What Has Shawn Johnson "Scared to Death"?

Shawn Johnson

More than ever now, Shawn Johnson's focus is on Dancing with the Stars and more importantly, just dancing. After weathering critique for her style-over-substance Lindy Hop, Johnson showed her Olympic mettle, rising to the occasion with a lyrical Viennese waltz. See what else the 17-year-old had to say about her comeback, David Alan Grier's elimination and what has her completely terrified.
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Survivor's Joe Dowdle Loses Game But Keeps His Leg

Survivor's Joe Dowdle

Survivor: Tocantins took a disappointing turn this week as Joe Dowdle's leg infection forced him home and canceled the need for a Tribal Council. Though show medics feared the infection might cost the Texan his leg or even his life, he's now fully recovered, and spends his days working in real estate and playing music around Austin. He talked to us about his picks to win and why it's best to be up-front about who you are. read more

Rock of Love's Bret Michaels Explains Lust Versus Love In Reality Dating

Bret Michaels

The first two Rock of Love ladies weren't a match for Bret Michaels, but the rock star is about to give love (or lust) another whirl as he chooses between Mindy and Taya on the season finale of Rock of Love Bus (Sunday, 9 pm/ET, MTV). The Poison front man explained why he decided to put his dating life on display, why he thinks his show is different than other dating series, and how it's going with the woman who won his heart this season. Why did you decide to do Rock of Love when it started?
Bret Michaels: When they first asked me to do the show, I was reluctant. So I sort of passed and said do this Rock of Love concept, but it's not for me. I had just come out of this relationship, have two daughters and like my privacy. I'm not a recluse, but I like time with my kids. Three months later, VH1 came back and said you're the one we want to do it. You throw a good party, you can hold half a conversation and still got a few brain cells left [Laughs]. With two young daughters, do you have reservations about doing such a risqué show?
Michaels: The one thing I can say is ... read more

Will Harper's Island Be the Death of Harry Hamlin?

Harry Hamlin, Harper's Island

Someone's weeding out a wedding party in Harper's Island, a new CBS series premiering this Thursday at 10 pm/ET. The concept? Over the course of 13 and only 13 episodes, a killer sets his or her sights on the guests at a destination wedding, having at 'em the way a drunk best man has at an insecure bridesmaid.

Among the cornucopia of characters, Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty) plays the groom, while Harry Hamlin is his fun- and ladies-loving Uncle Marty. On the other side of the aisle, Katie Cassidy (Supernatural) is the bride, and Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives) her domineering dad. Hamlin shared a look at this Ten Little Indians-style slashfest. See what he had to say, after the jump. read more

Preview: Charisma Carpenter Throws CSI a Panty Party

Charisma Carpenter

This Thursday on CSI (9pm/ET, CBS), Buffyverse alumna Charisma Carpenter gets caught in the middle of a deadly love/lust triangle when a skydiver takes the plunge — and not in a matrimonial sort of way. Carpenter shared a peek at her guest-star turn — "panty party" merriment and all — and previewed her upcoming big-screen role opposite Jason Statham and other action heavyweights. She also talked about the sudden passing of Angel costar Andy Hallet. What can you reveal about your episode of CSI? Who are you playing, what are you doing?
Charisma Carpenter: I play a slinky little character named Mink, who is a suspect in the murder of her boyfriend because there was a love triangle between her and another sexy little thing played by ... read more

The Biggest Loser's Sione Makes Fitness His Life

The Biggest Loser, Sione

Sione Fa has not only been a fan favorite on this season's The Biggest Loser: Couples, but a front-runner as well. Competing with his Tongan cousin Filipe, Sione lost a whopping 116 pounds during his 10-week run, while also realizing his passion for educating his community on nutrition and exercise. Sione's small four-pound loss in his final week on the ranch resulted in being voted out and missing the chance to claim the grand prize by a few short weeks. Fa, who has lost 130 pounds to date, spoke to about why he preferred to train with Bob and how being on The Biggest Loser has led him to a new career in fitness. Why do you think you only lost four pounds this week and do you regret participating in the temptation challenge?
Sione Fa:
I think everybody has their weeks when they have a low number and this was the first time I fell below the yellow line. Everybody else there had at least been under once or twice before...

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Reconstructive Surgery: Inside General Hospital's Makeover

Surely Monica can tell Patrick what a vast improvement the new hub is, versus the olden days.

On April 14, not long before it becomes the first ABC sudser to  broadcast in high definition, General Hospital will unveil a new nurses' hub, that pivotal set's first freshening-up in many a year. And it's well-deserved, too, since the location was blown to bits last month as the casualty of a plot twist. GH production designer Chip Dox offered an inside look at how and why the hospital's nerve center got a much-needed redo. Check out photos here. Which came first — the decision to have an explosion in the hospital or the idea to update the nurses' hub?
Chip Dox: They came pretty much on top of each other. For [the GH spin-off] Night Shift, we built a new hub, with the idea that ... read more

VIDEO: The MythBusters Return with a Bang, Smash and Pratfall!

This Wednesday at 9 pm/ET, Discover Channel's MythBusters — led by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage — returns with a "Demolition Derby Special," in which our stalwart experimenters try to flip a bus (à la Speed), compact a compact car, and mimic a remarkable Lexus commercial.

In this video Q&A with, Hyneman and Savage discuss the difficulty they often face in recreating "once in a million occurrences," with Savage admitting, "Sometimes it really kicks our butt."

Also coming up in the show's seventh season: another Alaska special, in which they try to sail a boat made out of sawdust and ice, a nod to Seinfeld (does double-dipping really spread germs?), and an in-depth expose of, yes, the age-old banana-peel slip. Says Hyneman of their look into the slapstick chestnut, "It's hilarious."

See everything the guys had to share after the jump.

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VIDEO: Amber Tamblyn Previews ABC's Unusuals New Series

Now that Life on Mars has completed its mission, ABC has a new show leading out of Lost on Wednesday nights: The Unusuals, starring such familiar faces as Amber Tamblyn, Jeremy Renner, Harold Perrineau and Adam Goldberg as quirky homicide detectives working for the NYPD.

If any fans of Joan or Arcadia or General Hospital's original Emily Q. are surprised to see Tamblyn brandishing a badge these days, so is she. "When I first heard about [The Unusuals], I was like, 'I don't want to go back to TV, to play a cop,'" Tamblyn told during a visit to the show's set. "But the script was so different."

"I call it an 'eccentric procedural,'" she says, summing up the show's niche.

Watch and discuss Tamblyn's complete video Q&A after the jump. read more

VIDEO: Megan Joy Talks about Blowing Her Chance, and More

Megan Joy

Just hours before being reunited (finally) with her 2-year-old son, Megan Joy came by to discuss her solid run on American Idol.

Reflecting on her exit, she says, "I honestly wasn't thinking about being eliminated until the day of." After all, she notes, "They did give me the Wild Card, and they kinda liked me, sometimes."

Yet in the end, she admits, "I obviously blew it."

Especially during the fateful Top Downloads/Top 40 theme week. Megan says that because she doesn't listen to a lot of mainstream music but instead favors "underground" tunes, "I didn't really get a chance to shine."

Also in this video Q&A: Megan updates us on the feud between her "punk" brother and Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, talks about her calling-card tattoo, and goes along with our suggestion that she smuggle pint-sized Alexis Grace onto the summer tour!Watch the video after the jump. read more

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