Never Jumped

Never Jumped

A category reserved for the best of the best of TV – the shows you would defend to the end. (note: this is a hotly-debated category best left minimalist)

Which Returning Shows Have Never Jumped the Shark?


With so many of our favorite shows returning for fall, we want to know: Which have never jumped the shark?

Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off

Is Smallville flying high in its tenth season? Has NCIS kept its edge through the Tony and Ziva... read more

Happy Days Writer Defends "Jump the Shark" Moment

Henry Winkler

More than thirty years after The Fonz' infamous water ski trick on Happy Days, the phrase "jump the shark" is among the most dreaded to hear in the TV industry.

But back in 1977, series writers including Fred Fox Jr. simply thought the stunt would be a good way to utilize actor Henry Winkler's real-life... read more

What Shows Jumped the Shark This Season?


Do we smell blood in the water?

With the traditional fall-to-spring TV season over, it's time to look back on which shows have jumped the shark. Lost is often listed as a show that's never jumped, but did it retain the honor this outing? read more

Has Rescue Me Rescued Itself?

Denis Leary

After an uneven fourth season and an 18-month absence, Rescue Me is back with 22 buzzy new episodes. Franco's spouting 9/11 conspiracy theories, best buds Tommy and Lou come to blows over a woman, someone will find out they have cancer and the brilliant Michael J. Fox plays Janet's new boyfriend — but is this enough to bring Rescue Me's audience back to the firehouse? Read on and give us your thoughts after the jump! read more

Has Pushing Daisies' Bryan Fuller Brought New Life to Heroes?

Greg Grunberg

Comic book guys are a little happier on Tuesday mornings now that Bryan Fuller returned to Heroes as a consulting producer and writer. As Fuller was creating the beautiful world of Pushing Daisies on ABC, Heroes fans did plenty of grumbling and sighing over its slipping quality: Why would producers think we'd want to see Season 1 rehashes of Parkman painting the future and Hiro witnessing an apocalyptic explosion?

But now, after cool twists like bringing back Parkman's wife and baby, as well as Micah as a helpful rebel, the show seems reinvigorated and more focused — fuller, if you will. The show may even have done the ultimate act of changing the future, saving the world from another bad season of Heroes. Once a show's jumped the shark, can it un-jump and thrive? Do you think Heroes has done just that? Tell us what you think after the jump!

read more

TV Pet Peeves — What Really Grinds Our Gears?

The Office

There's an episode of Family Guy where Peter gets to do an "everyman" editorial segment on the evening news with the tagline: "You know what really grinds my gears?" Then he rambles about something that annoys him. It's hard not to think of this bit every time something really off happens on one of our favorite TV shows. We asked around the office to see what stories or characters really "grind our gears" lately.

The Office
Why the heck can't Jim plan a simple party for Kelly? Yes, it's funny that he and Dwight are the party-planning committee, but Jim is thoughtful and sweet, not a moron. Why can't he buy a nice cake and some balloons and put together a fun party? This is the same guy who bought Pam a teapot she mentioned once and filled it with all sorts of fun inside jokes. But he can't spell Kelly's name? Come on.

We're really getting tired of all the island trekking: from the beach to New Otherton to the caves to the hatches. Can't they just stay in one place for an episode? Read more of our pet peeves after the jump. read more

Is Lost Time-Jumping the Shark?


In past JTS polls, Lost has ranked high among the all-time "never jumped" series. But our question is, with all of the recent time-travel sequences (enough to make even our heads spin a little), is there such a thing as time-jumping the shark? read more

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