Lots of shows, like lots of couples, try to get the old spark back with a baby. That's a lot to pout on newborn shoulders. Try as we might, we can't forget the shark-jumping births of Mabel on Mad About You, or the twins on Full House (Nicky and Alex, not the Olsons).

The Office: Here Comes the Bride, the Baby — and the Shark?

The Office

Expectant parents Jim and Pam are set to walk down the aisle Thursday in an hour-long episode of The Office, but will it be happily ever after for them and the show?

We all know romantic "I do's" and impending tots spell more doom than bliss for veteran shows and with The Office attempting a jump-the-shark double here (Pam is due in February), the Dunder Mifflin crew seems closer to strapping on water ...
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Would a 30 Rock Baby Produce a Jump the Shark Moment?

Tina Fey, 30 Rock

30 Rock's Liz Lemon wants a baby, but wait: Shouldn't she wait a few seasons like Murphy Brown? We're hoping the writers are just using Liz's tick-tocking biological clock as comic fodder, because it's hard to maintain an acerbic wit with an adorable infant on your arm. Would a 30 Rock baby make the show jump the shark?

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