Chuck Episode Recap: "Chuck Versus the Subway/Chuck Versus the Ring Part II"


It's season finale time for Chuck and this one's a doozey — Ellie finds out Chuck's a spy, Shaw's back with an Intersect in his head, and Chuck's brain continues to short-circuit. This one's a 2-hour finale with a lot of twists and turns so let's get started.

The episode opens with Chuck nervously hovering over Scott Bakula, er, I mean Papa Bartowski, as he tinkers with Chuck's new Governor. Anyway, our hero is not so silently freaking out until Papa B points out that his Governor has been working fine. Uh, Papa B? Are we sure it's been working? You still don't exactly seem stable.

Papa B tells Chuck he completely understands his anxiety. After all, "your cover's blown, your secret base discovered, your dead partner and girlfriend's ex-lover was a double agent." Papa B also says he's proud of Chuck, but that he'll need to run from this life if he wants to protect the ones he loves. Of course, Sarah immediately interrupts this line of discussion prompting Chuck to lie about the Governor and his impending insanity. Again. Oh, Chuck, you're pretty but did the intersect take up all of your brain power?

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Law & Order Episode Recap: "Rubber Room"

Law & Order - S. Epatha Merkerson

Recapping the last episode of Law & Order is bittersweet, particularly since Monday's episode, "Rubber Room," was never intended to be the series' swan song. It was, however, to be S. Epatha Merkerson's last episode on the series, and as such, it celebrates the show's unsung hero, Lt. Anita van Buren.

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Ratings: Lost Finale Is Strong, But Not Blockbuster


Lost's highly divisive series finale lifted ABC to an easy ratings win Sunday night, but the show's numbers no doubt fell short of expectations.

The 150-minute finale averaged 13.5 million viewers and was the show's highest-rated episode in two years. However, the hype surrounding the finale didn't translate to record-setting numbers. (ABC suggests that 20.5 million unique viewers tuned in for at least six minutes throughout the episode.)

Still, Lost fever carried the network. A two-hour clip show that preceded the finale drew ... read more

Bret Michaels to Undergo Heart Surgery in Fall

Bret Michaels

Fresh off his Celebrity Apprentice win, Bret Michaels announced that he will undergo heart surgery in the fall.

Bret Michaels on Celebrity Apprentice win: "I came here to show Donald Trump I could rock"

"What they'll do is they'll go in and they'll do the heart operation in the fall," Michaels told Access Hollywood. "They have to let everything... read more

Celebrity Apprentice Episode Recap: Season Finale

SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

After 10 challenges and 12 other celebrity contestants, the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice boiled down to Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete.

On top of the emotions because of Bret's recent health scare, the finale was emotional for both Bret and Holly. Each player had a deep connection to their respective charities: the American Diabetes Association and HollyRod.

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Who Won Celebrity Apprentice?

Bret Michaels and Holly Peete

SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Celebrity Apprentice.

After 10 challenges and 12 other celebrity contestants, the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice boiled down to... read more

Bret Michaels Plans to Attend Celebrity Apprentice Finale Following Stroke

Bret Michaels

Despite suffering a stroke Thursday, Bret Michaels still hopes to make it on the Celebrity Apprentice season finale.

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The Office Episode Recap: "Whistleblower"

That's it folks. The end of the end, and honestly, I don't know where the writers will take this finale. For the first time, this season has included little rolling plots and cliffhangers. I expect something big, hilarious, epic, and mind-blowing. Bring on the funny...
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30 Rock Episode Recap: "I Do Do"

Love is in the air in NYC as three weddings are about to take place. This season's 30 Rock finale, after being teased with appearances by Will Forte, Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Elizabeth Banks, better live up to my expectations, and if we don't get an answer about who Jack chooses, I may have to submit myself into TGS rehab.
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VIDEO: Community's Gillian Jacobs: Finale Full of "Belly Laughs"

A giant cookie isn't the only thing you can expect on Thursday's season finale of Community.

"We have some cliffhangers ... Dalmatians, a beauty pageant involving moi and just belly laughs — you-feel-good-about-the-world kind of laughs," Gillian Jacobs tells TVGuide.com.

VIDEO: Community's Alison Brie and Danny Pudi do an impromptu "Little Turtle" rap

The funny business is a change ...
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