Dear Soaps, On The Young and the...

Dear Soaps,
On The Young and the Restless, I was wondering who are Christine (Cricket) Williams's parents, and what ever happened to them? I can't remember them ever being mentioned. — SP

Dear SP,
Christine's parents are Dr. Jim Grainger and the late Jessica Abbott Grainger. They came onto the scene in the late '80s. Jessica wed John Abbott, but she divorced him so that she could marry Jim and give Cricket a happy memory of her parents being together. Jessica was suffering from AIDS and died from an overdose of pills while in the hospital. (A nurse aided Jessica in her decision.) Jim went on to become involved with Nikki, but he left town after Jack manipulated a brief Nikki/Victor reunion. Jim has faded from the scene. He didn't even attend Christine's marriages to Danny or Paul. And just in case you didn't know, Christine is played by Lauralee Bell, daughter of Y&#038R creators William J. and Lee Philli read more

Dear Soaps, I've been a long time...

Dear Soaps,
I've been a long time fan of General Hospital, and I don't remember Monica and Alan having a daughter. I remember AJ's birth and Jason's birth to Susan (Alan's mistress), but when and how did Emily come into the picture? — Blondie

Dear Blondie,
Emily is Alan and Monica's adopted daughter. When Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer, she went to Arizona for her chemotherapy. There, she befriended Page Bowen, Emily's biological mom, who was also battling the disease. The two formed a close bond. As Page's health continued to worsen, she asked Monica to take care of Emily when she died. Page passed away, and Monica fulfilled her wish. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I've been asking people...

Dear Soaps,
I've been asking people that used to watch General Hospital and nobody could quite remember what happened to Holly Scorpio. I seem to remember that she lost out to Anna Devane in the contest for Robert but where she went from there, nobody can remember. Can you help? — Craig

Dear Craig,
Holly, a young English con artist, was involved with Luke Spencer and married Robert Scorpio to avoid deportation. She left Port Charles for London when she learned that Anna Devane was not only Robert's WSB partner, but his former wife as well. In 1992, Holly returned to Port Charles, shocking everyone who thought she had perished in a plane crash over Australia. Holly got involved with Bill Eckert, Luke's look-a-like cousin. (Anthony Geary played both roles.) She helped him locate his stolen painting "Summer at Provence", but stole it back when Bill took up with his first love, Victoria Parker. (The painting reminded Bill of Vict read more

Dear Soaps, I was curious as to...

Dear Soaps,
I was curious as to whatever happened to Roxie Shayne and Johnny Bauer on Guiding Light. They still reprise the role of Rusty Shane but we never see or hear about Roxie! Cassie is a great way to revive the energy that Roxie brought to the show, but just imagine what they could do with Reva, Roxie and Cassie!!!! What a family reunion that could be! — Heather, a GL fan

Dear Heather,
Please! Sarah Shayne gets more airtime than Roxie does, and Sarah died! In 1990, Johnny was involved with Chelsea Reardon. He learned that Roxie, who had a mental breakdown after Johnny became ill with cancer, had started to make progress. She was moved from a facility in Switzerland to the United States. Johnny dumped Chelsea to be with Roxie. There's been little mention of the characters since that time. I agree that it would be great to see Roxie (played by Kristi Ferrell from 1984-88) back on GL. While Reva and Cassie are clos read more

Dear Soaps, Could you tell me...

Dear Soaps,
Could you tell me the last name of Royce, who was on As the World Turns a few years back? He was going to marry Emily Stewart, and I believe he is Lucinda's brother. Would you please help me with this question? Thanking you in advance. — RDW45

Dear RDW45,
Royce Keller is the half-brother Lucinda never knew about until she was grown. Royce wanted to marry Emily Stewart, but he had a terrible secret. Royce suffered from a multiple-personality disorder. His alter-ego, Roger, had caused the death of his sister and Lucinda's half-sister, Neal Alcott. Royce underwent psychological treatment to fuse his personalities, but quickly realized he was no longer the man who had first gotten involved with Emily. He left his bride-to-be at the altar. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I've been trying to...

