The fight for presidential electoral...

The fight for presidential electoral votes isn't the only battle brewing in Florida. ABC and NBC will vie for top title in the state as the two networks gear up to host star-studded soap celebrity weekends through Nov. 12. The "Fifth Annual ABC Super Soap Weekend" at Disney-MGM Studios, presented by Colgate Total &reg, will feature more than 30 stars from the network's four shows, which includes AMC's Susan Lucci (Erica), OLTL's Hillary B. Smith (Nora), GH's Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) and PC's Lynn Herring (Lucy). Fans will have the opportunity to participate in the ABC Super Soap Talk Show, the Super Soap Spin Game Show and celebrity autograph sessions. They can also catch their favorite ABC stars parade down the park's Hollywood Boulevard in the Grand Motorcade & Colgate Total &reg Street Jam. Music sensation BBMak will make a special appearance at the weekend festivities. NBC will kick off its first annual "NBC read more

Dear Soaps, I'm a little lost...

Dear Soaps,
I'm a little lost on something. Maybe you can help me out. It has to do with Barbara on As the World Turns. I started watching about the time she married John Dixon, and I remember her having two little kids. She was pregnant, and that baby (Johnny) died. Anyway, now she has two kids, but one of them is Adam, and I know Margo is his mom. So, did she just lose a kid, or what? I`ve never heard anything else about him. &#151 cc

Dear cc,
If you're asking how many children does ATWT's Barbara have, the answer is four (including baby Johnny). Babs is mom to a son, Paul, fathered by James Stenbeck; a daughter, Jennifer, whose pop is Darryl Crawford; and another son, Will (his daddy is Hal Munson). Barbara's also helping raise Hal's sons, Adam (whose mom is Margo) and Parker (Carly's son). Hal has a daughter, Nikki Graves, from a former marriage. It's quite a blend at the Munson home. Hope this clears things up for you. (MJ read more

Dear Soaps, Didn't Lily choose...

Dear Soaps,
Didn't Lily choose Damian over Holden before Damian "died" in the plane crash on As the World Turns? I'm surprised that no one mentions this given that Lily is "confused" again and can't make up her mind, but the mantra seems to be that no one has ever come between Lily and Holden before, and that she has always been true to him. Thanks! &#151 Kim

Dear Kim,
Lily did pick Damian over Holden, but not necessarily out of true passion. Lily decided to give her and Damian's marriage another try when she learned that she was pregnant. Even so, Lily was still pining for her "true" love, Holden, who actually delivered little Luciano (Luke) on the Snyder farm. In the As the World Turns: The Complete Family Scrapbook by Julie Poll, Martha Byrne, who plays Lily, is quoted as saying that Holden and Lily are a "forever kind of thing." Even though Lily has been torn between her feelings for Simon and husband Holden, he read more

Dear Soaps, How many children...

Dear Soaps,
How many children does Brooke have on All My Children? What are their names and who fathered them? &#151 Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,
Brooke has two living children: adopted daughter, Laura Kirk, who has just returned to Pine Valley; and Jamie Martin, her son with ex-husband Tad. In 1994, Brooke suffered from a tubal pregnancy while carrying another child by then-husband, Tad. Realizing that carrying the child to term threatened her life, Brooke reluctantly ended the pregnancy. Before that, a young Brooke had ended her pregnancy when she learned she was carrying con artist Eddie Dorrance's child. Brooke and ex-husband Tom Cudahy's daughter, Laura, was killed by a drunk driver in the late '80s. That driver has resurfaced in Brooke's life: he's Rvd. Eliot Freeman, who returned to Pine Valley after his jail sentence (plastic surgery restructured his face after he was beaten in jail) to make amends for his DWI. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, When Patch was buried...

Dear Soaps,
When Patch was buried on Days of Our Lives, Lawrence Alamain had the casket switched with another one. Do you think that Patch is dead or alive? I hope he is alive. I would like to see him back on the show. &#151 Patiently Waiting in IL

Dear Patiently Waiting,
Not only do I think that Patch is alive, but I have to say watching those coffins be switched was a welcome relief. The show laid the groundwork for a story that's very likely to someday happen. Why not give viewers something concrete to hang onto rather than say after the fact, "Oh, the coffins were switched"? Sometimes it's great to let the fans know that the door is open (or in this case, the coffin is closed) for an actor's return. Stephen Nichols (who played Patch) has, as viewers know, made two returns to daytime. First, he was the mysterious Skylar in the final weeks of Santa Barbara. Then, in 1996 he joined General Hospital as Stefan Cassadi read more

Dear Soaps, Who played the role...

