Dear Soaps, I have wondered this...

Dear Soaps,
I have wondered this for a while. On Guiding Light, who is Rick's mother? I have been watching since the late 1980's and don't remember her. What happened to her? —Carole

Dear Carole,
Rick Bauer's mother was the late Leslie Jackson, who debuted on GL in 1966. Leslie and Rick's father, Ed, were young sweethearts who eventually married. Troubles between them caused Leslie to seek solace in the arms of his older brother, Mike. After much turmoil, Leslie and Mike finally married, but in 1976, Leslie was hit by a car and tragically died. Three actresses portrayed the character: Lynne Adams, Kathryn Hays (now Kim Hughes on ATWT) and Barbara Rodell. (DD)

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Afraid you won't be able to catch...

Afraid you won't be able to catch your favorite ABC daytime drama now that you're back on campus? No need to fret. ABC may be bringing its daytime lineup to your school. Tapping into its successful "Plunge In" campaign, which features younger ABC daytime actors, the network will host a series of college campus parties across the country this fall.

Arizona State University, Northwestern University and the University of Miami are just three destinations ABC will visit on its 27-school tour. The program is designed to be "an extension of our summer campaign to help us maintain and promote tune-in as college kids head back to school," says ABC director of marketing Gail Silverman. The program, which will take place at local bars, includes a video showcase featuring clips of Port Charles, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital's young stars. Trading cards, temporary tattoos and rubber-band bracelets featuring words from the "Plunge In" read more

Tragedy strikes this week on Guiding...

Tragedy strikes this week on Guiding Light when the Spaulding project is sabotaged and Josh is trapped inside. Despite their separation, Reva rushes to be by Josh's side when she learns of the collapse. Alarmed by the poor conditions and the lack of proper safety equipment on the construction site, Josh takes matters into his own hands, which results in deadly consequences. "Josh has been sticking his nose where it doesn't belong," says Robert Newman who portrays Josh. "He kicks a bunch of construction workers, sort of a fly-by-night group, off the site." Jake, the unscrupulous foreman behind the nonunion crew, has been instructed by Maria Santos to stop Josh's meddling, so Jake plants a bomb on the site. "Josh is set up by this evil foreman, who waits for him to get into a certain place and then hits the button," says Newman. "The whole building comes down around him and he gets pinned underneath a structure as an entire floor collapses on top of him."

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All My Children: That's Elizabeth...

All My Children: That's Elizabeth Hobgood playing Allison Jones, a guest at Bianca's homecoming party who takes note of all she sees. Hobgood airs Sept. 15.

As the World Turns: John Mattey plays a reporter and Myk Watford a Canadian cop on Sept 12 and Sept. 13 respectively.

Guiding Light: Charles Parnell plays a TV reporter and Barbara Gulan appears as Holly's assistant on Sept. 11…. Jason Field and Douglas Barnes play EMTs who arrive at collapsed construction site Sept. 12…. Don't miss Maeve Kinkead's return to Springfield as Vanessa on Sept 15. when she shares a heartfelt good-bye with Billy and Bill.

Young and Restless: Look for Hunter Preisendorfer to appear as Little Noah and Rianna Loving as Rianna on Sept 12…. Veronica Redd returns in the role of Mamie Johnson on Sept. 13…. Brooke Marie Bridges once again appears as Li read more

Patti D'Arbanville, who has portrayed...

Patti D'Arbanville, who has portrayed sassy and soulful Selena Davis for the past 2½ years, has been let go from Guiding Light. GL representatives confirmed her release. "It's storyline-dictated," says a show publicist. "But we have no last airdate as of yet."

D'Arbanville broke the news herself, posting a statement on her Internet message board over Labor Day weekend to inform fans that she had been let go. "I thought that I would take this opportunity to be the first to let all of you know that I will be leaving the show in October…" D'Arbanville wrote. "Many factors have entered into this decision, and although I am saddened, I only want what is best for this show." Fans of the actress have rallied together in an effort to stop D'Arbanville's departure. They have set up a Save Selena web page and are asking fans to e-mail and snail-mail GL executives to show their support of the character. Whether their efforts will save the characte read more

Armed with a mic and her vast...

Armed with a mic and her vast arsenal of fashion knowledge, daytime's own couture guru, Linda Dano (Rae, OLTL), hits the red carpet Sunday to capture all the glitter and glamour at the Prime-Time Emmys. From the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Dano will host a two-hour pre-Emmy program, which will stream on live video at Dano will provide insight on the fashion do's and don'ts of the evening and offer hot gossip on the night's festivities. The commentary begins at 6:30 pm/ET… Mark Consuelos (Mateo, AMC) and Diego Serrano (ex-Tomas, Another World; ex-Jesse, Time of Your Life) will be recognized as part of Generación n — up-and-coming Latino talent — at the 4th annual National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts (NHFA) 2000 Noche de Gala Dinner on Sept. 19 in Washington, DC. Consuelos, Serrano and other featured guests, including Jimmy Smits, Sonia Braga and Tipper Gore, wi read more

Dear Soaps, In Australia, we are...

Dear Soaps,
In Australia, we are some years behind with Days of Our Lives. What happened to the romance between Carrie and Austin? — Kym

Dear Kym,
Are you sure you want the ending told to you now? OK, here goes: Austin was about to wed Sami when he learned that she had lied about him being Will's dad. Carrie punched her sister for her betrayal and in a surprise move, Carrie and Austin were wed (finally!). The honeymoon didn't last, however. Carrie was drawn to Dr. Mike Horton, and the two grew close. In time, Carrie returned Mike Horton's feelings of love and she and Austin drifted apart and eventually split up. When Roark Critchlow vacated his role of Mike, Christie Clark also expressed interest in leaving the show, too. The writers took advantage of these coinciding departures and wrote the couple off together. If the actors ever decide to return to the show, watch for this triangle to be re-explored. Meanwhile, read more

Dear Soaps, Is Matt LeBlanc of...

Dear Soaps,
Is Matt LeBlanc of Friends fame related to Christian LeBlanc (Michael, The Young and the Restless)? My daughter and I think there is a resemblance. — Kay

Dear Kay,
The two dark-haired, talented actors may bear a resemblance, but you and your daughter are incorrect on this one. They share the last name, but are not related. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, What ever happened...

Dear Soaps,
What ever happened to Jessie Brewer on General Hospital? — Westva47

Dear Westva47,
Actress Emily McLaughlin died in 1991 after being on GH since it began in 1963. By the time she died, Jessie hadn't been on the show for a while, so GH never dealt with the character's disappearance. There was a brief mention after an episode, when the now deceased John Beradino (ex-Steve Hardy) talked about the actress's passing. It wasn't until many years later, when GH aired its 30th anniversary show, that anyone on-screen mentioned Jessie. Steve mentioned that she had died a few years before. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I have read that Michelle...

Dear Soaps,
I have read that Michelle and Drew did not kill Mick (Danny's brother) on Guiding Light. Could you please fill me in on what I missed? — Jessica

Dear Jessica,
Wherever you read this, they steered you in the wrong direction. Thank goodness you've come to us for the real story. Mick's death was an act of self-defense; Michelle and Drew were there when Danny's brother Mick bit the dust, setting into motion Michelle's connection to the Santos family. (Michael J. Maloney)

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