Kathryn Morris Previews a Red-Hot Cold Case Finale: "Lilly Is Fighting for Her Life"

Kathryn Morris, Cold Case

This Sunday at 9 pm/ET, CBS' Cold Case wraps up its two-part Season 6 finale, in which the investigation of the 2005 murder of a female military-school cadet has dug up haunting memories for Detective Lilly Rush. On top of that, Part 1 ended with Lilly's car being forced off a bridge! Series star Kathryn Morris gave us a preview of Lilly's life-and-death crisis, and what other surprises are ahead as the season winds down. Also: Are Cold Case's chances for renewal heating up?See everything Morris had to share, after the jump. read more

Idol Vet "Much Better" Following On-Stage Accident

Stage manager Debbie Williams is "my right hand during these shows," Ryan Seacrest said via Twitter.

A stage manager who has served as American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's "right hand" since Season 1 was injured in one of two on-set accidents that plagued the show's Tuesday-evening production.

During rehearsals and less than two hours before this week's performance show went live, Debbie Williams fell from ... read more

Supernatural Video Exclusive: Dean Calls Sam a "Monster"!

This Thursday at 9 pm/ET, fans of the CW's Supernatural who already have been unsettled by the warring Winchesters will find much more to make their brothers-loving spines tingle.

As seen in this exclusive preview of the episode "When the Levee Breaks," Sam will involuntarily book a reservation in the subterranean panic room, as Bobby and Dean debate how best to deal with the demon-blood addict.

Whilst Sam is pinned down in his ersatz prison, Dean ridicules his bro's bloodthirstiness, saying it must make him feel "strong, invincible ... a big, bad wolf in a world of little pigs."

Forgetting about Sam for a moment, can the show's fans survive such a verbal beat-down? We dare you to make the jump and watch the video.

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Amy Brenneman: Private Practice Season Finale Is Like a "Quentin Tarantino Movie"

Amy Brenneman

All is not entirely well with the Oceanside Wellness gang as ABC's Private Practice serves up its second season finale this Thursday at 10 pm/ET. As Addison fights her feelings for married dad-to-be Noah and one of their own "betrays" the practice, pregnant Violet is thrust to a genuinely shocking set of circumstances. Amy Brenneman spoke with about where her complicated shrink has been and where she is about to go. First off, congratulations on the Season 3 pick-up. Were you concerned at all?
Amy Brenneman: Uh, no. No. Not really. It would have been odd if we didn't [get picked up]. How do you think Violet has changed since Season 1? Was there anything you had hoped for or asked for?
Brenneman: In Season 1 we met Violet at a pretty heightened point in her life, and I always thought she's not go to stay in this place of feel jilted and hysterical. I told [series creator] Shonda [Rhimes], "Listen, I will do whatever you want ... read more

Exclusive First Look: Raising the Bar Razors its Star

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Consider him saved by the barber.

When TNT premieres the second season of its legal drama Raising the Bar in June, Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Jerry will make an appointment to get his unwieldy mane (revisit it here, if you must) managed.

Jerry's decision to brave the buzzer comes as he reaches another birthday, and is part of a bid to present a more professional appearance to his clients.

As would be the case in real life, the public defender's makeover does not go without mention. For example ... read more

Which of Lost's Latest "Thumps" Trumps the Rest?

Ben's near-death and Jin's return to the living are among this season's thumps.

Happy Thumpday!

As Lost catches one last breath this week before unfurling the final four episodes of Season 5, we thought it a good time to assess the 13 end-of-episode "thumps" served up thus far.

Make the jump and review the list of moments that wowed us before the screen went to black, and then vote for the one that slammed you deepest into the sofa (or beanbag chair, if you've been appropriately channeling the '70s).

Feel free to elaborate on the thump you're stumping for in the comments section. 

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Octo-Mom Hopes to Televise Babies' Milestones on Series

Nadya Suleman

"Octo-Mom" Nadya Suleman has revealed new details about her nascent reality show — but the deal isn't done just yet.

On Wednesday, Suleman opened up about the possible show, explaining that it would be a documentary series versus traditional reality fare. "It's going to be..." read more

Super-Busy Simon Says "Maybe" He Will Leave Idol

Simon Cowell

Apparently even Simon Cowell is mortal.

The man who brings a certain something to American Idol, its across-the-pond predecessor, X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent (watch clip here), is beginning to question whether he can keep the candle burning at all three ends. And that's not even factoring in his work as a music producer.

"I don't want to come over as whiney, because I am very grateful that I have got these jobs," Cowell tells the UK's Daily Mirror. "But there is a point where ... read more

"Octo-Mom" Could Have TV Deal By End of Next Week

Nadya Suleman

Are you ready for an "Octo-Mom" reality show?

Nadya Suleman could have a TV deal "by the end of the week," her lawyer, Jeff Czech, told Us. The "Octo-Mom" met with four production companies this week to explore creating a reality show about life with her 14 children. "Nadya has been interested in, and hoping to find, something not so intrusive to the family and babies while, at the same time, [something to] sort of focus on trying to make a little income for herself," he said.

While no deal has been inked yet, potential Octo-Shows include... read more

Fringe: Meet Dr. William Bell

Leonard Nimoy

We are sad to report that the identity of the actor who is playing the mysterious Dr. William Bell on Fringe has leaked before he could make a surprise appearance on the season finale.

But we are very happy to report that we've confirmed the actor is Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy! Nimoy's casting, as first reported by the FringeTelevision blog, which we hear is all but a done deal at this point, may finally put to rest all those fan-created conspiracy theories about Dr. Bell (He's a cyborg! He's Nina's prosthetic hand! He's Walter!).

Nimoy is no stranger to J.J. Abrams productions: He also reportedly reprises the role of Spock in a cameo for the wunderkind director's Trek reboot, which hits theaters on May 8. Scuttlebutt says he's a time-traveling, "from the future" Spock, who returns to help the young Spock (Heroes' Zachary Quinto).

Nimoy will first appear in the season finale, and will then recur throughout next season.

What do you think of Nimoy's casting? A fanboy's dream? Too nerdy?

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