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Matt's Picks: June 18-20

John Mayer, Keith Urban

CMT Crossroads (Friday, 10/9c, CMT)
Guitar gurus John Mayer and Keith Urban mash up genres in a dual concert that marks both musicians' return to the show (Mayer appeared with Brad Paisley in 2004, Urban with John Fogerty in 2005). The playlist includes Urban and Mayer standards and concludes with a cover of George Michael's "Faith." read more

Summer TV Review: Top Chef D.C., Hot in Cleveland

Top Chef D.C.

Paradox of the week: Top Chef D.C. is something old (going into its seventh season) yet somehow feels new and fresh, while TV Land's original sitcom Hot in Cleveland is new but feels instantly old-hat — and we're not being ageist about the accomplished sitcom dames in the show's overqualified cast.

Both series premiere Wednesday night and are likely to be breakouts in this incredibly cluttered summer of non-stop cable. Chef is an established reality-competition hit and gets off to a confident and scenic start (with a multi-task Quickfire challenge on the Newseum rooftop), while Cleveland is old-fashioned comfort-food TV comedy that's essentially critic-proof. That's due to the canny casting of the beloved and on-a-roll Betty White as a cranky old... read more

Critic's Notebook: Bad, Blood and the Tonys

Breaking Bad

Devastating to the last shot: That was AMC's Breaking Bad this remarkable season. Sunday's season finale didn't so much wrap things up as trap our anti-heroes in a terrifying no-exit vortex that forces Walt to force Jesse to cross the final line of no return—to commit cold-blooded murder to save their skins.

No half measures for this series, ever. And harking back to the brilliant "Fly" episode, the contamination (moral) is now complete.

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Ask Matt: Loving Glee to Death? And More!

Mark Salling, Dianna Agron and Idina Menzel

Please send all questions to and follow me on Twitter at

: I didn't think it would happen this fast, but it did. Before Lost even went off the air, I found myself in another situation where I fell instantly in love with a show, and in instant hate with its fans for their obsessive nit-picking and apparent desire to tear down a show they profess to love. That show is Glee. Ever since it returned from its winter hiatus, despite its continued ...
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Matt's Picks for the Week of June 14

Kathy Griffin

Lie To Me (Monday, 8/7c, Fox)
See how the partnership between Lightman and Foster began, as the car-bomb killing of a former Pentagon colleague forces the duo to relive their past, including critical therapy sessions. (Shades of Bones, Booth and Sweets?)... read more

Matt's Weekend Picks: June 11-13

Anna Paquin

Robert Klein: Unfair and Unbalanced (Saturday, 10/9c, HBO)
The trailblazer who starred in HBO's first-ever solo comedy special 35 years ago returns for his ninth one-man show. Accompanied by the 47-piece Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra, Klein performs a set of original music and topical humor embracing politics and pop culture... read more

Finale Watch: Glee, Justified, Jackie and Tara

Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara

What's a fanboy to do now that the phat ladies and gents of Glee have sung their last notes for the season? (Well, the top 10 finalists of So You Think You Can Dance are announced Thursday, so I'm hoping they and their "all-star" partners can help fill the void.) It's been a busy week of comings and goings on network and cable, with some shows signing off just as others (including True Blood this Sunday) launch new summer seasons. But for now, let's focus on the goings, with some parting thoughts on several spring standouts... read more

Matt's Pick's: June 7-10

Mark Salling and Matthew Morrison

Smash His Camera
(Monday, 9/8c, HBO) Before Lady Gaga began singing about paparazzi, Ron Galella was the most infamous shooter in the trade, sued by Jackie O and punched by Brando. This award-winning documentary tells his side of the star-gazing story.

(Tuesday, 9/8c, Fox) The first season ends with New Directions competing at Regionals, though not without some Sue Sylvester mischief—and a special-delivery baby drama from Quinn-to distract the singing heroes.

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Matt's Picks: June 4-6

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
(Friday, 8/7c, NBC) In one of the most heart-wrenching episodes of the season, Matt Saracen comes to terms with his feelings about his long-absent father, turning to his surrogate family at the Taylor household for solace at a time of personal crisis.

The 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee
(Friday, 8/7c, ABC) Chris Harrison (The Bachelor) hosts the prime-time coverage as the final championship round decides a winner in the annual white-knuckle spelling competition. (Semifinals air earlier in the day on ESPN.) Can you spell T-E-N-S-I-O-N?

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Ask Matt: Loving Lost


Please send all questions to and follow me on Twitter at

: This isn't really a question, just a thank you. I've been a faithful reader for years now, and cannot tell you how grateful I am that you recommended the Lost pilot so fervently almost seven years ago now. Because I often like what you recommend, I persuaded my husband that the pilot was something we should try, and by the "Walkabout" episode where we learned Locke had been in a wheelchair, we were completely addicted... read more

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