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Mega Buzz: A Big Once Mistake, a CSI Return and a Revolution "Power" Grab

Jennifer Morrison, William Petersen, Elizabeth Mitchell

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I need Once Upon a Time scoop, STAT! — Mallory
Let's see if I can turn this into a fairy tale: Once upon a time, a noble and moral character made a drastic decision that would forever mar his or her future, something so dastardly and irreversible that you would think that this character was actually evil rather than pure of heart. Any guess as to who will make the biggest mistake of his or her life?

I'm crushed that the CSI writers broke up Sara and Grissom! What are they thinking? — Lisa
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Mega Minute: Comic-Commentary on Chuck, Dollhouse & More

Zachary Levi, Chuck

In this week's Mitovich Mega Minute, I take some bits of Comic-Con news and add a scoopy little something "extra." 

For example: It was announced this weekend that Dollhouse will set the stage for a reunion between Angel alumni Amy Acker and incoming guest star Alexis Denisof. But have you heard that a Battlestar Galactica meet-up is also in the cards, when Jamie Bamber shares scenes in the Season 2 premiere with Tahmoh Penikett? That's how this will work.

So, in this Mega Minute:

• As confirmed at Comic-Con, Chuck's kung fu will be glitchy at best. But do you know what his next mad new skill will be? I do.

• When Angel alum Charisma Carpenter guest-stars on Legend of the Seeker, what will be on her Mord'Sith's agenda beyond fighting? I've got the answer.

• Also, what secret message did Dominic Monaghan flash to fans at Lost's Comic-Con panel? And get my take on one of the big Smallville reveals.

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Mega Minute: CSI: NY Hook-Up Talk, and TNT's Grace Soaps Up

Melina Kanakaredes and Gary Sinise, CSI: NY

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

• On the heels of Danny and Lindsay finding wedded bliss — and yes, Flack and Angell being hit with heartbreak — might CSI: NY's Stella and Mac be the next to turn their professional partnership into something more? Melina Kanakaredes weighs in on that hot topic.

Saving Grace's Ham could find himself in a lather when a sexy soap opera alum guest-stars on the TNT series and sets her sights on Grace's guy. Find out who's entering the mix, and for how long. (Related: Read Kenneth Johnson's Saving Grace celebrity blog.)

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Mega Minute: Big Daddy Buzz! Plus: The Closer Casts Kyra's Kid

The Big Bang Theory

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

• Might music man Dave Matthews crash with the Big Bang Theory brainiacs and play pop to his sitcom doppelganger, Sheldon? Series cocreator Bill Prady fields that question from the Mega mailbag.

• TNT's The Closer has found another fun way to keep it in the family, by guest-casting Kyra Sedgwick's 17-year-old daughter. Get the scoop on who Sosie Bacon will be playing and her character's connection to Brenda, how many episodes she's around for, and how dad Kevin will figure into this family reunion.

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Mega Minute: 90210-Melrose Crossover Scoop, a Sexy Shocker


Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute: 

• Who will follow in Kelly Taylor's circa-1992 shoes and crossover from 90210 to the new Melrose Place? Hear what one 90210 cast member has to say about talk that he is the chosen one, then get the latest word on whether that particular rumor is true or not.

• Will fans of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money get satisfying closure when the series' final four episodes kick off July 18? Or might one final head-scratcher await them? Get the scoop.

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Mega Minute: Friday Night Lights Scoop! Plus: Glambert Joins Glee Club?

Friday Night Lights

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

* Friday Night Lights won't touch down on NBC for nearly a year. But when might DirecTV viewers expect Season 4 to kick off? Connie Britton shares an update.

* Also, FNL fans: Get an exclusive heads-up on a key player who might return for the Season 4 premiere.

* Fans of Fox's Glee already know that Eve is on the way. But might they expect a visit from Adam — as in Lambert — too? Get the truth behind the rumor.

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Mega Minute: Fringe Adds a New Federal Agent, and More


Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

Fringe has a casting call out for a spunky new character. Get the details, then share your own "dream casting" picks.

• Answering a question from the Mega mailbag, I've got good news... and bad news... for Billy Campbell fans.

• Which Everwood alum is going Greek? And how might the character's arrival waylay a new CRU romance?

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