Leverage's Timothy Hutton Talks Betrayal, Bizarre Love Triangles and Booze

Timothy Hutton

TNT has already signed the Timothy Hutton drama Leverage for a second season, but the show's team of crack con artists will have to make it through Tuesday's season finale (airing at 10 pm/ET) to get there. Last week's episode ended with Hutton's team leader, Nate, feeling betrayed by Sophie, the master of accents played by celebrity blogger Gina Bellman. Hutton, a 1980 Academy Award winner for Ordinary People, talked to about what the team will face next season, how Nate is handling the reappearance of his ex-wife (Kari Matchett), and his character's growing reliance on booze. read more

24 Preview: Will the First Daughter Be a Problem Child?

Sprague Grayden, 24

First daughter Olivia Taylor got quite an introduction last week on Fox's 24, stubbornly balking at being pulled away from a business meeting by Secret Service agent extraordinaire Aaron Pierce. Is the president's surviving offspring not much of a momma's girl? Might she cause unnecessary headaches for the leader of the free world? Joan of Arcadia and Jericho alumna Sprague Grayden gave us a preview (well, what little she could!) of the story ahead. Were you a fan of 24 before you got this role?
Sprague Grayden: Yeah, I was, so I was very excited. I've been blessed to do so many different shows, but I've never done an action show, really. On Jericho, other people got to ride horses and shoot guns, but ... read more

Heroes Preview: What's Going on Inside HRG's Head?

Jack Coleman

Since Heroes' beginning, Noah Bennett — the man in the horn-rimmed glasses — has been somewhat of an enigma. But Monday (9 pm/ET, NBC), fans will get a peek inside HRG's perplexing head, and perhaps some answers to their burning questions. We caught up with Jack Coleman to get some insight into the episode, his response to the show's critics and just what he thinks about those glasses. Plus: Look out, Washington, D.C.!

Read the full Q&A after the jump. read more

Meet the New Oscars: Sexy Stars, Big Surprises and a Box-Office Bear-Hug

Hugh Jackman

This year's Oscars won't just focus on the arty, high-minded films that are nominated, but also the fun flicks that drew the year's biggest audiences, the show's producers tell

The fan-friendly vibe starts with the host of Sunday's 81st Academy Awards — X-Men star Hugh Jackman.

"[The Awards are] celebrating the community of people who make movies and people who go to movies," producer Laurence Mark said. "[And] celebrating the connections between the people behind the scenes."

Asked if Jackman's status as People's Sexiest Man of 2008 helped him land the hosting job, Mark laughed, "It didn't hurt!"

"The truth is, he sings, he dances, he acts — and he looks terrific in a tuxedo," Mark added. "We will manage to use all four of those skills to our advantage, and that includes acting."

read more

Tim Gunn: Economic Crisis Be Damned, Oscars Need To Be Extravagant

Tim Gunn

To everyone who questions if the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's big Oscar night should be scaled back in light of a tanking economy, Tim Gunn has one word for you all: "No!!!"

The fashion world's Papa Bear didn't mince words when we asked him about the subject while visiting the Project Runway finale show AMEX Skybox on Friday.

"No, don't tone it down! People need an escape. They need something that's over the top and exuberant, and if it can't be the Oscars it can't be anything," Gunn told "I feel the same way about Fashion Week, and it has been a real pick-me-up this week. I saw the Milan shows and thought, "Ugh, give me a cyanide capsule." It was so dark and dreary and down."

Gunn, who will be cohosting the red-carpet arrival show during Sunday's Oscars with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts, expects to see ... read more

Top Chef's Fabio: "I'm a Little Bit Rock Star"

Fabio, Top Chef

Top Chef fans across the nation were crushed Wednesday night when cheftestant Fabio Viviani had to pack up his knives and say arrivederci after his Creole cuisine couldn't win over the judges. The Italian funnyman (with adorable broken English) opened up to about Stefan's misunderstood persona, his mom's struggle and his fancy Mohawk. How did you handle the judge's decision?
Fabio Viviani: I respect them. Would I agree with them? No. Because of course, for me, that be the winning dish. But what happen is I got a lot of compliments. Emeril say that was one of the best Maque Choux he'd ever had. I think the decision came to Stefan over me because I did an Italian dish and New Orleans dish, and Stefan did both New Orleans. But it's fine. I'm very happy to made it that far. So, I have no regrets. That was not the last you're gonna see me. Did you taste your cocktail that the judges were hatin' on?
Fabio: Yes I did, and the drink was absolutely perfect. Again it's a taste. I do like sweet. But it was not that sweet. I had probably half pound sugar in six, seven gallon of drink. We sell hundreds of those every week at the restaurant. If people like straightforward gin like Colicchio does, or if you like dirty martini, you're not gonna like that cocktail. The things that I should have know better is that no judges are ever happy with extreme flavor — too sweet, too bitter, too salty, too acidic. So that was one misstep. Coming from Italy, had you experienced Creole food?
Fabio: You know what? Pig, pork sausage — it's the same everywhere. It doesn't matter if it has a German flag or Italian flag or American flag. No, I never do Creole cuisine, but ... read more

Idol Top 12 Finalists Alexis, Michael and Danny Talk of Aretha, God and the Wild Card

Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey

Three wannabes took a huge step toward American Idolatry this week when the Fox competition named the first of this season's Top 12 finalists. Make the jump to get a glimpse of each contender, as revealed in a conference call with reporters the day after getting their nods read more

Joss Spills More Dollhouse Secrets! Plus: Is He Done with TV?

I want my own Eliza Dushku. Or at the very least, I may want to gift a favorite nephew with one for his birthday. But just how much does it cost to "hire" an "active" for an "engagement"? In this third slice of my sit-down with Joss Whedon, the creator of Fox's Dollhouse (Fridays at 9 pm/ET) reveals the approximate ballpark figure for Echo's oh-so-specialized services — shattering my own best guesstimate in the process.

Other topics covered in this video:

• Joss and Fox famously went back and forth on what Dollhouse is "about," scrapping and reshooting the pilot in the process. Which moment from the early episodes is truest to Whedon's vision?

• Does the original Dollhouse pilot still exist somewhere? Or are we seeing pieces of it in this week's episode, which offers a bit of an origin story for Harry Lennix's Boyd?

• And the biggie: Is it true that Whedon is done with network television, having gotten a taste of "freedom" with Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog and his upcoming feature Cabin in the Woods?

Get Joss' candid answers, after the jump. read more

VIDEO: Demi Lovato Dishes on Her Celebrity Crushes, Those Crazy Jonas Rumors and More

What makes a teen queen's heart throb? Here in Part 2 of our sit-down with Demi Lovato, the star of Disney Channel's brand-new Sonny with a Chance (Sundays at 8 pm/ET) reveals her two celebrity crushes — one of whom she would actually prefer to work with than date.

Demi also discusses her past affinity for hardcore metal, and rumors that she has dated one Jonas brother or another.

Watch the full video Q&A, after the jump. read more

Biggest Loser Castoff Cheers on Her "Soldier" of a Mom

Shanon, The Biggest Loser

When Shanon Thomas called her mom for advice on how to cook an Easter ham, the 29-year-old never would've thought she'd end up on The Biggest Loser: Couples (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, NBC).

Just days into the start of the weight-loss series' seventh cycle, with her mom Helen as her partner, a twist sent Shanon packing only to return weeks later to compete again at the ranch. Her final exit came in Week 7 when, up for elimination against her mother, she again chose to go home and let Helen stay. spoke to the massage therapist about what changes she has since made at home, and why scrubbing floors makes a great workout.

read more

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