Dear Soaps, A few co-workers and...

Dear Soaps,
A few co-workers and I were trying to remember who was married to whom on The Young and the Restless. I recall that Victoria and Ryan were married several years ago. Can you tell me if I am right? Also wasn't Cole married to Ashley when Victoria was carrying his child? Thanks! — Melissa

Dear Melissa,
Ryan and Victoria were indeed wed. The marriage ended due to mostly to Victoria's immaturity and inability to commit to a full relationship with Ryan. (She wasn't ready for a sexual relationship.) Victoria was indeed expecting Cole's baby when he and Ashley wed. And, in an unusual twist, everyone knew about it before the "I dos" were exchanged. Cole decided to go ahead with the wedding to Ashley because he genuinely felt his relationship with Victoria was over. Sadly, the baby, named after Cole's mother, Eve, died shortly after her birth. A few months later, Cole left town. His portrayer, J. Eddie Peck, is now Jake read more

Dear Soaps, How can the Forresters...

Dear Soaps,
How can the Forresters have any legal claim over little Eric on The Bold and the Beautiful? Little Eric's mother, Becky, was married to C.J. He would seem to have more rights over little Eric than anyone else. What about Becky's parents? Why don't they get guardianship of little Eric over anybody else? Where is little Eric's real father? — Parksnancyl

Dear Parksnancyl,
Those Forresters are kind of pushy on this one, aren't they? I can't figure out why Stephanie is so determined to get this guy back in the Forrester compound when she practically tried to murder Morgan's unborn Forrester heir. Rick, who's most likely listed as the father on the baby's birth certificate (which gives him a legal edge), should have thought about wanting to keep little Eric before he tossed Amber out. Then again, he might have lost in a custody case against Becky. Becky's parents seemed to have vanished from the scene. And they may not have read more

Dear Soaps, Rose, the lady that...

Dear Soaps,
Rose, the lady that stole Nina's baby, is she actually Sally Spectra on The Bold and the Beautiful? And where is Nina's baby? Is it C.J. on B&B? — Toya.

Dear Toya,
Your eyes didn't deceive you. Before Darlene Conley made a name for herself as flamboyant fashion designer Sally Spectra on B&B, she made a name for herself as Rose DeVille, the unscrupulous pro criminal who stole the babies of scared, unwed pregnant teenagers, among other things. No, C.J. is not that long lost baby; Sally and her ex-husband Clarke Garrison are his parents. The location of Nina's lost child is still a mystery. On a lighter note, wasn't it great to see Nina flash back to her teen days, and actually see the original scene Tricia Cast shot years ago? It's good to know Y&R has decades of vintage video to create these "blast from the past" moments! (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Has Katherine Kelly...

Dear Soaps,
Has Katherine Kelly Lang played Brooke from the beginning on The Bold and the Beautiful, or have their been other actresses? Thanks. — Banana

Dear Banana,
Lang did indeed originate the role of Brooke Logan on The Bold and the Beautiful 13 years ago. Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) stepped into the role during the first few months of B&B for an ailing Lang — a treat for Hickland fans who were still bummed that her last soap, Capitol, had been canceled to make room for B&B. Sandra Ferguson (ex-Amanda, Another World; ex-Jade, Sunset Beach) took over the role for about a minute in 1997. Lang resumed the role and has happily been there ever since. (DD & MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Will Luis and Sheridan...

Dear Soaps,
Will Luis and Sheridan ever find true love on Passions? — Mandy

Dear Mandy,
There have been sparks between this supercouple-in-the-making since day one. I believe Luis and Sheridan have already found true love. The question is, will they ever be able to smooth things out long enough to enjoy it? Luis harbors such intense feelings of hate for everyone else in the Crane clan. And now that Sheridan believes that Luis said he was using her, thanks to her brother Julian's machinations, that may complicate things even further. Between Julian's schemes, Hank's infatuation and Roger's death threat, it looks like these two have some rough terrain to conquer to finally be together. But if history repeats itself (and on soaps, it often does!), true love will prevail. We'll just have to be patient and wait to see how long it takes before it happens. (DD)

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That's no apparition you're seeing....

That's no apparition you're seeing. Jensen Buchanan (ex-Vicky, AW) is returning to As The World Turns. She'll be reprising the role of Vicky, but this time Buchanan is back — as a ghost.

