Musical numbers are another sore spot for some fans. Some shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scrubs, are kitschy enough for musical numbers to work. But most can't pull it off. Remember Bones singing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"?

Do Rescue Me's Musical Numbers Hit the Right Notes?

Steven Pasquale

Don't worry, we cringed too when Steven Pasquale burst into song in the latest episode of Rescue Me.

But once the shock wore off — and we realized that Pasquale could still make Sean Garrity hilariously stupid while singing — it became apparent that creators Denis Leary and Peter Tolan had put some thought into the song-and-dance routines. (That's right, routines; there are more to come.)

"Those would be my fault," Tolan told "We were sort of looking for a way to showcase Steve's singing, and this seemed like the most natural way — these fantasies while he was being prepped for surgery or after. The good thing is they're all on story. The first one is more naturalistic — there's sort of an MTV feel to the second half of it, but it feels a little more grounded. Then they just spin out of control."

Pasquale has a history with ... read more

Critiquing Randy Jackson — Can Judging Jump the Shark?

Randy Jackson

You had to feel for Kris Allen last week after watching his stirring rendition of "Falling Slowly" on American Idol. The crowd went nuts with each soaring note, and later we found that Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell were quite pleased with his performance. Unfortunately for Allen, Randy Jackson critiqued his song first:

"A'ight, so check it out man, uh, dude — for me, for you tonight... I gotta tell you something, man. I don't know, it never really quite caught on for me. And yo, I love that song, but for me, it was pitchy from note one, for me."

Were we all listening to the same song? And for us, Randy, that critique could have been a bit more coherent — for us.

Read on for more about Randy's judging style and tell us what you think! read more

What Do You Want the Idols to Sing?

American Idol, Jeanine Vailes

Now that American Idol has gotten rid of drama queen Tatiana Del Toro and unofficial court jester Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle, we'll back off whispering that the show has jumped the shark... for now. What concerns us more is the awful song choices. Remember judges' pet Jeanine Vailes butchering Maroon 5's "This Love?" The only thing the judges could say was that she had nice gams. Ouch.

Do you have any advice for next week's singers (and the wild card round)? Which songs do you think would most impress the judges? To refresh your memory, next week's contestants are: Alex Wagner-Trugman, Arianna Asfar, Felicia Barton, Jorge Nunez, Ju'Not Joyner, Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Lil Rounds, Nathaniel Marshall, Scott MacIntyre, Taylor Vaifanua and Von Smith.

Weigh in after the jump!

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Do Not Adjust Your TVs: American Idol Has Now Become Mean Girls

American Idol

Tuning into American Idol the other night, we felt like we'd stumbled across a musical remake Mean Girls. All the characters were there, but this time they were played by Idol mainstays and wannabes. Here's our take on who played who.

Cady: Taking over for Lindsay Lohan's sweet and pretty new kid in town was Megan Corkery... read more

Is American Idol Really New and Improved?

American Idol

Though this category is usually for shows that have an unexpected musical-themed episode (Buffy) or a character who bursts into song (everyone on Ally McBeal), it can also apply to shows themed around singing (American Idol, Gone Country, etc.). This year begs a discussion about "the new and improved" American Idol, complete with newbie fourth judge Kara DioGuardi. Do you think the mellower format of the audition shows (there's a much more balanced mix of good vs. bad auditions) and the new judge help Idol, or hurt it? Don't drama and controversy sell?

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