Porn Producer Offers Octo Mom Nadya Suleman $1 Million

Nadya Suleman

A leading porn producer wants to help Octo Mom make ends meet by featuring her in an XXX-rated film.

In a public overture to Nadya Suleman — the 33-year-old single mom who achieved notoriety when she expanded her brood to 14 with the birthing of octuplets — Vivid Video cochairman Steven Hirsch notes that the headline-maker "obviously needs income to assure that her children are secure." To that end, he is offering Suleman "up to $1 million to act in one movie."

Since giving birth on Jan. 26, Suleman has come under fire from those who ... read more

VIDEO: Demi Lovato Dishes on Her Celebrity Crushes, Those Crazy Jonas Rumors and More

What makes a teen queen's heart throb? Here in Part 2 of our sit-down with Demi Lovato, the star of Disney Channel's brand-new Sonny with a Chance (Sundays at 8 pm/ET) reveals her two celebrity crushes — one of whom she would actually prefer to work with than date.

Demi also discusses her past affinity for hardcore metal, and rumors that she has dated one Jonas brother or another.

Watch the full video Q&A, after the jump. read more

How to Fix Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

It's not Gossip Girl here, but we are writing to you from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Nevertheless, we have to talk: This meeting has been convened because it's time to fix our beloved Gossip Girl. The ratings have dropped to a season low of just 2.2 million, and while many of us are still streaming it with relish, it must be said that creatively, the show is starting to stink like so much day-old smoked salmon. As others warn of the impending death of Gossip Girl, let's see if we can do something to help. Pull up a Chesterfield sofa and partake in the holiday-weekend brunch buffet we've prepared — Mochaccinos for everybody! — remove your platinum cufflinks, roll up your sleeves and let's get to work. While the show is on a brief hiatus, we've come up with a few fixes, but we need your suggestions as well. XOXO.

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Smallville VIDEO: Will Tori Spelling Take Down Clark?

CLARK: "Lois, I want you to tell my story .... I'm the Red-Blue Blur."

LOIS: "I guess I should stop calling you 'Smallville' then."

So begins this new trailer for the March 12 return of the CW's Smallville, which marks Tori Spelling's encore as tabloid reporter Linda Lake.

Among the other super scenes and sound bites:

• Linda sneering, "The only thing people like more than bulding up heroes is tearing them down."

• A seemingly conflicted Davis saying, "I was sent to this planet to kill Clark."

• Lois Lane giving Donna Martin a serious smackdown.

Watch and discuss it after the jump! read more

Oh, Brother! Exclusive Supernatural Casting News

Jake Abel

Is there a third Winchester sibling among us? It certainly would seem so, and Jake Abel (Threshold) is playing him, has learned exclusively.

Abel has been cast on the CW's Supernatural as Adam Milligan, an 18-year-old whom Sam and Dean meet in an episode titled "Jump the Shark" and airing April 23.

Adam, viewers will learn, is the by-product of a little somethin'-somethin' that big daddy John enjoyed during ... read more

VIDEO: Kelli McCarty Explores New Passions, as a Porn Star

Kelli McCarty, Faithless

As Passions' Beth, Kelli McCarty pretty much experienced it all — a love triangle with an orangutan, dressing up as a clown, and getting wooed by her own father. Still, McCarty has found new territory to explore, as the star of her first-ever adult film, Vivid's Faithless.

"Doing an adult film was never in the back of my head," McCarty says of her unexpected professional segue. "I just sat on the idea [and] approached Vivid, and they said, 'Yeah, let's make a movie.'"

Learn more about and then watch-and-discuss our video Q&A with McCarty ater the jump. read more

Super Bowl XXX: Porn Interrupts Tucson Broadcast

Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl viewers in Tucson, Ariz., saw a different kind of action during Sunday night's game: KVOA TV's broadcast of the Super Bowl was interrupted for approximately 10 seconds by a porn clip in homes with Comcast cable.

"We are mortified by last evening's Super Bowl interruption and we apologize to our customers," Comcast said in a statement. "Our initial investigation suggests this was ...
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VIDEO: NBC Rejects PETA's Sultry Super Bowl Commercial

PETA loves promoting their animal-friendly campaigns with smokin' hot, half-naked chicks, but it turns out NBC isn't a fan. For a proposed Super Bowl commercial touting vegetarianism, the animal rights group went the scandalous route, featuring women in lingerie doing provocative things with veggies. NBC requested PETA cut the woman "rubbing pelvic region with pumpkin" and the one "screwing herself with the broccoli." PETA decided to keep their ad and not air it — but still get lots of online attention from people wanting to see the ad too hot for NBC. Well played, PETA.

Warning: Contains Adult Content...and Veggies.

Watch the video after the jump!

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Idol Apologizes for Paula's "Threat"-ening Accusation in Louisville

Mark Mudd, American Idol

American Idol has issued a mea culpa to the audition city of Louisville, Ky., days after Paula Abdul accused a singer of threatening the judges with bodily harm when they vetoed his trip to Hollywood.

After failing to zap Simon & Co. with his take on "White Lightning," 25-year-old Mark Mudd muttered, "All right. Take care and be careful" as he began to exit the room. Paula Abdul, unfamiliar with the regional expression "Be careful," exclaimed from the dais, "What? Was that a threat? ... read more

Lost Episode Recap: "Jughead"

Henry Ian Cusick

Am I the only one who was disappointed to find out that there would be no Lost-Archie Comics crossover on Wednesday's episode? It's a shame: I had a ton of "jalopy" and "Midge" puns at the ready. So who or what is "Jughead" then? By the end of the hour, we've found out, but it's perhaps the least fulfilling of the many revelations of this fast-paced episode, which contained far fewer "flashes" than last week's episode. Desmond begins his quest to find Daniel Faraday's mother — whatever her name is — and in the process learns more about her time-hopping physicist son, and the company he keeps. Read on to get the whole confusing story...

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