New Top Chef Hosea: "I'm Not Going to Apologize Because I Beat Them"


Top Chef's Hosea Rosenberg's final venison dish has earned him a win, and the blogosphere all is abuzz over it — though not always in a good way. caught up with the Colorado chef, who spoke candidly about all the haters out there, what the deal was between him and Stefan and if there's any future for him with make-out buddy Leah now that they're both swingin' singles. Congratulations. How does it feel to be the new Top Chef?
Hosea Rosenberg: It's pretty surreal; the whole thing is kind of like a dream. I was home watching with a bunch of people at a viewing party. I hadn't told a single person up until Padma announced me as the winner. I was proud and happy about what I had done, but it was unimaginable. What do you think about Carla listening to Casey's dish suggestions?
Hosea: I can't really say what was happening during the cooking part of it, because I was so busy with my own food. Carla told me right before we went to Judges' Table that not everything made it to her plate, and that she was pretty worried about it. I know Carla took a few suggestions that Casey made that affected her dish. I don't know whose fault that is or why the food came out how it did. Ultimately, it was Carla's meal. It was unfortunate, and I felt terrible standing up there with her. A lot of people are saying that past performances should have been taken into account. What do you think?
Hosea: This competition is about ... read more

VIDEO: Whedon Answers Your Questions about Sarah Michelle, Feminism, His Ultimate Project and More

In this last part of our four-part video series with Joss Whedon, the creator of Fox's Dollhouse (Fridays at 9 pm/ET) fields more reader questions — including one that asks whether the "father of such strong female characters as Buffy fancies himself a feminist." Joss' short answer is yes, though he suspects "a lot of the people who watch Dollhouse will be challenged by that."

Also in this video Q&A:

• Does Whedon have an "ultimate project" he'd like to tackle one day? (I suspect his answer will send minds reeling.)
• Why doesn't Joss shop his shows to Sci Fi Channel versus the networks?
• Who does Joss Whedon gush over the same way that people gush over Joss Whedon?
• Might Joss work with Sarah Michelle Gellar again? (Also: the final word on her "Horrible" cameo.)
• Which Buffy episode does Joss admit was actually made better by network input?

Watch and discuss Whedon's answers after the jump. read more

Will Denise Richards Be a Wild Thing on the Dancing Floor?

Denise Richards with Maksim Chmerkovskiy

From Bond girl to bisexual bubbly-chugger, Denise Richards — at least in her film roles — seems game for most anything. Was it a similar sense of adventure that prompted her to go Dancing with the Stars on the new season of ABC's popular reality compeition?

"Everybody that I've talked to that has done it in the past — Brooke [Burke], Lance [Bass], Lisa Rinna — said it was just the best experience they've ever had," Richards tells "Plus, you get in incredible shape."

More importantly, Richards consulted with her two daughters (by ex-husband Charlie Sheen), both of whom ... read more

Lost's Lance Reddick: Be Prepared for His Return

Lance Reddick

The Feb. 18 episode of Lost left viewers with a whopper of a burning question: How did Kate, Sayid and Hurley end up on that Ajira Airways flight when they seemed so opposed to doing so? Did the mysterious Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick) have anything to do with it? talked to Reddick about what exactly we'll learn about Abaddon next as he plays a significant role in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" (Wednesday, 9 pm/ET, ABC). In the meantime, Reddick offers up some juicy insight after the jump. read more

Lost Preview: Still-Tall, Non-Ghost Walt Returns!

Malcolm David Kelley

Lost fans really haven't spent much time with Walt in recent seasons, save for a hand-wave from an apartment window and a haunting visit to Locke's would-be grave. But this Wednesday, Michael's son will get a bit more screen time as "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" details Locke's odyssey from donkey wheel to casket. Malcolm David Kelley — who as Walt was one of Lost's original cast members — shared a glimpse at his character's latest appearance. See what he was able to reveal, after the jump. read more

JoAnna Garcia: Privileged Finale Serves Up Love, Alcohol and a One-Night Stand

Joanna Garcia, Privileged

This Tuesday at 9 pm/ET, the CW's Privileged wraps up what one can only hope is but the first of several seasons. But what's the reality? Will the charming series get a Season 2 pick-up? And if so, what's on tap for the super-cute and ultra-quippy Megan? JoAnna Garcia shared with us a sneak peek at what's to come. Plus: Is talk of an on-set romance true? We have come full circle. I moderated a Paley Center panel previewing the first season of Privileged, and now we are here on what we optimists like to think is perhaps the eve of a Season 2 renewal.
JoAnna Garcia:
I think we have a really good shot. I think it's going to come down to the future programming that they have on [the CW], and how long they think each show is going to last. I don't think that developmentally speaking, there is a ton going on, so.... Well, there is that one pilot about young and fabulous vampires....
Yeah, and there's a Melrose [Place reboot].... But I think they really like our show! Obviously, 90210 has been a focus for them, but I believe we've done everything we can. I'm so proud of this season — and what's to come. [Series creator] Rina [Mimoun], being a consummate professional, already has the second season nailed down and is presenting it this week to the studio. Has she shared with you the places Megan will go if there's a pick-up?
Yeah, we talk about ... read more

Land of the Lost: "Fatal Error" Did in Amazing Race's Steve and Linda

Steve and Linda, The Amazing Race 14

Linda Cole went off the beaten path down the mountain and found herself and her husband, Steve, off The Amazing Race 14. "It was probably just as painful to watch it as it was when it happened," Steve tells Navigating mountain paths wasn't the only thing that cost them a spot in the final nine though. The married couple of 17 years opened up to us to shed more light on how they ended up on that troublesome leg, why they signed up for the Race in the first place and who they're rooting for to win the $1 million.

read more

Leverage's Timothy Hutton Talks Betrayal, Bizarre Love Triangles and Booze

Timothy Hutton

TNT has already signed the Timothy Hutton drama Leverage for a second season, but the show's team of crack con artists will have to make it through Tuesday's season finale (airing at 10 pm/ET) to get there. Last week's episode ended with Hutton's team leader, Nate, feeling betrayed by Sophie, the master of accents played by celebrity blogger Gina Bellman. Hutton, a 1980 Academy Award winner for Ordinary People, talked to about what the team will face next season, how Nate is handling the reappearance of his ex-wife (Kari Matchett), and his character's growing reliance on booze. read more

24 Preview: Will the First Daughter Be a Problem Child?

Sprague Grayden, 24

First daughter Olivia Taylor got quite an introduction last week on Fox's 24, stubbornly balking at being pulled away from a business meeting by Secret Service agent extraordinaire Aaron Pierce. Is the president's surviving offspring not much of a momma's girl? Might she cause unnecessary headaches for the leader of the free world? Joan of Arcadia and Jericho alumna Sprague Grayden gave us a preview (well, what little she could!) of the story ahead. Were you a fan of 24 before you got this role?
Sprague Grayden: Yeah, I was, so I was very excited. I've been blessed to do so many different shows, but I've never done an action show, really. On Jericho, other people got to ride horses and shoot guns, but ... read more

Heroes Preview: What's Going on Inside HRG's Head?

Jack Coleman

Since Heroes' beginning, Noah Bennett — the man in the horn-rimmed glasses — has been somewhat of an enigma. But Monday (9 pm/ET, NBC), fans will get a peek inside HRG's perplexing head, and perhaps some answers to their burning questions. We caught up with Jack Coleman to get some insight into the episode, his response to the show's critics and just what he thinks about those glasses. Plus: Look out, Washington, D.C.!

Read the full Q&A after the jump. read more

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