VIDEO: Meet the Cast of Monsters vs. Aliens

Seth Rogen stars in the No. 1 movie in America, Monsters vs. Aliens, along with heavy-hitters Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett and Rainn Wilson. Check out TV Guide Network's chat with the hilarious cast and find out which actor likens his brainless blob of a character to Rush Limbaugh, and who would like to be considered for a role as the next Bond villain. Watch the video after the jump! read more

Biggest Loser Castoff Nicole Now Feels "Sexy, Beautiful, and Victorious"

The Biggest Loser

Nicole Brewer certainly had her highs and lows on The Biggest Loser campus: First, a twist Week 1 sent her packing. A few weeks later, when her fiancé and Couples partner, Damien, was eliminated, she missed out on her chance to return and compete. But working hard at home paid off and losing 87 pounds on her own helped her earn a spot back in the game, with immunity to boot. Unfortunately, the change of environment proved to be fatal when Nicole gained five pounds, lost her immunity privilege and was voted out once again. checked in with the New Yorker (who's lost 107 pounds to date) to see why she gained weight and how it feels to prepare for her wedding as a fit bride-to-be. What was it like re-joining the group, especially when they bombarded you about game-play?
Nicole Brewer:
It was overwhelming. It was also very awkward...

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French Connection Director William Friedkin Returns to CSI for 200th Episode

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Two things lured Academy Award winner William Friedkin into directing the 200th episode of CSI: an enduring friendship with William Petersen, and a fascination with all things underground. Friedkin and Petersen worked together in the former CSI star's breakthrough film, To Live and Die in L.A., which Friedkin wrote and directed. The two Chicago-area natives also teamed on a Showtime adaptation of Twelve Angry Men and the December 2007 CSI episode "Cockroaches," which aired about a year before Petersen left the show. read more

ER Admits Last Patient: Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner

ER is pulling out all the stops for its two-hour series finale Thursday (9 pm/ET, NBC), including recruiting a few familiar faces from television — not just ER — past. Taxi alum Marilu Henner will drop by County General after clashing with a certain member of her family. The actress, who is also guesting on Starz's Party Down and ABC Family's Roommates, previews her scarring turn with and shares how she indirectly shaped the iconic ER cast.
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VIDEO: Lost's Radzinsky Explains Top-Secret Casting Process


Radzinsky may seem like the newest addition to the Lost family, but true fans will remember him from Season 2, when the mysterious Dharma employee made a cameo — as a blood stain on the ceiling of the Swan station, where he drew a map of the island's hatches on an emergency blast door before committing suicide. Casting directors went to great lengths to keep hush-hush the fact that they were finally putting a face to the name.

TV Guide Network caught up with Eric Lange Eric Lange, the actor who plays Radzinsky, to find out which character producers told him he was auditioning for, what it's like playing the brains behind The Swan station and why his alter ego isn't a Sayid fan.

Watch the interview after the jump.

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VIDEO: Michael Advises Remaining Finalists to "Ignore" Simon's Snark

Though his own fate may have in part been sealed by such snark, Michael Sarver has two words of advice to any fellow American Idol finalists who get slammed by Simon: Ignore it.

Sarver's Top 10 performance of "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" led Cowell to tell the Texas oil rig worker he had "no chance of winning" the competition. Harsh. What does a singer do when dealt such a dis?

"You ignore it," Michael says in his video Q&A with "You can't allow it to affect your faith in yourself.... You have to let it roll off."

During his sit-down with us, Sarver also revealed what Top Download he would have picked this week, and how it "probably would have fit me better than any song so far."

Sarver then sheds some light on Idol's oft-mentioned "picking songs out of a hat" process, and how he had a particularly "lucky" touch with it.

In closing, Michael addresses a big question: Being a family man who missed his wife and kids so terribly these past months, will going on Idol's summer tour be somewhat bittersweet? Watch the video after the jump to see what he said about that emotional trade-off.

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Damages Finale Preview: What Happens in That Hotel Room?


If there's one thing viewers want from a season finale, it's answers. Well, Damages fans, rejoice, because that's exactly what you will get in Wednesday's 90-minute second season closer.

"With the web that we spin, we feel like we have a responsibility to the audience to pull the shoelaces together — to pull it tight so that everything starts to fit into place," co-creator and executive producer Todd Kessler tells "We really appreciate the audience and their attention, so we want to deliver on every story we propose."

Great! So, why is Patty bleeding after leaving Ellen's hotel room? What's going to happen to Daniel Purcell now that he's confessed to murdering his wife? Will trigger-happy Wes send Ellen to her grave? Naturally, the producers are keeping mum on the major plot points, but co-creator and exec producer Daniel Zelman promises this season's finale is much more about character than plot.

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Now and Ben: Has a Blast in the Past Changed Lost's Future?

Sterling Beaumon, Lost

Lost's Michael Emerson had warned readers that moments would come along this season where you leap off the sofa and shout, "They can't do that! Can they...?" One such shocker expelled from Sayid's gun and landed in a young Benjamin Linus' chest at the end of last week's episode. Sterling Beaumon, 13, shared with us a look at how that blast in the past may change Ben's future. Or not. I know you've done episodes of ER, Heroes and Bones. But was Lost your first death scene?
Sterling Beaumon:
No, actually. I was on Crossing Jordan and I had to lie on a coroner's table for almost the whole episode. And on ER, I died in the end, with a tumor in my brain.... Of course, my question presumes that Young Ben died from Sayid's gunshot. Might that not be the case?
You'll have to watch and find out. If this tells you anything ... read more

Series Finale Preview: Life on Mars' Sam Runs Out of Time!

Jason O'Mara, Life on Mars

In a rare instance of mutual forethought and cooperation between producers and a network, ABC's Life on Mars will wrap up its abbreviated freshman run this Wednesday at 10 pm/ET with a proper series finale, bringing to a close Detective Sam Tyler's time-tripping odyssey. Here, executive producers Scott Rosenberg and Josh Appelbaum reflect on their Mars journey, reveal the one song that done them wrong, preview the "straight-out scary" follow-up they have planned, and promise closure for fans of their previous project, October Road. The episode airing this Wednesday, is it more or less what you had envisioned the series finale as being? Or is it slightly different, if only because you had less time to build up to it?
Josh Appelbaum: We always knew that the season finale was going to be this episode, and we always knew what our series finale would be. Basically we went to [ABC] and said, "Our ratings are grim. We want to ... read more

Faith Ford Plays it Straight on Hope & Faith

Faith Ford

Since her breakout role on Murphy Brown, Faith Ford has become a go-to for straight-woman roles, in no small part because of her turn opposite Kelly Ripa on ABC's Hope & Faith. To mark the first season's DVD release Tuesday, caught up with the 44-year-old Alexandria, La., native. She looked back on the premiere's massive food fight between her and Ripa, plus the show's madcap costume changes and a slew of special guests, including Regis Philbin as Handsome Hal. She also talked about why her first-season teenage daughter was replaced by a then-newcomer named Megan Fox. read more

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