Dear Soaps, Will Gia and Nikolas...

Dear Soaps,
Will Gia and Nikolas ever get together on General Hospital? I think they are great together. &#151 J.L.

Dear J.L.,
It certainly seems like they are headed in that direction. Gia has settled her roots in Port Charles; she's actually living with Nikolas (and we know what happens to soap characters when they're in close proximity!). These two take much pleasure in ribbing one another, which is often a sign that two people are interested in more than just a friendship, but just don't have the guts to say it. Nikolas's grandmother, Helena, is extremely against the relationship, which will probably send Nikolas running right into Gia's arms. It's pretty evident that Marisa Ramirez (Gia) and Coltin Scott (Nikolas) generate decent onscreen chemistry. I'm sure GH's new writing regime has taken notice of that, and plans to explore the romantic rumblings of this attractive duo. (DD)

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Guiding Light fans made it clear...

Guiding Light fans made it clear that they want a matriarch on their show by giving Mary Stuart (Meta) a standing ovation at the annual GL Fan Club Gathering in New York City's Roosevelt Hotel on Oct. 29. Taking the microphone, Stuart told the crowd how she got her big break at the Roosevelt when she was 19, as a camera girl who was discovered by an MGM studio head. Hosted once again by Jerry ver Dorn (Ross), fans got a tongue-in-cheek look at Springfield 2001, with ver Dorn's always hilarious predictions. For example, next year just may find unlucky-in-love Frank Cooper finding some amore with an inflatable doll, while Princes Edmund and Richard may very well become rappin' royals. In the meantime, expect (well, not really) Ross to find Blake in bed with yet another man, but when she tells him it only looked like sex, Ross will surely believe his ever-honest and faithful wife.

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Everything if you're Alexia Robinson,...

Everything if you're Alexia Robinson, who joins the cast of the The Young and the Restless later this month. Robinson beat out several well-known daytime actresses, including Lauren B. Martin (ex-Camille, ATWT) and Sherri Saum (ex-Vanessa, Sunset Beach) to win the coveted position left by Victoria Rowell's (ex-Drucilla) departure in September. Despite several published reports that the new "legal eagle" will be named Erin, the show confirms that the character's name is Alex. Robinson's no stranger to daytime. The actress starred as Meg Lawson on General Hospital from '90-'94, and appeared on the short-lived primetime series Savannah as Cassandra Wheeler. Look for Robinson to breeze into Genoa City on Nov. 29. read more

Why did 50-plus daytime actors...

Why did 50-plus daytime actors descend on the Westside Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis in New York City on Oct. 28? To lend their support to the seventh annual "Daytime Television Salutes St. Jude Children's Research Hospital" benefit. The brainchild of ATWT star, Martha Byrne (Lily/Rose), the evening of dinner, dancing and cavorting with the stars raised more than $155,000 for St. Jude, a facility devoted to research for catastrophic childhood diseases and the care and recovery of child patients stricken with cancer. "I started acting when I was 10 years old. My mother donated a portion of whatever I made to St. Jude because I was a child actor, and she believed in the cause," explained Byrne. "When I came back to ATWT in 1993, I decided that I would do everything I could to raise money for the hospital."

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Kelly Ripa (Hayley, AMC) and her...

Kelly Ripa (Hayley, AMC) and her husband Mark Consuelos (Mateo, AMC) are expecting another child. Ripa revealed her pregnancy while co-hosting the Live With Regis show. Ripa hadn't planned on sharing the news just yet, but admitted it when a psychic on the show predicted the actress was indeed with child.... Martha Byrne isn't the only daytime actress dedicated to charitable causes. Linda Dano (Rae, OLTL) and the National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA) have joined forces to launch a new consumer campaign designed to provide information, resources and support to Alzheimer's disease caregivers and their families. Dano will be kicking off the initiative in November as part of National Family Caregivers Month and National Alzheimer's Disease Month. Dano, who's father passed away from Alzheimer's disease in January 1996, is participating in this national educational program to help others in similar situations. "I cared for my d read more

As The World Turns: Anna Stuart...

