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The Office: Here Comes the Bride, the Baby — and the Shark?

The Office

Expectant parents Jim and Pam are set to walk down the aisle Thursday in an hour-long episode of The Office, but will it be happily ever after for them and the show?

We all know romantic "I do's" and impending tots spell more doom than bliss for veteran shows and with The Office attempting a jump-the-shark double here (Pam is due in February), the Dunder Mifflin crew seems closer to strapping on water ...
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Is Neil Patrick Harris the Patron Saint of "Un-Jumping" the Shark?

Neil Patrick Harris

Let's face it: Neil Patrick Harris is awesome.

The multitalented How I Met Your Mother star breathed some much-needed life into Sunday's Emmy awards. Harris, who also served as a producer, kept the show moving and brought plenty of fun with a rousing opening musical number and a comedy sketch based on his role in Joss Whedon's Internet experiment, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

See how Harris dominated our Emmys Top Moments countdown

The result was a less-bloated, exponentially more watchable telecast that drew in an audience 9 percent larger than last year's record low. So, we wonder: Does Harris have the magic touch?< read more

The View Taps Reality Mom Kate Gosselin as Co-Host

Kate Gosselin

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck said Kate Gosselin should "get the camera off the kids" and "get a job," she didn't mean her job.

But desperate times call for desperate hosts, and The View says Gosselin will serve as a fill-in host for Hasselbeck ... read more

12 Ways Mad Men Could Still Jump the Shark

Jon Hamm, Mad Men

With critical praise, a growing audience, and plenty of awards, Mad Men is going strong now. But no show is safe from jumping the shark. Here are just a few developments that could end Mad Men's smooth ride:

1. Flash-forward to 1986

2. Season 4 is about Betty's attempts to perfect her three-bean casserole

3. New client: Crocs

4. Theme song is replaced with "Eye of the Tiger"

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Benjamin Bratt Talks Cleaner Slate of Guests

The Cleaner, Benjamin Bratt

Are special guest stars always a shark jump? The Cleaner's Benjamin Bratt says no way — especially when they include Whoopi Goldberg, Mia Kirschner, Gary Cole, and Joe Don Baker, some of the actors appearing on his A&E drama this season. read more

Do Rescue Me's Musical Numbers Hit the Right Notes?

Steven Pasquale

Don't worry, we cringed too when Steven Pasquale burst into song in the latest episode of Rescue Me.

But once the shock wore off — and we realized that Pasquale could still make Sean Garrity hilariously stupid while singing — it became apparent that creators Denis Leary and Peter Tolan had put some thought into the song-and-dance routines. (That's right, routines; there are more to come.)

"Those would be my fault," Tolan told TVGuide.com. "We were sort of looking for a way to showcase Steve's singing, and this seemed like the most natural way — these fantasies while he was being prepped for surgery or after. The good thing is they're all on story. The first one is more naturalistic — there's sort of an MTV feel to the second half of it, but it feels a little more grounded. Then they just spin out of control."

Pasquale has a history with ... read more

TVGuide.com Voters: House Tops Votes in Jump the Shark Poll

Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde

House received the most votes — 33 percent — in a TVGuide.com poll about what show most jumped the shark this past season. The poll, which included the four shows that drew the most mentions when we asked what shows jumped, drew more than 5,000 votes. read more

Poll: Did Bones, Grey's, House or Heroes Most Jump the Shark?

Olivia Wilde, Patrick Dempsey

We asked which shows Jumped the Shark this season, and TVGuide.com readers told us. By a wide margin, they pointed most often to Heroes, House, Bones and Grey's Anatomy. Some even snickered and laughed while doing so.

So now we need help again. Vote in our poll on which of these shows is the biggest Shark Jumper of this past season. read more

What Shows Jumped the Shark This Season?


Do we smell blood in the water?

With the traditional fall-to-spring TV season over, it's time to look back on which shows have jumped the shark. Lost is often listed as a show that's never jumped, but did it retain the honor this outing? read more

Exit Stage Left: The Tonight Show

Conan O'Brien

Show minus stars equals different show: It's one of the mantras of Jump the Shark, and it's true — unless, maybe, the show is The Tonight Show.

The Tonight Show is an institution that has had only four full-time hosts in more than half a century. Jack Paar, Steve Allen, Johnny Carson and Jay Leno all made their own imprints on the show, but in the way a minister does a church. Whether or not congregants like his or her personality or jokes, the basic religion stays the same.

Leno is... read more

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