Dear Soaps, I want to know what...

Dear Soaps,
I want to know what is the deal with Billy and Mac on The Young and the Restless. Is the truth gonna come out that Brittany was lying when she said they slept together the last night of the Jabot webcast? Will Billy and Mac realize that they are perfect for each other and get back together? I hope so, because they made a cute couple. Thank you. &#151 Lilkimfan

Dear Lilkimfan,
Phyllis, who didn't even know Brittany before the whole Jabot Web site began, went to bat for the darling little diva and backed her story with Billy. This has temporarily squelched Billy's distrust of Brittany, so it's going to take a while for the truth to come out, if it ever does. I used to think Billy and Mac were perfect together until a recent scene where Mac gave Billy an overview of their troubled romance. She pointed out Billy's drinking, Jill's disapproval, the threat of Mac's mom Amanda, and all the lies that they've had to tell. read more

Dear Soaps, Was Yasmine Bleeth...

Dear Soaps,
Was Yasmine Bleeth ever on a soap? Did she recently get into an accident? Her nose looks a little funny. &#151 Candace

Dear Candace
Isn't she on one now? As devious schemer Heather on Titans, Bleeth has certainly returned to her soap opera roots. Bleeth made her daytime debut on Ryan's Hope as the third Ryan Fenelli in 1985. She moved on to One Life to Live where she played Lee Ann Demerest, the mother of Kevin's son, Demerest (Duke), from 1991-1993. I've seen several pictures of Bleeth recently, and I think her nose looks like it always has. (Delaina Dixon)

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Dear Soaps, Please find this out...

Dear Soaps,
Please find this out for me. I need to know if, on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie Forrester and Clarke Garrison had an affair. I don't believe I am remembering incorrectly, and everyone tells me I'm crazy. But this was way back when the show first began airing. &#151 Hmotherof2

Dear Hmotherof2,
You're not crazy. You have a better memory than the people you're asking. In 1987, Stephanie hired Clarke to prove whether or not her daughter Kristen was frigid. Clarke, ever the opportunist, tried (briefly) to romance Stephanie. He gave her a brooch and a kiss. Stephanie appeared to respond, but things never developed beyond that. Later, Clarke and Kristen were married. They divorced after his wandering ways were exposed. (Michael J. Maloney)

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Dear Soaps, Who is the biological...

Dear Soaps,
Who is the biological father of Bo Brady on Days of Our Lives? My mother said it's Victor, but I thought I saw an episode where Caroline and Shawn Brady were referring to Stefano DiMera as being Bo's biological father. &#151 Carol

Dear Carol,
You got to give it to that old saying, "Mom's always right." Victor Kiriakis is Bo's biological father. Caroline Brady had had an affair with Victor, which resulted in the birth of Bo. Bo learned the truth of his paternal lineage when he followed his mother to Victor's hotel. After Victor's little tryst with Nicole in the limo this past week, could another Kiriakis heir be on the way? (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Please help me with...

Dear Soaps,
Please help me with this, it is driving me crazy. Did the man who plays John Black on Days of Our Lives ever play a character on the 70's show Emergency? The one that I am talking about also played a character named John. &#151 Puzzled in Pa

Dear Puzzled,
Consider this puzzle solved. Drake Hogestyn (John, Days) did not appear on Emergency, which chronicled the trials of a paramedics team assigned to Squad 51 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. You're probably thinking of Randolph Mantooth, who played paramedic John Gage, and has starred on several soap operas, including General Hospital (ex-Richard), Loving and The City (ex-Alex). Both men have dark hair and a mesmerizing gaze, so I can see why you might have confused the two. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Why were Alan-Michael...

Dear Soaps,
Why were Alan-Michael and Lucy written off Guiding Light? &#151 Iam

Dear Iam,
They were written off because Alan-Michael and Lucy's portrayers, Rick Hearst and Sonia Satra, opted to not renew their contracts. Hearst left the show first in 1996 and was replaced by Michael Dietz. Alan-Michael and Lucy were written out in early 1997 after Satra's deal with the show expired. The couple decided to move to Europe and run Spaulding's overseas division to get away from all their family interference. Satra had a short run as One Life to Live's psychotic Barbara. Recently, Hearst returned to daytime as Matt Clark on The Young and the Restless. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Hello. I was wondering...

Dear Soaps,
Hello. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the Irish man years ago on One Life to Live that was involved with Todd Manning. Thank you. &#151 Jessica

Dear Jessica,
The Irish man in question is none other than romantic poet Patrick Thornhart, played by Thorsten Kaye (Ian, PC). On the run from the Men of 21, a terrorist group, Patrick met Marty Saybrooke in Ireland when he kissed her to hide his face from his attackers. Todd went to Ireland to make amends with his rape victim, Marty, and wound up taking a bullet for new friend Patrick, while wearing Patrick's jacket. Patrick made his way to Llanview to search for Marty and got involved with Todd's wife, Blair. Patrick and Marty finally confessed their love and planned to marry. On their wedding day, Patrick was shot by terrorists. Everyone thought he was dead, but Patrick survived the attack. He and Marty then moved to Ireland to protect their secret. read more

Dear Soaps, What was the name...

Dear Soaps,
What was the name of Victor's wife that he held prisoner at the ranch on The Young and the Restless? Wasn't it Laura's sister? I have watched Y&#038R since 1972-73. &#151 Cindy

Dear Cindy,
The only person I remember Victor keeping prisoner at the ranch was Michael Scott, the lover of Victor's wife Julia. Of course, in a sense, Victor has kept all of his wives "prisoners" in the sense that they never seem to get over him. They are prisoners of love. By the way, Y&#038R didn't debut until March 26, 1973. Maybe you were dreaming of its premiere a few months early. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Refresh my memory....

Dear Soaps,
Refresh my memory. How did Tabitha lose her powers on Passions? &#151 Jenna

Dear Jenna,
I checked directly with the experts at Passions to get this answer for you. Here's the deal: The forces of Evil demanded the deaths of both Faith and Charity; Tabitha turned into the Hound from Hell and started the fire that killed Faith; however, due to the growing love between Miguel and Charity, Charity was saved, and therefore Tabitha failed. Her powers were exhausted from her efforts, and she asked the powers in the basement to restore them &#151 only to discover the basement was empty and the forces gone. The forces have since returned, but haven't given Tabitha her powers back. (DD)

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General Hospital veteran Brad...

General Hospital veteran Brad Maule (Dr. Tony Jones) will be taken off contract and put on recurring status sometime early next year, reports the actor's official fan club web site. ABC officials confirm the announcement, but could not provide any more information surrounding the actor's contract status.

Maule's official site, which had petitioned to get Maule more airtime, is now campaigning to reverse the decision. "We don't want to see him go," says a fan club spokesperson. "We'd love to see Tony and Bobbie back together."

The actor joined the cast of General Hospital in 1984, receiving a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 1997. read more

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