They Did It

They Did It

Will they or won't they? They did, and now they're boring. Shows with two main characters involved in never-ending push-pull of sexual tension are lots of fun, from The X-Files' Mulder and Scully to Bones' Booth and Bones. But as we learned from Moonlighting's David and Maddie, the trick is to keep TV couples apart for as long as possible.

House, Bones, Grey's Have Sex Dreams... But Not Sex


Look, we have unrealistic dreams of our own. We don't need to see the unrealistic dreams of the imaginary people on TV, too. That's just too many steps removed from anything we might ever care about.

So we're underwhelmed by the new hallucinatory sex trend sweeping this season: House and Cuddy and Bones and Booth ended the will-they-or-won't-they speculation in their respective finales, and Grey's Anatomy introduced Izzie's brain tumor by having her have sex, loudly and often, with the very-dead Denny. (In so doing, the show also made the first-ever argument in favor of cancer. Bad.)

All the sex was pretend. Or set in an alternate dream-world. Or something. read more

Gossip Girl: Who Will Be Next to Spin the Wheel o' Destruction?

Gossip Girl

We know that Gossip Girl thrives on nihilism, and we love it, but lately it seems like our favorite rich and beautiful Upper East Siders are indulging in enough self-destruction to make even us raise an eyebrow.

We'll watch Chuck drink himself into a stupor, alienate all of his friends and loved ones and almost kill himself any day. We expect that kind of behavior from him; his dad was a Basshole and his mom died before she could salvage his sensitive little soul. But now that others are spinning the old wheel of destruction, will it land the show in shark-jumping territory? Read on and weigh in after the jump. read more

Booth and Bones As a Couple? Yay or Nay?


No show has played the "will they or won't they" game more aggressively this season than Bones. Goofy, brawny FBI agent Booth and overly-clinical, brilliant forensic anthropologist "Bones" have been bickering and flirting for more than three seasons now. Last season they shared a mistletoe-prompted smooch, and producers have hinted at more romantic developments this season. Might Booth and Bones hook up on the back of a jumping shark?

read more

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