As The World Turns: Anna Stuart and Ellen Wheeler reprise their Another World roles of Donna Love and Marley Hudson, respectively, on Nov. 10 to discuss Molly's ghostly vision.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Joseph Campanella appears as Jonathan beginning Nov. 8.... Greg Mullavey appears as a minister beginning Nov. 9.

Guiding Light: Jason Manuel Olazabel plays Tommy, a thug, and Dena Atlantic plays a nurse on Nov. 6.... Thom Christopher returns as Colonex Dax and Ron Matthews once again appears as Rourke, Cassie's bodyguard, beginning Nov. 8. Look for Jason Nuzzo to play a male nurse and Max Engelhardt to play an orderly on Nov. 9.

One Life to Live: AMC's Eileen Herlie (Myrtle) makes an appearance in Llanview on Nov. 8, to defend Rae's character.

The Young and the Restless: Adrian Sparks once again appears as Hugh Abernathy on Nov. 9.... read more

The search is over! Michele Val...

The search is over! Michele Val Jean has secured the top post as head writer of General Hospital. A longtime scribe with the show, Val Jean has held the position of associate head writer since 1996. Her promotion also recognizes Val Jean as daytime's first African-American head writer.

Val Jean, whose credits include Jake and the Fatman and Generations, joined the GH writing team in 1993 as an editor/script writer. Surviving several writing regimes, Val Jean made daytime history by penning Liz's rape and the revisitation of Luke's rape of Laura. She and the GH writing team received the 1998-99 Daytime Emmy for their efforts; Val Jean also received a Daytime Emmy for the 1994-95 season.

Elizabeth Korte has also been promoted to the headwriting team. "Michele and Elizabeth have a significant history with General Hospital," says executive producer Wendy Riche. "Their noteworthy story contributions, along with their inn read more

Dear Soaps, Please tell me this:...

Dear Soaps,
Please tell me this: Is the actor Al Freeman Jr., who played Lieutenant Ed Hall on One Life to Live, related to actor Morgan Freeman? Please answer. Thanks. — Mia

Dear Mia,
That would be one incredibly talented family, huh? These two distinguished actors who share the same last name are NOT related, but they've both been on the soap scene. Al Freeman Jr., who racked up more than fifteen years on OLTL, won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy in 1979 for his role. Morgan Freeman's soap stint was considerably shorter: he played Roy Bingham on Another World from 1982-1984. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Will you please explain...

Dear Soaps,
Will you please explain to me the family tree that Elizabeth Webber belongs to on General Hospital? She and Lucky Spencer are cousins, right? — Jooli

Dear Jooli,
Okay, you may want to grab a pencil to map out these branches. Laura, Lucky's mom, is the daughter of Lesley Williams and Gordon Grey. When Rick Webber married Lesley, he adopted Laura and became her father. Elizabeth's father is Jeff Webber, Rick's half-brother. So even though Lucky and Elizabeth are distant cousins, they are not related by blood. And just in case you're wondering, Jeff's parents are Helene and Dr. Steve Hardy, which explains how Audrey Hardy is Elizabeth's grandmother. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, What was the name...

Dear Soaps,
What was the name of the actress who played Victoria's eldest daughter on One Life to Live? She looked incredibly like Patricia Arquette, if my memory serves me. — Ruth

Dear Ruth,
Viki didn't know her eldest daughter, Megan, until she was grown. Viki had conceived a child with high school sweetheart, Roger Gordon, but had carried it to term while she was her alter ego, Niki Smith. Her father, Victor, bribed Roger to take the child away, and hired a hypnotist to make Viki forget the whole incident. Jessica Tuck played the role of Megan from 1988 until the character's death (from a fatal case of lupus) in 1991. And yes, with short blonde hair, a lean frame and that piercing gaze she sported on the show during her tenure, Tuck did resemble film star Arquette. (Delaina Dixon)

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