Vicky was last seen briefly on the ATWT canvas when she crossed over to the show with Tom Eplin (Jake) from the defunct Another World. Her character presumably perished in a plane crash late last year. But fans have been clamoring for her return.

Being involved in a supernatural storyline is nothing new for Buchanan. In 1997, she crossed over into the afterlife to be reunited with her love, the late Ryan Harrison, who reassured her she was still needed on earth. Could Vicky be returning to reassure Jake that she approves of his burgeoning relationship with Molly? Since Buchanan now resides in California, she'll be back and forth to New York shoot scenes, but could be on for a while, explains the actress's spokesperson. Buchanan will start in read more

Teenage heartthrob Billy Kay (Shayne,...

Teenage heartthrob Billy Kay (Shayne, GL) has been nominated for The Hollywood Reporter's Fifth Annual YoungStar Awards for Best Young Actor/Performer in a Daytime Series. The award recognizes children and teens for their outstanding work in film, television, stage and music. The presentation ceremony will be held on Nov. 19 at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills. Josh Ryan Evans (Timmy, Passions), Justin Torkildsen (Rick, B&B) and fellow castmate Paul Wasilewski (Max, GL) have also been nominated in the category... Emmy award winner David Tom (Billy, Y&R) goes back in time and fights for his family's survival in the new DVD release Walking Thunder. Tom plays Jacob, a young adventurer who is traveling across the great American way in a covered wagon in the 1800s. In this family-oriented film, Jacob faces blizzards, bears and bandits as he tries to reach his final destination. The video also fe read more

All My Children: Kelly Overton...

All My Children: Kelly Overton has joined the cast as Rain Wilkins, who befriends Bianca at the community center. Overton begins airing Oct. 6.

As The World Turns: Thomas John McNeill plays Timmy and Halley Gross plays Becca on Sept. 29.

Guiding Light: Larry Pine plays Woody, a friend of Noah's, beginning Sept. 25. Henry Strozier appears as Dr. Howard, an economist Reva interviews on Sept 26. Frank Fortunato plays Geraldo, a Santos henchman, beginning Sept. 26. That's Horacio Le Don playing Mike, the man who has been appearing in Selena's flashbacks. He makes his next appearance Sept. 26.

One Life to Live: Robert Clohessy plays the recurring role of Colin's lawyer after Colin's arrest beginning Oct. 6. John Doman appears as mob boss Mr. Rourke beginning Oct. 6.

Passions: Late night comedy star Jay Leno makes a cameo on Oct. 13, and his appearance causes nightmares f read more

Mathew St. Patrick (Adrian, AMC)...

Mathew St. Patrick (Adrian, AMC) will soon be saying good-bye to his home in Pine Valley. St. Patrick has been cast in the new HBO series, Six Feet Under, a smart, dark comedy about a funeral home. The show is the brainchild of Alan Ball, who penned the Academy award-winning film, American Beauty. "Mathew is a very good, casual type of actor, and they wanted to see him. He went in and got the part," confirms St. Patrick's manager. On the new series, St. Patrick will play a Los Angeles police officer. "It's a huge departure from his character on All My Children." To facilitate his new shooting schedule, St. Patrick will be moving back to Los Angeles.

St. Patrick, who joined the cast of AMC in April 1998, has guest starred in several prime-time series including Beverly Hills, 90210 and NYPD Blue. This new role marks his first time as a series regular. Published reports say that Six Feet Under will premiere next sp read more

Eileen Fulton (Lisa, ATWT), whose...

Eileen Fulton (Lisa, ATWT), whose credits include author, nightclub singer, fragrance designer and soap star diva, has added a new feather to her plumage: recording artist. Fulton has compiled some of her favorite performance pieces in a new CD titled, I Think About You. The chantuese threw a party at the opulent Regency Hotel in New York City to celebrate its release. "My music is an inspiration to live," explains Fulton. "[The album] is the music that I do in my nightclub act. People have wanted it for a long time, so I thought, well, okay."

Fulton, who had just returned from Los Angeles where she taped Hollywood Squares along with castmate Michael Park (Jack), looked radiant in a long, fitted black gown from Miriam Rigler. "That's where I've been getting all of my clothes for 42 years," she muses.

After pampering 50 plus guests with colorful crudités, finger sandwiches and champagne, Fulton took center stage. "I know I sou read more

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