Marlene Forte's Shaking Up the House of Payne

Marlene Forte

Marlene Forte says she feels like "Alice in Wonderland" after getting some time in the spotlight on Tyler Perry's House of Payne.

Forte's made a name for herself as a talented character actor, playing cops and victims on shows like Lost, CSI, Cold Case and ER. Now, she's changing to comedy by entering the Atlanta-based world of the Payne family. Forte's also excited about representing the Latino community with the introduction of the Hernandez clan to the TBS sitcom.

"I've played lots of moms in my career, but they're always weepy or crying over their dead husbands... but, [my character is] witty, smart and nothing really rattles her. She's the boss. Really just like every Latin wife."

Forte plays Rosie Hernandez, a police officer's wife and mother of three who befriends the show's matriarch, Ella Payne (Cassi Davis). Because both of their kids are older or have already left the nest, Rosie and Ella will get into all kinds of trouble together... read more

A Few Stolen Moments with Leverage's Beth Riesgraf

Beth Riesgraf

Perhaps the coolest element of TNT's Leverage — which airs Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET, and has just been picked up for a second season — is its colorful cast of characters, each of whom is more assured of their snatching skills than the next. That quality is no better personified than by Beth Riesgraf's Parker, an upper-echelon cat burglar who loves climbing walls and sticking her claws into other people's things. Riesgraf gave a look at what's ahead for her sexy and sassy sneak. Other caper series, like Heist, Thief and Smith, were short-lived. Why do you think Leverage has shown legs?
Beth Riesgraf:
I think it's because it's a fun show that really anybody can watch; it makes people think about [the corporate malfeasance] happening in the world today, and there's something satisfying about seeing the bad guys get messed with while the good guys are helped for once. I've got to think this is the most fun you've ever had in a role.
Absolutely. I mean, I've had a lot of fun working before ... read more

Privileged Preview: Is Rose Ready to Bloom and Go Solo?

Lucy Kate Hale

As the charming CW comedy Privileged (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET) unspools its final freshman-season episodes, Rose will find herself ready to make a change — one that could forever alter her relationship with twin sis Sage. Lucy Kate Hale teased the twists and turns ahead, as well as weighed in on the "mean people" who booed NBC's Bionic Woman, to whom she played sis. What's your favorite thing about Rose? And what would you change about her?
Lucy Kate Hale:
My favorite thing about her is she's genuine and vulnerable. She wears her heart on her sleeve. The one thing I'd change is that she becomes more independent and creates more of an identity for herself. I have that exact teaser here on my desk: "Rose makes a move to become more independent in the last two episodes [airing Feb. 10 and 24]."
Yeah, and it's a big change. It will be sad for fans of the twins and ... read more

VIDEO: Is Fringe's John Scott Truly Dead ... Or Alive?

This Tuesday at 9 pm/ET, Fox's Fringe will shed light on one of its deepest and darkest mysteries: Is FBI agent John Scott truly dead and existing only in Olivia's conscience, or might he actually be alive?

Mark valley stopped by to address that pointed question (at the 45-second mark in this video), as well as preview more about this week's episode, "The Transformation."

"We're going to find out a little bit more about who [John] was working for, and his feelings for Olivia," Valley shared ... read more

It's Time for Tree Hill's Bethany Joy Galeotti to Call the Shots

Bethany Joy Galeotti

On screen, she's known as Haley James Scott on the CW's One Tree Hill (Mondays, 9pm/ET). But for this week's episode, Bethany Joy Galeotti stepped behind the camera, to call all the shots as Lucas finally gets to cast his movie. caught up with Galeotti to find out what it was like to direct her castmates and see someone else play Haley. Plus: Why did her favorite Tree Hill moment involve Chad Michael Murray and ... a water balloon? How did the idea to direct come about?
Bethany Joy Galeotti:
I have a tendency in the creative world to just go for things; it's how I've been my whole life. So it was probably during the fourth season when I said, "I wonder if I'd be any good at directing? Let me get a script and break it down and see how I'd do at that." So I did, and gave the script to our producer, Greg Prange, who said I did a really great job. About two years went by and I didn't hear anything and I thought, "Oh, maybe he was just being nice." But then I got a phone call this season, and he said...

read more

Call Girl's Billie Piper Works Hard for the Money

Billie Piper is back with a second season of the British series Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Sundays, 10:30 pm/ET, Showtime), in which Hannah — aka Belle, her working-girl alter ego — navigates a "real" relationship and encounters new women in her field. Piper, a former pop star, veteran of Jane Austen movies (Mansfield Park) and new mom, still treats her controversial role with wide-eyed curiosity. spoke to her about her research into the world of prostitution, the overseas controversy surrounding the sexy show and which scene it was that made her feel "strange" to film.

read more

VIDEO: Steve Carell Dishes on The Office's Super Bowl Episode

TV fans get a double dose of funny this Sunday: The Office will air a special one-hour episode immediately following Super Bowl XLIII. The super-sized episode is rumored to be chock-full of surprise guest stars and, hopefully, lots of Michael-Dwight shenanigans. In this video, Steve Carell teases how Jack Black and Jessica Alba fit into the Dunder Mifflin universe, the "roast" that Michael throws for himself and much more.

read more

VIDEO Preview: A Familiar Face Turns the Heroes Into "Fugitives"

NBC's Heroes returns Monday at 9 pm/ET, but can the troubled series get back on track? To hear Hayden Panettiere and Greg Grunberg (aka Claire and Matt) tell it, the new "Fugitives" arc has the makings of a comeback, as it "gets the band back together" toward a common, self-preserving goal.

"The government gets involved with taking people like us down and capturing us," Panettiere says in the video shown below. Ultimately, after what Grunberg describes as "a huge cliffhanger," the hunted heroes are afforded a chance to elude capture.

Get more preview, and watch the actors' Q&A videos, after the jump. read more

Was the Top Chef's Super Bowl Showdown Elimination an Upset?


It was a battle of the ceviches for this week's axed cheftestant, Jeff McInnis, during Top Chef's Super Bowl Showdown. But should he have been the one who left? caught up with the Miami chef to find out who he thought should have gone home in his place and why he thought his all-star competitor basically made shrimp nachos — not ceviche. What did you think of the judges' comments about your dish?
Jeff McInnis: I never got any direct critique except that it was a watered-down version, which I don't know what that means because I never used any water. I never got "Make it hotter or colder, saltier or sweeter," so I don't know what I could have done to change it. It was a good dish, and I stand by it. I actually have the exact dish on my menu and people love it. I sold 10 of them today. But if I could go back, I would have done something totally different. Do you think Fabio should have gone home over you?
Jeff: Sure. He blasted a piece of meat. That's something a chef can put their finger on and say, "This is overcooked — I meant to do it medium-rare and I did it well-done." He committed a sin. In the Bible, it says you don't do this. Whereas I committed a sin and it says ... read more

VIDEO: BSG Stars Dish on Their Budding Romance

Even as several sexy relationships have blossomed on Battlestar Galactica, a more powerful love affair has quietly grown between President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) and Admiral Adama (Edward James Olmos). In part three of our interview with Olmos and McDonnell, the actors discuss why it took so long for their characters to admit their feelings and the chemistry they've shared since the beginning.

Watch the video after the jump! read more

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