Dear Soaps, What happened to Kimberly's...

Dear Soaps,
What happened to Kimberly's dad, Adam Alexander, on The Bold and the Beautiful? -- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,
Mobsters who wanted revenge against Adam saw he had resurfaced after spying his photo in a local newspaper. The thugs tried to kill him, wounding Sally in the process. Adam felt the best thing to do was to leave town, to protect his loved ones from future attacks. His plan appears to have worked, as Sally hasn't been shot in months. I caught up with Michael Swan (who played Adam) recently. He's involved in a web site and told me he'd definitely be open to reprising the part. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, I am a huge fan of...

Dear Soaps,
I am a huge fan of Touched By an Angel's Roma Downey. When was she on One Life to Live? -- Surprised

Dear Surprised,
I hope it's not too much of a surprise that Downey played Lady Joanna Leighton in 1988. She was the innocent daughter of evil Lord Henry Leighton and was engaged to marry Rob Coronal, until he dumped her to return to his ex-wife, Cassie. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, How many times has...

Dear Soaps,
How many times has James Stenbeck "died" and returned from the dead on As the World Turns? Exactly how did he "die" and return each time? -- Carleigh

Dear Carleigh,
ATWT's James was presumed dead four times. First, he fell out of a plane (saved by a parachute), then he was shot and burned in a cabin (it was actually his henchman Nick, who died; James made sure Nick had the same dental work as he did, hence the misidentification of the body). Next, a helicopter crash claimed James's life (yeah, right). Finally, Paul shot James as he was trying to murder Emily. Unknown to all, James had paid off the coroner to say that he had died. Stenbeck could easily give Days of Our Lives's Stefano a run for his money when it comes to being a phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. (MJM)

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As the World Turns: David Hall...

As the World Turns: David Hall plays Stubbs on Oct. 9…. Edmund C. Davis appears as Captain Schilling on Oct. 12.

Guiding Light: Jessica Jimenez has been cast in the role of Catalina Queseda, a young woman Reva befriends. Look for her to begin airing in Oct. 9…. David DeBeck plays Judge Chambers on Oct. 9….On Oct. 10, look for Miou and Kimmy Suzuki to make their presence known as patrons at Karaoke bar. Mike Rock plays the MC…. Anthony Addabbo (Jim) has been let go due to storyline reasons. While the show has no comment on the actor's imminent departure, sources say Addabbo will exit in the late fall.

Passions: Daytime newcomer Natalie Zea has taken over the role of Gwen Hotchkiss from the departing Liza Huber, whose last airdate is Nov. 8. Zea debuts on Nov. 15.... Thor Edgell plays Michael, the Angel of Goodness, on Oct. 18 and 19.

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Watching one grueling sport is...

Watching one grueling sport is enough to tire the average person. Not so for Réal Andrews (Taggert, GH). The incredibly fit actor is primed to compete in the Ironman Triathlon World Championship for the second year in a row. Andrews has spent the last 9 weeks following a rigorous training program to prepare for the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycling course, and the 26.2-mile run, all which must be completed within 17 hours. A martial arts expert, Andrews originally got involved for his brother. "My brother had terminal cancer, and he was a big fan of the sport," says Andrews. "The doctor had given him three months to live at the time. I got the idea to give him something to focus on — I'd do the Ironman race for the both of us if he'd fight his cancer and be there at the finish line. He agreed and extended his life for about a year." Andrews finished the race in just under 17 hours last year and hopes to improve his time. "My goal is actually do it a lot read more

For the moment, you can quash...

For the moment, you can quash those Internet rumors that Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) may be leaving her role on One Life to Live. The reports are unfounded. An ABC spokesperson speculates that the rumors may have started since Lindsay, who is responsible for Nora's memory loss, will have to pay for her crime, and the only way to escape prosecution is to leave town. But a good villaness knows how to get a way with murder without ever leaving the crime scene — or her soap canvas. read more

It's been hinted at every turn,...

It's been hinted at every turn, including a mention in Entertainment Weekly's Gay Hollywood 2000 issue. Now it seems the sexuality of Bianca (Eden Reigel) finally will be revealed. AMC creator Agnes Nixon, who has a history for bringing contemporary and controversial issues to light on her daytime dramas, is spearheading the storyline. This will not be the first time All My Children has brought gay characters to the canvas. In 1983, Dr. Lynn Carson (Donna Pescow) befriended Devon McFadden and revealed she was a lesbian. Devon developed a crush on the doctor, who convinced Devon that she was not gay. In the '90s, Chris Bruno portrayed gay history teacher Michael Delaney, who inspired one of his students to come out. Penning this storyline may be one of Nixon's final memorable AMC moments for a while. Sources say that the legendary scribe is ready to step down from her post at the show. An AMC rep had no comment on Nixon's read more

Liza Huber is making a career...

Liza Huber is making a career change. Huber, who originated the role of Gwen Hotchkiss on Passions in July '99, has left the show to pursue other interests. Her last tape date was Sept. 28. While reports have stated that Huber left show business to pursue a career in fashion, Huber clarifies that that's not 100 percent true. "People ask you what you're interested in, [and you say] 'clothes, pets, horses and kittens.' I have no idea what I'm going to do," she explains.

Making the decision to leave was not an easy one. "I had worked for this for years and years, and then I got [to Passions], and I wasn't as satisfied with having an acting career as I thought I would. When you work you should be happy." The consummate professional, Huber notified Passions's executives of her plans to exit early on. "I didn't just up and leave. I let them know quite some time ago. I told them that I would ride out the storyline." But her final taping was unknown to many o read more

Now that Melissa Reeves (Jennifer)...

Now that Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) has returned to the screen, questions circling about the return of Matthew Ashford to the role of Jack are stronger than ever. At the moment, the multitalented actor is revisiting the past — he's playing the lead role of Thomas Jefferson in the musical 1776, in Texas. And while Ashford's not averse to returning to the daytime scene — he auditioned for As the World Turns and tested for the role of Jake (now played by J. Eddie Peck) on All My Children — returning to complete one of DAYS's top supercouples seems like a no-brainer. "At this moment, we have not signed anything with Days of Our Lives," says Ashford's manager. "Our options are open." read more

Dear Soaps, Zander and Emily are...

Dear Soaps,
Zander and Emily are making the screen sizzle. GH finally has a couple that will make fans sit up and love. If or when will they sign the actor who plays Zander to a long term contract?? — Rosalie

Dear Rosalie,
I admit, I was a little skeptical when they switched actors to play Zander on GH. Chad Brannon, who currently plays Zander, did not seem as physically big or menacing as the previous portrayer, Marc Brett. Now I know why. We needed a kinder, gentler Zander to buy into Emily's blossoming crush on her kidnapper. While some people may be alarmed by her obvious attraction, it's seems General Hospital has tapped into the real-life condition of Stockholm syndrome — that's when a captive falls for her captor (think Patty Hearst). Or is Emily just like most teenage girls who always fall for the rebel (even if he left you naked in bed with a dead cop)? I'm intrigued by the possib read more

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