Belinda Carlisle's Got the Dancing Beat

Belinda Carlisle, Dancing with the Stars

So far, Belinda Carlisle's "got the beat" — it's just the steps she needs to nail. The Go-Gos front woman is one of the 13 new celebrities hitting the hardwood on Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars (premieres Monday, 8 pm/ET, ABC), but unlike some — if not most — she's not nervous. "Not really!" she tells "I'm sure it's pretty nerve-wracking [doing the live show], but I don't need to go there yet. We'll see." See what else Carlisle has to say about her new gig, her upcoming dances and being a woman of a certain age on the show.

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Amazing Race's Brad and Victoria Upbeat About Elimination; Ready to Tackle Next Roadblock

Brad Hunt and Victoria Hunt

It was gypsies, vamps and a really bad flight on Sunday's Amazing Race 14 that saw married couple Brad and Victoria Hunt eliminated. The duo opted for an earlier flight to Bucharest, Romania with a connection through Amsterdam — which would've worked out well if they hadn't missed the connection. Was the slim, 15-minute advantage they would've gotten worth the risk? They think so. Find out what else the couple had to say about their unlucky fate, why the leg was still the best part of the Race for them and what new challenges they're currently facing. read more

The Biggest Loser's Dane Discusses Marathon Debacle

Gregory "Dane" Patterson

When Dane Patterson left The Biggest Loser: Couples, he had no idea what drama was to come. After being eliminated in week 8, the same week he broke a Biggest Loser record, Patterson went on to complete a marathon back at home. But after the episode aired with his "where are they now?" piece depicting him crossing the finish line with a time of 3:53, it was revealed that it was actually 5:53, and that he had been driven three of those miles to finish in under six hours. caught up with the 27-year-old real estate appraiser on how he feels about cheating those 3 miles, why he's proud that Bob wanted to vote him out and what his progress has been at home.

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Reaper's Ray Wise Raises Hell in Series' Return

Ray Wise, Reaper

Ray Wise has a legendary gift for diabolical roles — he played the character, after all, who committed perhaps the most famous murder in television history. Wise is marking his 40th year since his first film — Dare the Devil — by continuing his turn as The Devil himself in the second season of the CW's Reaper (premiering Tuesday at 8 pm/ET). read more

VIDEO: Neal McDonough Has a Blast Street-Fighting Kristin Kreuk

Just prior to joining Desperate Housewives in the role of slippery (and scary!) Dave Williams, Neal McDonough channeled a videogame villain for the big-screen action flick Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (now in theaters).

"That was a blast," Neal raves in this video Q&A. "We went to Thailand for three months, my family came with me, and I got to play Bison, who is just a mess of a character."

McDonough goes on to detail some tweaking they did to the Bison character, as well as talk about he and Smallville alumna Kristin Kreuk (as Street Fighter's titular heroine) "kicked the snot" out of each other in fight scenes. Check it all out after the more

Rules of Engagement Star Previews New Season

Patrick Warburton

Relationships are never easy, especially for the guys and gals of Rules of Engagement. caught up with Patrick Warburton — who plays married man Jeff — to get the scoop on what we can expect from the couples in the new season (premieres March 2 at 9:30 pm/ET on CBS), and what David Spade is like when the cameras are off. What can we expect for this upcoming season?
Patrick Warburton: [Jeff] ends up with a new buddy who is gay, unbeknownst to him, so he has to kind of deal with that. He's played by Orlando Jones, who was fun to work with and a good guy. We also have a new character. His name is Timmy and he's the assistant to Russell. He's very refined and witty and sharp and classy and Spade is on the other end of that spectrum, so you put the two of them together and there's just a great humor and chemistry. So we've opened up the show a little bit. What do you think of Jeff and Audrey's relationship as far as getting under each other's skin?
Warburton: Jeff and Audrey can say horrible things to each other, but it comes from a place where they love and respect each other. Jeff's not a total gripe either. He's also attracted to his wife and that's ... read more

Holly Hunter: Is Grace on a Mission to Save Another?

Holly Hunter

This Monday at 9 pm/ET, TNT's Saving Grace resumes its second season, but since we last left off, so much has changed. Namely, Grace has a new partner — Abby Charles, played by guest-star Christina Ricci — while Butch is now paired with Ham, now that Bobby is undercover. Plus, Earl has new business for Grace to tend to, involving death row inmate Leon Cooley. (Oh, and a serial killer is on the loose, too.) Holly Hunter shared a look at the next batch of episodes. There's a fair amount of upheaval being worked through in the squad room when the season resumes. Would you say that "change" is a big theme for what's ahead?
Holly Hunter: I would say that the theme of the entire series is Grace dealing with change. It's hard to ever nail it down to any one thing that she's dealing with. But these days, one thing she's dealing with is forgiveness. She's trying to come around to forgiving herself for things that she's done, for things that have happened in her life that she has blamed herself for. I wasn't too impressed with her new partner, Abby Charles, at first — and neither is Grace. But I assume that changes soon enough?
Hunter: Oh, just wait and see ... read more

Idol Top 12 Finalists Kris, Allison and Adam Talk of Crazy Nick, Going Red and Taking Risks

Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert

Three more wannabes took a huge step toward American Idolatry this week when Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert and Kris Allen were added to this season's list of Top 12 finalists. Make the jump to get a glimpse of each contender, as revealed in a conference call with reporters the day after getting their nods. read more

New Top Chef Hosea: "I'm Not Going to Apologize Because I Beat Them"


Top Chef's Hosea Rosenberg's final venison dish has earned him a win, and the blogosphere all is abuzz over it — though not always in a good way. caught up with the Colorado chef, who spoke candidly about all the haters out there, what the deal was between him and Stefan and if there's any future for him with make-out buddy Leah now that they're both swingin' singles. Congratulations. How does it feel to be the new Top Chef?
Hosea Rosenberg: It's pretty surreal; the whole thing is kind of like a dream. I was home watching with a bunch of people at a viewing party. I hadn't told a single person up until Padma announced me as the winner. I was proud and happy about what I had done, but it was unimaginable. What do you think about Carla listening to Casey's dish suggestions?
Hosea: I can't really say what was happening during the cooking part of it, because I was so busy with my own food. Carla told me right before we went to Judges' Table that not everything made it to her plate, and that she was pretty worried about it. I know Carla took a few suggestions that Casey made that affected her dish. I don't know whose fault that is or why the food came out how it did. Ultimately, it was Carla's meal. It was unfortunate, and I felt terrible standing up there with her. A lot of people are saying that past performances should have been taken into account. What do you think?
Hosea: This competition is about ... read more

VIDEO: Whedon Answers Your Questions about Sarah Michelle, Feminism, His Ultimate Project and More

In this last part of our four-part video series with Joss Whedon, the creator of Fox's Dollhouse (Fridays at 9 pm/ET) fields more reader questions — including one that asks whether the "father of such strong female characters as Buffy fancies himself a feminist." Joss' short answer is yes, though he suspects "a lot of the people who watch Dollhouse will be challenged by that."

Also in this video Q&A:

• Does Whedon have an "ultimate project" he'd like to tackle one day? (I suspect his answer will send minds reeling.)
• Why doesn't Joss shop his shows to Sci Fi Channel versus the networks?
• Who does Joss Whedon gush over the same way that people gush over Joss Whedon?
• Might Joss work with Sarah Michelle Gellar again? (Also: the final word on her "Horrible" cameo.)
• Which Buffy episode does Joss admit was actually made better by network input?

Watch and discuss Whedon's answers after the jump. read more

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