Sean Kanan (ex-A.J, GH; ex-Jude,...

Sean Kanan (ex-A.J, GH; ex-Jude, Sunset Beach) admits he wasn't looking to return to the soaps, but when he got the call to play Deacon Sharpe &#151 the no-good daddy of little Eric &#151 on The Bold and the Beautiful, he couldn't pass up the opportunity. "They called about Sean, and he didn't want to go back to daytime," reveals his manager. "We talked to [executive producer Bradley] Bell, and they convinced us because it's such a great show and they're great people to work for." Kanan has signed a short-term contract with the show, which allows him to pursue his film career in front of and behind the camera. Since leaving daytime last year, Kanan has produced and starred in the yet-to-be-released film March, with Rena Sofer (ex-Lois, GH; ex-Eve, Melrose Place) and former Knots Landing's star Michelle Phillips. Also, Kanan is set to star in a film he wrote; shooting begins in Montreal this Nove read more

What's the key to lasting in the...

What's the key to lasting in the soap opera business? "I have no idea," says Don Hastings (Bob, ATWT) with a chuckle. "I guess people like Dr. Bob." A humble response from a man who has been an anchor of his show &#151 and daytime as a whole &#151 for the past 40 years. Hastings, along with Helen Wagner (Nancy) and Eileen Fulton (Lisa) celebrated their long and illustrious ATWT careers during a private reception in New York City on Oct. 17. Flanked by past and present cast members, family and friends, the esteemed three reveled in and reminisced about their past four decades with the program. Wagner, the only surviving original cast member, celebrated her 44th year on the show. Fulton, like Hastings, rung in her 40th year. "I want to thank you for doing what you do," said ATWT executive producer Chris Goutman, who acknowledged that throughout their careers, Hastings, Wagner and Fulton have brought to every script a fresh discov read more

You'd think a guy would make some...

You'd think a guy would make some enemies during a 40-year career, but that's far from the case for Don Hastings (Bob, ATWT) who has amassed only the utmost respect from his co-workers. "It's always a joy when Don is on the set, because we have some laughs," says Kathryn Hayes (Kim, ATWT), who has played Dr. Bob's main love interest for the past 28 years. "He's very funny. You don't see that in him as Dr. Bob, but he makes all of us happier when we have those really long days. We've had a lot of fun together over the years." Says cast mate Scott Holmes (Tom, ATWT): "If I could pattern my life after anybody, I'd pattern it after Don's. I've never seen anyone so universally loved in my life. His spirit precedes him into the room. He's one of the nicest people I've ever known.".... Erika Page (Roseanne, OLTL) married country singer Bryan White on Oct. 14 in Dallas, confirms a Warner Bros. Records spokesperson. The newlyweds are honey read more

As The World Turns: Lauren B....

As The World Turns: Lauren B. Martin's (Camille) last airdate is Oct. 26.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Scott Thompson Baker is back as Connor on Oct. 27.... E.E. Bell and Peggy Billo appear as Uncle Joe and Aunty Tilly respectively on Oct 27 & 30.

Days of Our Lives: Madison Mason returns as Gene Briscoe, Victor's attorney on Oct. 25 and 26.... Gregory White plays a priest on Oct. 27.

Guiding Light: Dr. Sean Kenniff, of Survivor fame does his rotations in Springfield Oct. 20, 23, 24, 26 and Nov. 3.... Christopher Rivaro plays a guard Oct. 23.... Ricardo Puente and Denia Branche play illegal immigrants on Oct. 23.... Boris McGiver plays Dr. Holt beginning Oct. 25.

The Young and the Restless: Adrian Sparks appears as Hugh Abernathy on Oct. 23.... Marissa Arena appears as Marissa Barton on Oct. 24. read more

Dear Soaps, I just started watching...

Dear Soaps,
I just started watching Guiding Light three months ago. Who raised Susan? I know Harley is her birth mom. Is Jim her birth father? She does call him Dad? What happened to make Susan know to finally come back into Harley's life? — New GL Fan

Dear New GL Fan,
Susan's birth parents are Harley Davidson Cooper Spaulding and Dylan Lewis. Harley gave up Susan (whom she called Daisy) for adoption shortly after her birth, as she was unable to care for her properly. Jim Lemay and his wife, Connie, raised Susan. After Connie died, Susan showed up on Harley's doorstep. (MJM)

read more

Dear Soaps, Please explain how...

