the role: Brenda Epperson Doumani, who played Ashley from 1988 to 1995. Ashley hasn't been married to read more

Dear Soaps, Is Francesco Quinn,...

Dear Soaps,
Is Francesco Quinn, who plays Tomas del Cerro on Y&R, the son of actor Anthony Quinn? If not his son, is there any relation? There is quite a resemblance between the two and I was just wondering. Would you be kind enough to let me know, please. Thank you. — Enrea

Dear Enrea,
That strong resemblance is no coincidence. Cerro is the oldest child of Iolanda and actor/producer/director Anthony Quinn. The senior Quinn, who has been making films since the 1930s, has won two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor. Son Francesco was born in Rome. Francesco has had the opportunity to work with his father on several occasions, among them NBC's The Old Man and the Sea and the PBS special O'Henry's Christmas. Francesco starred as a young Antonio Stradivarius, the legendary violin maker, in Stradivarius Crenonese, where his father played the lead role. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, My sister and I have...

Dear Soaps,
My sister and I have a question on The Young and the Restless. I say there was another actress who first played Sharon. She says the current Sharon is the one and only. If there was another one, why was she replaced? Where is she now? — Fergp

Dear Fergp,
Tell your sister she's wrong. Not one but two actresses, Monica Potter and Heidi Mark, each played the role briefly before Sharon Case assumed the role back in 1994. The show wanted to find just the right actress since the writers were making a long-term investment in the character. Casting Case in the role has certainly paid off. In addition to being a fan favorite, Case won the Supporting Actress Daytime Emmy in 1999. Potter and Mark haven't exactly remained idle since moving away from Genoa City. Potter's appeared in the films Patch Adams, Without Limits and Con Air. Mark was a regular on the short-lived revival series Lov read more

Dear Soaps, On As the World Turns,...

Dear Soaps,
On As the World Turns, do any of the children Lily gave birth to belong to Holden? Does he have any children from previous relationships? Thank you.
— Lisa

Dear Lisa,
For such a young couple, Holden and Lily sure do have a lot of children with other people. While Lily's son, Luke, is from her marriage to Damian Grimaldi, Holden has two kids with other women. Son Aaron is from a drunken one-night-stand Holden had with his brother Caleb's current wife, Julie Wendell. And recently Holden learned he has a daughter, Abigail, from a union with Molly during the time period B.L. (Before Lily — did life really exist before Lily?!). Together, Holden and Lily have a daughter, Faith. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, On All My Children,...

Dear Soaps,
On All My Children, wasn't Jake married to Emily, that girl who went loony? If I am right, how come they always act as if Jake was never married and they never talk about it? — Elizabell

Dear Elizabell,
You're absolutely right. In 1990, Jake, then known as Joey (and played by Michael Brainard, who went on to play Ted on the late Santa Barbara) fell for Emily Ann Sago. They married at an early age — and against his family's wishes — after Emily Ann was traumatized when she learned that her birth father was pimp Billy Clyde Tuggle and that her natural mother Estelle and her current mom, Donna, had both been hookers. The young married couple almost broke up, but reconciled when Emily Ann learned she was pregnant. Sadly, when Emily Ann lost the baby, it became too much for her, and she was committed to a mental institution. Under the circumstances, is it really so hard to believe that Jake wou read more

Dear Soaps, Why are the writers...

Dear Soaps,
Why are the writers letting Bridget make such a big deal out of Brooke and Thorne being together when they didn't over Brooke and Ridge? The relationship of Thorne to Bridget is the same as Ridge to Bridget, but she didn't mind her mom and Ridge? — Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,
Ridge is also Bridget's half-brother, so it would certainly seem that Bridget should have been as upset over his relationship with her mom as she is over Brooke and Thorne. But I have a few theories of why she's more vocal about the latter. One, Bridget is now old enough to understand the implications of her mother dating her half-brother (How do you explain that one to your temperamental teenage friends?) Bridget spent the first several years of life, 'til about 6 or 7, believing that Ridge was her dad until a second paternity test proved Eric is her true father. She may see Ridge as more of a paternal figure. And don't forget, Bridget's disdain is being fueled b read more

Dear Soaps, I'm not sure if this...

Dear Soaps,
I'm not sure if this was mentioned on General Hospital when Felicia was introduced, but who are her parents and what happened to them? I know her grandmother Maria raised her. Thanks. — Cheryl

Dear Cheryl,
Felicia Cummings (Kristina Wagner) was introduced on GH in August 1984, looking for an Aztec heirloom — a ring she thought Frisco Jones had. All we were told about her was that she descended from a line of Aztec princesses and, as you said, was raised by her grandmother Maria in Texas. Perhaps exploring her heritage would be a good future storyline for Felicia! (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Could you tell me...

Dear Soaps,
Could you tell me if Billy and Brittany were ever intimate on The Young and the Restless? If they were, I'm thinking that she'll become pregnant by Raul and then blame Billy. What do you think?
— Rcatherine

Dear Rcatherine,
I don't believe Brittany and Billy were ever intimate that way. There's always the possibility that the writers could go down this path. Remember when it was revealed that Cole and Nina had had sex after the fact? But Billy and Mac have plenty of problems with Brittany's jealousy and Jill's dislike of Mac. That particular teen story's been done a lot over the years. But could you imagine Kay ribbing Jill over her becoming a grandmother again? That would be pretty funny. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Please tell me who...

Dear Soaps,
Please tell me who One Life to Live's Max Holden has been married to and his children's names. I'm pretty sure he has one boy with Gabrielle and then he has a set of twins (a boy and a girl I think), but I can't remember whom they were with, or how their mother passed away? Thank you. — RF

Dear RF,
Your assumptions are correct. Currently Max is married to Blair. In the past, Max was married to Luna Moody and Gabrielle Medina, and he almost married Tina Roberts, Todd and Viki's sister — but when she called him by former husband Cord Roberts' name during the ceremony, Max put a halt to the wedding. Years before Max and Gabrielle married, she had their son, Al Holden. Twins Frankie and Leslie Holden are Max's kids with his beloved late wife, Luna Moody. Soon after their birth, Luna was killed by a member of a Llanview gang. Max could be singing the praises of fatherhood again if Blair has her way. She currently cl read more

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