A Very Special

A Very Special

Usually, these episodes begin with a somber, "Next Monday, on a very special Fresh Prince of Bel-Air..." The themes are heavy-handed, the sappy music overbearing, or the subject matter uncomfortable. Remember on Silver Spoons when Ricky had to decide whether to push The Button? Yeah, weird.

90210: Now Featuring Silver, Interrupted

Jessica Stroup

What the heck has happened to one of the most likable characters (and there aren't many) on 90210? We know Silver comes from a funky broken family with a lot of baggage, and we know the series has a new show-runner with a new style, but we're having a hard time believing Silver would go from zero to crazy in just the last few episodes. Not just a little crazy; we're talkin' Emily Valentine crazy! Read on and tell us what you thought about Silver's behavior. read more

Do We Want Saving Grace's Heroine to Be Saved?

Saving Grace

Grace Hanadarko is a complicated, brilliant, fiercely loyal, unapologetic, self-destructive train wreck of a major-crimes detective on TNT's Saving Grace — who just happens to be one of the most compelling TV characters around these days. With the title of the show being Saving Grace, not to mention the presence of a "last-chance" angel named Earl hanging around, can we assume that the endgame of the series would be to save Grace? But... do we want her to be saved?

No, we do not. Here are our Top 5 reasons that the show should not save Grace:

1) Grace's imperfections make her interesting. She drinks, swears, smokes, lives like a slob, sleeps with... read more

How Did You Feel About Oprah's Inauguration Coverage?


Nothing is more annoying than TV preaching, especially about touchy subjects like religion or politics. Does Oprah Winfrey's recent Washington, D.C.-based coverage of the inauguration feel strange — since she's never discussed her political views before — or do you think it's no big deal? Do you take political advice from celebrities?

read more

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