VIDEO: Jasmine and Jorge Reflect on their Idol Run

Jorge Nunez, Jasmine Murray

Not long after being trimmed from American Idol's Top 13, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez came by the offices to reflect on their admittedly brief experience on America's No. 1 TV program.

Among the topics we covered:

• If Jasmine had to do it all over again, would she still sing "I'll be There"?

• What was Jorge's actual first pick from the Michael Jackson catalogue?

• Are the sequestered Idol contenders aware of the "scandals" (e.g. XXX-rated 800-numbers) going on in the "outside" world?

• Does the Judges' Save element double the devastation for a departing singer? Plus: Jasmine's message to whoever winds up getting saved.

• What's next for each of the young castoffs?

See what each had to say, after the jump. read more

Viral Gords? Sure! But Can Better Off Ted Manufacture Laughs?

Jay Harrington with Portia De Rossi, Better off Ted

Veridian Dynamics, the ethically impaired conglomerate at the heart of ABC's Better Off Ted (premiering Wednesday at 8:30 pm/ET), can weaponize a pumpkin, develop a desk chair that improves job performance and freeze-dry a staffer just for sport. But can the new comedy produce big laughs? Jay Harrington, fresh off playing doctor with Private Practice's Addison, gave a look at the workplace wackiness to come. I was saying to Tim Daly recently that extended guest arcs, like the ones you and Jayne Brooks both had on Private Practice, almost seem like a "proving ground" for actors. Like ABC is wondering, "Hmm, let's see if we want this actor to front our new series...."
Jay Harrington: Yeah, there's some comparison to a Triple-A farm system, if you will. [Laughs] In addition to that and Desperate Housewives [Harrington played Susan's beau, Dr. Ron], I had done a pilot for ABC two years ago that didn't go anywhere. It was good; it just wasn't good enough. I enjoyed the Better Off Ted pilot. It has a dry, Scrubs-like humor.
Harrington: It does, thank you. I'm a fan of myself. [Laughs] And since the pilot, we've ... read more

Will Lost's Juliet Find Herself Betrayed by Sawyer?

Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost

When last we tuned into ABC's Lost, (at least some) fans were pleasantly surprised to see Juliet and Sawyer find a groovy kind of love there in the 1970s. But can their romance stand the test of "time" — especially now that Kate is back in the mix? Elizabeth Mitchell shared a look at the twists ahead. We're sneaking this Q&A in just before the producers lower a "cone of silence" onto the cast members, at least until you have filmed the season finale. Pretty crazy, huh?
Elizabeth Mitchell: Yeah, pretty much! Once again, it's one of those highly secret, highly crazy, "You think it's one thing but it's another thing" kind of endings. There are still about six pages missing [from the finale script] that only the people involved in it have. I'm worried now, that you don't have those six pages.
Mitchell: [Laughs] I didn't have the six pages last time, or the time before that. I was like, "Tell me, tell me! No, don't tell me." It seems like these next nine episodes will be a lot to digest.
Mitchell: They will. "LaFleur" was one of those little "eyes of the storm." You've been storming, you've been ... read more

Nancy O'Dell: Melissa's Background Can "Work Against" Her

Nancy O’Dell

Maksim Chmerkovksiy thinks Melissa Rycroft's ballet and cheerleading experience gives her an "unfair" edge on Dancing with the Stars, but he may not be considering the other side of the coin, Nancy O'Dell says. Find out what else she has to say about the second week of Dancing and who she thinks might get the first heave-ho. We'll be checking in weekly with the Access Hollywood host and almost-contestant to get her take on Season 8, so be sure to come back next week.
read more

DVD Dish: Doug Hutchison Talks about Entering Punisher: War Zone

Doug Hutchison as Punisher: War Zone's Loony Bin Jim

The third time was the charm for a certain Marvel Comics vigilante when Ray Stevenson stepped into the title role in Punisher: War Zone. To mark the big and banging action pic's arrival on home video (shop for the two-disc Special Edition DVD or Blu-ray format), Doug Hutchison — who plays Loony Bin Jim, the psycho bro of master villain Jigsaw, and now appears on Lost as Horace Goodspeed — gave us a peek inside his first "graphic" experience as an actor. Plus: Hutchison shares his take on one of cinema's greatest comic-book villains, Heath Ledger's Joker.

read more

Maksim Dishes on Denise's Dancing, Melissa's "Unfair" Edge

Dancing with the Stars

Never one to mince words, Maksim Chmerkovskiy has a few choice ones about Melissa Rycroft as Nancy O'Dell's last-minute replacement on Dancing with the Stars. Find out what he thinks of her casting, as well as his upcoming wedding to Dancing pro Karina Smirnoff — and if he really made Denise Richards cry.

read more

United States of Tara: "Sometimes Real Life Isn't PG"

United States of Tara

Showtime's United States of Tara tackles fresh territory with its portrayal of a woman with dissociative identity disorder (DID, played by Toni Collette) through the prism of a suburban family. spoke with co-writer Alexa Junge (Friends, West Wing) and Brie Larson (who plays Tara's daughter, Kate) on how the show balances quirky moments and the delicate subject material, what it was like working with the show's creator and co-writer, Diablo Cody, and why real life isn't PG.

read more

VIDEO: Battlestar Galactica Stars Praise Fans

With only two more episodes left of Battlestar Galactica, fans are feeling quite emotional about the show's end. In this video, BSG stars Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos take some time to praise the intelligent, well-spoken and respectful fans they've met throughout their journey on the show. Olmos also discusses how BSG became the subject of a book that analyzes how the show evolved in a surprising way. It'll blow your mind! Check out the video after the jump. read more

Ugly Betty's Ralph Macchio Returns for Some Romance

Ralph Macchio

Betty has been getting all the men these days, but now her sister Hilda is getting a shot at love — with the Karate Kid.

"Archie and Hilda are heating up," says guest star Ralph Macchio, whose character, councilman Archie Rodriguez, had an undeniable chemistry with Ana Ortiz's character earlier this season. "The entire Suarez house is doing everything they can to set Hilda and Archie up, but she's ... read more

Date with an Angel: Supernatural's Misha Collins Answers Your Questions

Misha Collins

On the occasion of Supernatural's return with fresh episodes (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, the CW), we grabbed a few minutes with Misha Collins to reflect a bit on his first season as Castiel and answer questions from's readers. (A divine idea, no?) Here, following a bit of our own banter with Collins, is his take on purgatory plucking, questioning the Big Guy, old-school smiting and much more. (Also: Read my start-of-season Q&A with Misha.) How was your first Supernatural convention experience this past weekend?
Misha Collins: It was good. I don't feel nearly as traumatized as I expected. I feel like a little bit of a whore, so that's a triumph in my book. I got some hand cramps from signing my name for too long, but that's an occupational hazard. What twist in Castiel's storyline has surprised you the most so far?
Collins: That he's still alive. That's one. But also seeing ... read more

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