Dear Soaps,
Who played the role of Kathleen McKinnon on Another World in 1991? What has she been doing since she left the show? &#151 BlueCountach

Dear BlueCountach,
Julie Osburn orginally played Kathleen, Cass's former wife, from 1984-86. I can't find much that she's done since leaving Bay City. I recall seeing her in a few commercials, and she appeared in the TV movie Dead of Night in 1989, before returning to Another World in 1991 and 1993. Hindsight's 20/20, but it would have behooved AW to bring back this fan-favorite character for Cass after his wife Frankie was brutally murdered. Like all McKinnon characters, there's always the remote chance that Kathleen could pop up on As the World Turns to visit family member Jake, who now hangs his hat in Oakdale. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, I was just wondering...

Dear Soaps,
I was just wondering if my memory is correct or not. Didn't Malcolm and Drucilla from The Young and the Restless make love years ago when she was married to Neil? Isn't he the real father of Lily? Am I the only one that remembers this? — Lost in NC

Dear Lost in NC,
No. You're not the only one who remembers it. I thought for a while everyone at Y&#038R had forgotten, since this storypoint has been dormant for a few years. Earlier this year, however, Malcolm and Dru addressed the night she was zonked out on cold medication and invited Malcolm into her bed, thinking that he was Neil. Still, no blood tests have revealed exactly who the father is. Years ago, Olivia asked her sister, Dru, if she could live with the truth if indeed Malcolm was Lily's dad. Dru couldn't, so she chose not to pursue the matter. With Dru back in Paris, the matter will likely remain unresolved until her return. Series creator/executive s read more

Dear Soaps, I really like the...

Dear Soaps,
I really like the actress who recently joined All My Children as the character Rain, but I've been unable to find out anything about her. What can you tell me about her and/or her previous work? Thanks. &#151 Melissa

Dear Melissa,
Kelly Overton, who plays Rain, is new to the daytime scene, shares a publicist for AMC. She studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and appeared as a news anchor on Fox 61 in Hartford, CT from 1992-95. Overton has an extensive regional theater background. Depending on how Bianca's gay storyline unfolds, you may see more of Overton on AMC in the near future. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, How did Brooke Logan...

Dear Soaps,
How did Brooke Logan gain control of Forrester Creations on The Bold and the Beautiful? &#151 Bill

Dear Bill,
The short answer is because the Forresters didn't trust Brooke. Back in 1993, Brooke was the odd woman out with Ridge (he was married to Taylor) when Steve, a Forrester attorney, pointed out to Eric that the company had no legal rights to Brooke's BeLieF patent. Brooke had created the wrinkle-free formula while she was married to Eric, so she never signed any standard release contracts. Ridge tried to trick Brooke into signing her rights away, but he left her condo with the wrong document. (D'oh!) Brooke learned of the Forresters' attempt to dupe her and was about to forgive them after an apology from Stephanie. (Viewers had never heard such an empty "I'm sorry" in their lives.) Then Steve, the Forrester attorney, walked in and Brooke realized this was the man whom the Forresters sent to seduce her and gain informatio read more

Dear Soaps, A friend of mine and...

Dear Soaps,
A friend of mine and I are having a debate, and I am hoping you can clear up some confusion for us. Now I know Jack Wagner was on General Hospital, but, did he ever play a character on either Days of Our Lives or Another World? I never watched General Hospital growing up, but I know I've seen Wagner on the soaps I did watch. Was he on Santa Barbara, maybe? Help! &#151 Heather

Dear Heather,
Like they say, the third guess is a charm. Wagner did appear on Santa Barbara as the third Warren Lockridge from 1991-1993. Wagner also made a guest appearance on Sunset Beach; he played jewel thief Liam/Jacques DuMond in 1997. And you didn't mention any primetime soaps, but Wagner has done those too. He spent five years on Melrose Place playing Dr. Peter Burns. And you can currently catch Wagner on the new primetime show from Aaron Spelling, Titans. Jack plays Jack Willi read more

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