Dear Soaps,
I've been trying to remember the name of Dimitri's son who got involved with Kendall on All My Children. Can you refresh my memory? — Annie

Dear Annie,
Here's your brain refresher. Anton Lang is the son of Dimitri and Corvina Lang, who had seduced Dimitri when he was drunk. Dimitri almost became a father again when Erica Kane announced she was pregnant with his child, but she lost the baby. (Dimitri's first wife, Angelique, also suffered a miscarriage.) For a while, Dimitri believed he was the biological father of Maddie, presumably conceived during a night of passion with Edmund's late wife, Maria. Dimitri soon discovered that a scheming Skye had switched the paternity tests. Now that Dimitri has been reunited with his wife Alex, don't be surprised if more children he's never known about crawl out of the Wildwind woodwork. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Your weekly polls...

Dear Soaps,
Your weekly polls often have to do with secrets coming out. Many times, stories are driven by a secret that is revealed and all its ramifications. My question is, are there any secrets from daytime shows that were NOT revealed? — Nik

Dear Nik,
Oh, sure. Plenty. One doesn't have to look too far into the past either to see that some soap opera secrets remain secret for a long time. On General Hospital, we still don't know who killed Katherine Bell. (Although, exiting head writer Bob Guza Jr. stated in a recent magazine interview that Helena did the deed.) The identity of Camille's father remains a secret on As the World Turns and will likely stay that way since Lauren B. Martin exited Oakdale on Oct. 26. But some soaps do get around to explaining secrets. Watch for The Bold and the Beautiful to reveal the father of little Eric. Also, Days of Our Lives's Bo is currently exploring why Stefa read more

Dear Soaps, Are the feelings that...

Dear Soaps,
Are the feelings that Rick has for Amber on The Bold and the Beautiful genuine, or does he just want little Eric back? After all of the hurt that she caused him, (passing Becky's baby off as his) how could he now seem to be so infatuated by her? I know that we are supposed to forgive and forget, but come on! — Larolyn

Dear Larolyn,
You've raised an interesting point. Clearly, Rick's feelings for Amber have been colored by the fact that she is now the mother figure to little Eric, Rick's namesake and the child he raised as his own son for almost a year. Still, Rick fell for Amber once before, because she's dynamic and unpredictable. He felt betrayed by her lies, but, as the saying goes, time heals all wounds. What's interesting is how quickly Rick appears to have gotten over Kimberly. He was more mad at Thorne over what happened between him and Rick's mother Brooke than he was over Thorne smooching his ex-girlfriend. If read more

Dear Soaps, When Ned marries Alexis...

Dear Soaps,
When Ned marries Alexis on General Hospital, it will make six times he has walked down the aisle. I can only remember two of Ned's ex-wives, Lois and Katherine. Who were the other three? — Victoria

Dear Victoria,
If Ned actually makes it to the altar with Alexis on GH, she'll become wife number six, though Ned will be marrying for the seventh time. Ned was married to Dawn Winthrop for about a moment; she left him during their wedding reception when she learned Ned had had a brief fling with her mother, Monica Quartermaine. Ned then married Jenny Eckert, but sought a divorce once he learned Jenny had lied about being a virgin on their wedding night. Ned's family forced him to marry blackmailer Katherine Bell, even though he was already married to Lois Cerullo (as his alter ego, Eddie Maine). After Katherine and Ned divorced, he married Lois as Ned Ashton. Unfortunately their union crumbled, as Lois feared becoming read more

If you're a Days of Our Lives...

If you're a Days of Our Lives fan, you'll want to make sure you set your VCR for Nov. 8. Days, which premiered Nov. 8, 1965, will celebrate its 35th anniversary with a limited-interruption broadcast. The program will include 10 minutes of extra story, weave highlights from Days's past throughout the current storylines and revisit some of the show's most memorable weddings, breakups, funerals and love scenes over the past three-and-half decades. "The 35th anniversary show is a gift to the fans of Days of our Lives," says Sheraton Kalouria, senior vice president, NBC Daytime Programs. "It is packed with great moments from the last 35 years and advances stories that are on air today. It is "must see" daytime TV." Look for original cast member Frances Reid (Alice), past favorites Bill Hayes (Doug) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) and present favorites Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Hogestyn (John), Peter Reckell (B read more

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