Dear Soaps, How many women have...

Dear Soaps,
How many women have played the role of Opal? I say two but my mom says three. Which one of us is right? —DebDebco

Dear DebDebco,
I hope you made a bet with your mother, because you win this one! Two-time Emmy winner Dorothy Lyman originated the role in 1981 and played her until 1983. When the show decided to bring the popular character back in 1989, they cast Jill Larson, fresh from her successful run as OLTL villainess, Ursula Blackwell. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Hasn't As The World...

Dear Soaps,
Hasn't As The World Turns had a story about fake paralysis before? Didn't Craig Montgomery pretend to be paralyzed in order to prevent Betsy (played by Meg Ryan) from leaving him? I like the story and can't wait for Andy to be found out. —Tracymid

Dear Tracymid,
This is definitely a case of déjà vu. In 1983, Craig went to stunt school to learn how to fall down stairs so that he could trap his wife Betsy, who was in love with Steve Andropoulos, into staying with him. But when Craig's sister, Margo, was in danger, Craig knew what he had to do and saved his sister's life, not caring about the ramifications. Craig was sent to jail for his many nefarious deeds. Though the story's been done before, it's a good one. It's always fun to see how far a man will go to get what he wants, even if it is a bit twisted. (Delaina Dixon)

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Dear Soaps, What soap did Blanche...

Dear Soaps,
What soap did Blanche from The Golden Girls play on and in what year? —Hank

Dear Hank,
Before Rue McClanahan played Blanche Devereaux, the sassy southern sex goddess on The Golden Girls, she starred on a sexy soap, Where The Heart Is, that chronicled the intimate lives of two families: the Hathaways and the Prescotts. McClanahan assumed the role of Maragaret Jardin in 1971 and stayed until the next year. Prior to that, McClanahan played crazy nurse Carolyn Johnson on Another World from 1970-1971. Carolyn was institutionalized after kidnapping twin babies. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I have wondered this...

Dear Soaps,
I have wondered this for a while. On Guiding Light, who is Rick's mother? I have been watching since the late 1980's and don't remember her. What happened to her? —Carole

Dear Carole,
Rick Bauer's mother was the late Leslie Jackson, who debuted on GL in 1966. Leslie and Rick's father, Ed, were young sweethearts who eventually married. Troubles between them caused Leslie to seek solace in the arms of his older brother, Mike. After much turmoil, Leslie and Mike finally married, but in 1976, Leslie was hit by a car and tragically died. Three actresses portrayed the character: Lynne Adams, Kathryn Hays (now Kim Hughes on ATWT) and Barbara Rodell. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I have three quick...

Dear Soaps,
I have three quick questions about my favorite soap, The Bold and the Beautiful. Where is Giovanni? Has he left the show or is he going to be on it every now and then? Is Lauren Fenmore related to Stephanie and where is she now? When was Felicia last seen? Thanks! —Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
By my count, it's more like five questions, but the more, the merrier. Here are the answers: Victor Alfieri, who plays sexy photographer Giovanni, was switched to recurring status, but he still appears on B&B every now and then. Lauren is not related to Stephanie. Her parents are Joanna Manning and the late Neil Fenmore. Lauren was a friend of Stephanie's until she slept with Stephanie's husband, Eric! Lauren recently returned from Paris to help Mac get ready for her prom on Y&R. Felicia last came back to Los Angeles to support Ridge during his attempted murder trial in 1997. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, How many years was...

Dear Soaps,
How many years was Fiona Hutchison on One Life To Live as Gabrielle Medina? Who were her loves, husbands and romantic entanglements? —Papichulo

Dear Papichulo,
Hutchison was on OLTL from 1986 to 1991. She had two husbands during her tenure in Llanview: Max Holden and his brother Steve. She almost married widower Michael Grande. But her great love was Max, with whom she had a son. Gabrielle was so obsessed with Max, she made love to him while her husband Steve was in a coma! She then tried to suffocate Steve with a pillow so she could be with Max, but relented just before the deed was done. When Gabrielle thought Max had been killed, she became attracted to Father Tony Vallone. She then fell for Matt Kingston, who reminded her of Max. Little did she know it was Max, who had undergone plastic surgery after being burned in a fire. She married Max, and Father Vallone presided over the wedding. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, On The Young and the...

Dear Soaps,
On The Young and the Restless, why does Jill dislike Mac so much? Also, is Brock Mac's father? —Colleen

Dear Colleen,
Jill loathes Mac because she was elected prom queen and screwed up the teen campaign Jill was planning for Jabot Cosmetics. Jill had a camera crew standing by to record Brittany's crowning as the prom queen. Call it bad timing. Jill also suspects that a relationship exists between Mac and her son Billy, and she doesn't want that to go any further. The fact that Mac's related to Katherine — yes, Mac is Brock's daughter — doesn't help matters. Mac's got a tough road ahead of her to win Jill over. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, On One Life To Live...

Dear Soaps,
On One Life To Live how did Bo's son Drew die? Who was his mother and how did he come to town? Were he and Kelly engaged? Did Bo accept Drew and did they get along? —Krista

Dear Krista,
Sounds like you're itching for a little Buchanan history. Let me lend you a hand. Drew, a policeman, was shot and killed in September of 1998 by Barbara, Kevin's ex-lover who was trying to kill him after he rejected her. His mother was Becky Lee Abbott and he was named after the man she loved, Drew Ralston, who also died tragically. Drew came back to town to try to get money and was instantly smitten with Kelly, going so far as to try to sabotage her relationship with his cousin, Joey. At the time of Drew's death, he and Kelly were engaged. While Bo and Drew did have their problems, father and son reconciled just before Drew's death. Drew had confided in Bo about his intentions towards Kelly. And just in case you didn't know, Drew has bee read more

Dear Soaps, I was watching TV...

Dear Soaps,
I was watching TV the other night and saw a show with Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers, but I can't remember the name of the show. The daughter on the show was named Karen. Was she played by the same actress who plays Alison Barrington on Port Charles? I have a $100 bet riding on this. I swear it was her. My best friend is nagging at me that there is no way that they could be the same actress. I told her a bottle of bleach can change a person's hair color. Please help me. I'm going crazy over this! —Teresa

Dear Teresa,
While a bottle of bleach can (and has) changed many a hair color (not to mention a career) in tinseltown, Erin Hershey (Alison, PC) did not play Karen on Step By Step, the Somers/Duffy sitcom. Karen was played by actress Angela Watson. Step By Step did have a few soap connections, however. Patrika Darbo (Nancy, Days of Our Lives) play read more

All My Children: That's Elizabeth...

All My Children: That's Elizabeth Hobgood playing Allison Jones, a guest at Bianca's homecoming party who takes note of all she sees. Hobgood airs Sept. 15.

As the World Turns: John Mattey plays a reporter and Myk Watford a Canadian cop on Sept 12 and Sept. 13 respectively.

Guiding Light: Charles Parnell plays a TV reporter and Barbara Gulan appears as Holly's assistant on Sept. 11…. Jason Field and Douglas Barnes play EMTs who arrive at collapsed construction site Sept. 12…. Don't miss Maeve Kinkead's return to Springfield as Vanessa on Sept 15. when she shares a heartfelt good-bye with Billy and Bill.

Young and Restless: Look for Hunter Preisendorfer to appear as Little Noah and Rianna Loving as Rianna on Sept 12…. Veronica Redd returns in the role of Mamie Johnson on Sept. 13…. Brooke Marie Bridges once again appears as Li read more

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