Dear Soaps,
Please explain how Margo, Craig, and Katie are all related on As the World Turns. Between the Hughes/Peretti/Montgomery puzzle, I'm all turned around! — AesBigRed

Dear AesBigRed,
The trio of half-siblings are all connected through their mother, Lyla Montgomery Peretti. Bart Montgomery fathered Craig (and his sister Cricket). Margo believed Bart was her dad, but it was revealed after her arrival in Oakdale that John Dixon was her father. The paternal revelation was so traumatic that Margo suffered a miscarriage. Hughes is Margo's married name, as Tom is her hubby. In the late '80s, Lyla wed a young doctor, Casey Peretti, and later gave birth to their daughter, Katie. Soon, Casey became ill and died, after Margo disconnected his life-support system. He didn't sign a living will before going into a coma; however, he did make Margo aware that he wanted no heroic measures used to save his life. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, I read somewhere that...

Dear Soaps,
I read somewhere that the actress that plays Sheridan Crane on the NBC soap Passions once played on the NBC soap Days of Our Lives. When was this, and whom did she play? Thanks. — Matt

Dear Matt,
You likely would have seen McKenzie Westmore, who plays Sheridan, discussing religion on Days of Our Lives. McKenzie played the role of Mindy, a member of Taylor's Bible study group. When Taylor brought Eric to a meeting, he and Mindy got into a heated discussion about forgiveness — a lesson Eric would learn all too soon with Greta. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I know that Sam was...

Dear Soaps,
I know that Sam was the name of the father of Amanda Corey's daughter on Another World. He left the show a few years ago, was it he who returned and played the handyman who turned out to be the doctor (I can't remember his name) who pursued Vicky Hudson. — Kathy

Dear Kathy,
You're thinking of Sam Fowler, who fathered Amanda's daughter, Alexandra (better known as Alli). Robert Kelker-Kelly was the last actor to play the role. He left in 1990, but returned six years later as handyman Bobby Reno, who Vicky hired to work on her home. Bobby had received the late Ryan Harrison's corneas through organ donation. We would later learn that Bobby was actually Dr. Shane Roberts, a fugitive of the law. He had been falsely accused of murdering his married lover. Vicky and Shane embarked on relationship, only to have his estranged wife, Lila, show up in Bay City, determined to win him back. Shane was killed in a head-on collisio read more

Dear Soaps, I realize that because...

Dear Soaps,
I realize that because I haven't been able to watch The Bold and the Beautiful for a while, I have probably missed a few things. But I always try to keep up on the show by reading the soap opera section on the web site. Just answer this: How in the world did Kimberly go from being madly in love with Rick to being madly in love with Thorne? What's the deal? Has the girl ever heard of consistency? Thanks. — Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,
I think even regular viewers missed why Kimberly fell out of love with Rick so quickly. Once Amber's duplicity was exposed in the matter of little Eric, the path was cleared for Rick and Kimberly, who'd been played as star-crossed lovers, to get married. Perhaps the writers felt that the recast Rick (Justin Torkildsen) didn't have as much chemistry with Ashley Cafagna's Kimberly. At one point, Rick and Kimberly came into conflict over Kimberly's belief that Brooke (Ri read more

Dear Soaps, What is the real name...

Dear Soaps,
What is the real name of the person who plays Vanessa on All My Children, and what has she done before coming to AMC? I think I saw her in an old episode of Facts of Life. — Datudegirl

Dear Datudegirl,
Marj Dusay has an uncanny knack for playing rich women who know how to get their way. Right now she's the scheming Vanessa on AMC, who convinced Arlene to blame her unborn child's untimely death on Liza. And Dusay actually was on several episodes of Facts of Life. She played recurring character Monica Warner, Blair's mother. Dusay taught her TV daughter how to climb the social ladder and attract men (remember when Monica fell for the father of Blair's nemesis, Jo?) On the daytime canvas, Dusay made waves in Springfield as ruthless Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light, did stints as the devious Vivian Alamain on Days of Our Lives, the disturbed Pamela Capwell on Santa Bar read more

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