Is The Glee Project Coming Back for Season 3?

The Glee Project

Is The Glee Project coming back for a third season? Depends on who you believe.

On Monday, TVLine reported that Oxygen wasn't moving forward with the reality show. But Oxygen says it hasn't pulled the plug. At least not yet. In a statement issued late Monday, a network... read more

Who Won The Glee Project's Second Season?

Aylin Bayramoglu, Ali Stroker and Blake Jenner

[Warning: This story reveals the winner of the second season of The Glee Project. Read at your own risk.]

After four contenders were essentially crowned the winner of the first season, The Glee Project stayed true to its word by only choosing one winner this season. So, did Muslim-American Aylin come out on top? Or was it the bubbly Ali? How about the only man left standing, Blake? Before we find out who won the seven-episode guest-starring role on Glee, let's take a look at how the final three got to the end: read more

VIDEO: The Final Five Glee Project Contestants Hit a Major Crossroads

The Glee Project

With only five contenders left in the running for a role on Glee, The Glee Project is turning up the heat and trying some new tricks.

In this week's music video, for P!nk's hit song "Perfect," the contestants must bring their best vocals and their top acting chops to the table for a clip that's more short film than performance art. In the clip, Charlie and Michael play best friends fighting over Aylin, who's... read more

VIDEO: The Glee Project Cast Finds Love in a Hopeless Place — Detention!

The Glee Project

The cast of The Glee Project is paying homage to both a timeless '80s flick and one of Glee's most memorable numbers.

In this sneak peek from Tuesday's episode (10/9c on Oxygen), the remaining contenders — along with an appearance by Glee's Iqbal Theba as Principal Figgins — perform Rihanna's "We Found Love" when they engage in some romantic and... read more

Exclusive Glee Project Sneak Peek: Will Ali Mess Up the Music Video Shoot?

The Glee Project

To win The Glee Project, contestants have to be able to sing, dance and act, but no one ever said anything about dunking!

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, airing at 10/9c on Oxygen, Ali is asked to do just that during the group music video shoot for "Eye of the Tiger." But after multiple tries, Ali can't seem to get her stars — and basketball — aligned. "I can't get it and.... read more

Glee's Kevin McHale to Mentor on The Glee Project

Kevin McHale

Kevin McHale is going for Round 2.

The Glee star will return to The Glee Project as a mentor for the second time in an upcoming episode that will feature... read more

Exclusive Glee Project Sneak Peek: Are Charlie and Aylin More Than Just Friends?

Aylin and Charlie

Glee is no stranger to will-they-or-won't-they romances (Rachel and Finn, Will and Emma, Kurt and Blaine), and now The Glee Project has a budding couple of its own.

When the contestants must prove their sexuality on Tuesday's episode (10/9c on Oxygen), Charlie turns to... read more

Exclusive Glee Project Sneak Peek: Aylin Gets Emotional in the Recording Studio


Two weeks after almost getting booted from The Glee Project for not being herself, Aylin is finally taking the coaches' advice to heart.

In an exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday's episode (10/9c on Oxygen), Aylin shows her softer side while singing the final lines of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" in the recording studio — and she... read more

So You Wanna Be on Glee? 5 Tips to Winning The Glee Project

The Glee Project

On Tuesday's Season 2 premiere of The Glee Project (10/9c on Oxygen), 14 new contestants will claw, croon and maybe even cross-dress their way to a recurring role on Glee. But while these kids probably already have the song-and-dance, not to mention acting, skills down cold, it takes a lot more to be on Glee than just strong pipes and the ability to read lines. Based off the first season — which saw two winners, as well as two runner-ups land recurring roles on the Fox musical — we've devised a cheat sheet of tips that is a must for those hoping to walk the halls of McKinley High next season... read more

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