Dear Soaps, I saw Bobbie Eakes,...

Dear Soaps,
I saw Bobbie Eakes, who played Macy on The Bold and the Beautiful, singing a country duet on Country Music Television (CMT) the other day. They even had a music video. Has she gone country? I knew Macy sang on the show, but I didn't know it was her actual voice. Did she leave B&B to become a singer? — TAZ

Dear TAZ,
Eakes has been developing her music career for some time. Yes, that was her voice you heard on the show all these years. The actress was hoping to juggle both B&B and her music this year until the show made the decision to write the character out. As no identifiable body was found following the car explosion, there's always the chance that Eakes and Macy will return to B&B. In the meantime, Eakes is on tour with country singer Collin Raye. They've recorded Loving This Way, the duet you saw on CMT. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, The actor that plays...

Dear Soaps,
The actor that plays Simon on As The World Turns looks familiar. Was he one of the 3 main characters in the Australian movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert? Thanks! — Sally

Dear Sally,
Thanks to that sexy Australian accent, we know that Paul Leyden is from down under, but he did not star in the movie. Leyden does resemble one of Priscilla's leads, Guy Pearce, who played Adam Whitely/Felicia before moving on to star in the Academy award-winning film L.A. Confidential. Leyden did star in a four-hour miniseries called Tribe, shot in his native land, with soap alums Antonio Sabato Jr. (ex-Jagger, GH, ex-Jack, Melrose Place) and Thaao Penghlis (ex-Tony, Days, ex-Victor, GH, ex-Marcus, Santa Barbara). (DD)

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Dear Soaps, On The Young and the...

Dear Soaps,
On The Young and the Restless the "Christine trying to have a baby" storyline is a little tired and boring. Do you think they will finally make her pregnant, which will cause some problems with Michael and Paul? — Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
It may look like you got your wish — Christine just got the positive results with her home pregnancy test and Paul is thrilled — but is she really pregnant? Setside sources say that Lauralee Bell, who is expecting her first child next January, will not be pregnant onscreen. This plot twist might be a ruse to teach Michael a lesson. Or maybe Y&R is going to do one of their famous baby switches of a different kind. It would certainly get interesting if the character really is pregnant. Mary's been praying for another grandchild; it would be great to see that meddlesome mama finally get what she wants. And the under-used Lynne, who's likel read more

Dear Soaps, On Port Charles, who...

Dear Soaps,
On Port Charles, who is Grace? What is her connection to Kevin that has Rachel wanting revenge? — LK

Dear LK,
Rachel is Grace's sister. Rachel blames Kevin for her death. It's a basic enough reason for revenge. Time will tell how new PC writers James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten handle this plot point. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Didn't Marlena (Deidre...

Dear Soaps,
Didn't Marlena (Deidre Hall) have a twin before on Days? I thought she did but can't think of the storyline. Thanks for your help. — Ddutch34

Dear Ddutch34,
A lot fans are racking their brains trying to figure out the Marlena/Hattie connection, so let me shed some light. Deidre Hall is not playing Hattie; her real-life twin sister, Andrea Hall-Gengler, is playing the role. This marks Hall-Gengler's return to the show. She first appeared as Samantha Evans, Marlena's twin sister, in 1977. Samantha was a struggling actress who liked booze and drugs, and much like Hattie, coveted Marlena's cushy lifestyle. Samantha drugged her sister, kept her held hostage in a sanitarium and pretended to be the good doctor until she was caught. But Samantha would soon sacrifice her own life to save her sister's, though involuntarily. Samantha fell victim to the Salem Strangler, who thought she was Marlena when read more

Dear Soaps, I hope you can help...

Dear Soaps,
I hope you can help me with this, PLEASE!!!! My husband and I were discussing a guy on Knight Rider. I say it's Ben on ATWT, and he doesn't think so. I haven't had a chance to view ATWT to get his real name, as I am at school during that time. Please tell me, am I right? — Kisha

Dear Kisha,
Rev up your engines. Peter Parros, who stars as neurosurgeon Ben Harris on ATWT, did appear on the action-packed series Knight Rider with David Hasselhoff (ex-Snapper, Y&R) and a cool talking Pontiac Trans Am called KITT. Parros joined the cast in its last season. He played Reginald Cornelius III, a.k.a. RC3, a streetwise mechanic who drove a specially equipped van that transported KITT to each adventure. (DD)

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For all of you who have been itching...

For all of you who have been itching for more Robin Strasser since she left the daytime canvas, hold on to your hats! The talented soap veteran is moving to Passions, where she will play the role of Hecuba.

	Strasser was last seen on One Life To Live, where she played popular villanness Dorian Lord, a role that earned her an Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy. She appeared as Christina Karras on All My Children and originated the role of Rachel Davis on Another World.

	Passions came to Strasser with the idea of joining the cast. While there are only a few details available about Strasser's role, according the show's web site, Hecuba will be "like nothing you've ever seen on daytime." Could Strasser's character be somehow related to Tabitha, armed with her own bag of supernatural tricks? "Strasser seems happy with the direction of her character," says the actress's spokesperson. Look for Strasser to strut into Harm read more

After three years in the top writing...

After three years in the top writing slots on General Hospital, headwriter Robert Guza Jr. and co-headwriter Meg Bennett (ex-Megan, Santa Barbara, ex-Julia, Y&R, ex-Liza, Search For Tomorrow) have given the show their departure notices. "It's been a great ride," says Guza in an official statement, "but we feel that it's time to move on."

Guza, who previously held the role of headwriter at GH, rejoined the writing staff in the fall of 1997. Bennett joined the team in 1998, fresh from the headwriting position on the defunct NBC soap Sunset Beach. Under their guidance, General Hospital wowed viewers with powerhouse storylines, which included revisiting the infamous Luke and Laura date-rape scenario that happened more than 20 years ago. Guza and his team took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team for the 1998-1999 season.

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	General Hospital may be...

	General Hospital may be losing a powerful daytime duo, but its spin-off, Port Charles, is welcoming in a new team. Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown have signed on as headwriters for the 3-year-old soap. "We're excited by Barbara and Jim's vision for Port Charles, and I believe the fans are going to love what we have planned for the show," says Angela Shapiro, president, ABC daytime. Their stories will start to air in the first week of December.

	Esensten and Brown first began their collaborative effort in 1988, writing together for the primetime series Dynasty. They were part of the award-winning writing team on Guiding Light in 1993, before their appointment as headwriters of Loving. The team also wrote for the fast-paced cutting-edge serial The City. They returned to Guiding Light as headwriters in 1995.

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It's going to be a lively weekend...

It's going to be a lively weekend in Salem, IL, as the town kicks off its 6th annual Days Fest. More than 18 states will be represented at the three-day event, says festival chairman and vice-president Barbara Schooner. Steve Blackwood (Bart) will perform at a blues/jazz concert Friday evening. Fans can catch Blackwood, Arianne Zuker (Nicole) and Austin Peck (Austin), who is stepping in for Bryan Datillo (Lucas), at the free outdoor festival on Sat. 16. Jason Cook (Shawn-Douglas) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) round out the weekend with appearances on Sun. Sept 17. Lorraine Zenka, author of Days of Our Lives: The Complete Family Album and Days of Our Lives: A Tour Through Salem, will be on hand to sign copies of her books on both days. "There's a lot of activites, raffles, look-alike contests, auctions and autographed items from studios available," promises Schooner. For last-minute information, call 618-548-087 read more

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