VIDEO: Greek Star Pledges Big Twists (Including a Lesbian One!)

Spencer Grammer, Greek

The summer has flashed by and school's back in session when ABC Family's recently renewed Greek resumes its second season this Monday at 8 pm/ET.

What's new with the gals and guys? For one, fresh off her D.C. internship, Casey's looking to make a drastic change in her collegiate life.

"She wants to buckle down and really start studying," Spencer Grammer previews in this video Q&A. "She decides to take less of a stand [at the sorority] and develop into her own person."

Grammer talks about whether castmate Michael Rady's increasingly busy dance card means that ... read more

Idol's Michael Talks about Putting Family First, and Joking Judges

Michael Sarver, American Idol

Yes, Michael Sarver is disappointed to have his American Idol run cut short. But no, he is not sorry to be heading home.

"Through my experience on Idol, I learned just how much I love my family, because I've never been away from them that long," Sarver told reporters the day after his dismissal. "I got a good hold on what my priorities are in life, and No. 1 is my family."

"Although I'll always want to do this music thing, and I plan on hitting it hard after this experience ... read more

Analyzing Idol: Who Got Knocked Down by Motown?

Megan Joy, Kimberly Caldwell

Throughout American Idol's final weeks, as each sing-off signs off, will be checking in with TV Guide Network hosts/Idol alums Kimberly Caldwell and Justin Guarini for their particularly qualified take on who soared, who stumbled, and which judge's review most rang true.

This week, Caldwell shares her thoughts on whose star went up and whose went down as they sang Motown. Plus: Did Simon cross a line this week? Read the full Q&A after the jump. read more

Christina Applegate Dishes on Samantha Who?'s Unforgettable Return

Samantha Who?

Christina Applegate had the kind of 2008 she might want to forget, including the death of her ex-boyfriend and a brave fight with breast cancer. But talking to about Samantha Who?'s return from a long winter break (ABC, Thursday, 8:30 pm) the former Kelly Bundy was all spring and sunshine. She told us about Samantha's lingering issues with amnesia, a fresh Winston Funk (Billy Zane), and what's going on with Samantha and Todd (Barry Watson). read more

VIDEO: Kevin McKidd Reveals What's Ahead for Grey's Anatomy's Haunted Dr. Hunt

Kevin McKidd

Will Owen's PTSD get worse before it gets better? It sure looks that way.

As Kevin McKidd shares in Part 1 of his video Q&A, the haunted Dr. Hunt once again — and to an even scarier degree — misdirects a nightmare at his lady love, Cristina, in this Thursday's episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Previewing this latest dark moment, McKidd tells, "It's going to become a catalyst for him to really sort his stuff out and become whole again. He really loves [Cristina] and wants to make things good for her, and not to be this burden."

In tackling such tricky fare, McKidd declares himself "lucky" to have Sandra Oh as a scene partner, saying, "She's such a committed artist."

McKidd also gives kudos to Grey's for journeying down this rocky road with his war vet. "Post-traumatic stress has ... read more

Smallville Preview: Serinda Swan Has "Hex" Appeal as Zatanna

Serinda Swan has "Hex" appeal as Zatanna.

This Thursday, Zatanna works her magic on the CW's Smallville, and at least one person's life might never be the same as a result. What brings the DC Comics character to town? Aside from granting Chloe a birthday wish, what other tricks does Ms. Z have up her sleeve? And which of Smallville's eligible gents is she hot to cast a sexy spell on? Guest star Serinda Swan shared with us a few of her secrets. So, "Serinda Swan" — a name as pretty as the actress who wears it.
Serinda Swan: Aw, thank you very much! I had a thespian and a hippie for parents, so they came up with unique names for my sister [Ariel] and I. A "serinda" is an ancient Tibetan musical instrument, like a flute. When you landed this Smallville role, did you immediately start Googling to see what Zatanna looks like and what she's all about?
Swan: Only after I found out that I was Zatanna; I originally auditioned for "Cassie," which was the character's cover name. They wanted to keep this very hush-hush. It wasn't until my agent got a call from someone at offering their congratulations.... That was me, kiddo. That was me.
Swan: I was thinking it was you! So yeah, then I Wikipedia'd it and ... read more

The Biggest Loser's Aubrey: "I Needed My Body to Catch Up With My Mind"

Aubrey Cheney

Aubrey Cheney was thin for most of her life, but as she watched seasons of The Biggest Loser go by, she noticed that she was packing on the pounds herself. Having the opportunity to participate in the current "Couples" season, she and her sister Mandi quickly proved to be a strong team. But after her elimination in week 12, it was time for Aubrey to go home, where her real life made it a struggle to continue in her progress. caught up with the mother of five to see how she's doing now and why Bob was "the best." During the first part of this week's challenge, Tara took offense to everyone giving her all the blocks of weight. Were you ganging up on her or was she just being oversensitive?
Aubrey Cheney:
We were absolutely ganging up on her...

read more

VIDEO: Alexis Grace Speaks Out about Her Too-Soon Sendoff

Alexis Grace

Alexis Grace, in all of her 4-foot-11, 98-lb. glory, came by the offices this week to reflect on her run on American Idol, which many believe ended too soon.

We presented Alexis with the poll in which 89 percent of the voters agree that a singer lobbying for the Judges' Save should be able to encore any past performance, rather than their most recent one. Impressed by the consensus, Alexis says, "It makes a strong point ... [though] there are arguments to be made for both sides."

In this video sit-down, Alexis also touches on these topics:

• Why she is particularly bummed about not making the cut for Idol's summer tour.

• Her plan to go "Dancing" during Motown week.

• Her favorite song by Pink, whom she has called her "dream duet."

• Did she really have 30 pairs of shoes with her at the Idol mansion?!

• And, of course, her future plans.

Watch and discuss Alexis' video, after the jump. read more

A.J. Buckley Talks of CSI: NY Death, Supernatural Afterlife

A.J. Buckley

This week, fans of A.J. Buckley are due for double their pleasure. In addition to catching the actor on CBS' CSI: NY (where he plays lab tech Adam Ross), Buckley will reprise his role as one of Supernatural's "Ghostfacers," the CW series' version of Ghost Hunters. We invited Buckley to tease what's ahead for each of his very different alter egos. Thank goodness for Adam Ross' street hockey hobby. It sure put him in the right place at the right time a few weeks ago.
A.J. Buckley:
Isn't it crazy how that happens? It felt great just to get out of the lab, but then to also get such great material to work with, and the explosion, and doing my own stunt.... I've really been excited with where they've taken Adam this year. They're sort of peeling the layers back. Will we learn more about Adam this season?
Honestly, every time I read a script, he gets a bit more defined. He's coming into his own. He's going from being that nervous, wide-eyed guy to ... read more

The Saint of Secret Life Spills Season 2 Secrets

Ken Baumann, Secret Life of the American Teenager

The secret of The Secret Life of the American Teenager is out: Monday's Season 1 finale included the long-awaited birth of baby John and the beginning of Amy's new life with her boyfriend, Ben. But Ken Baumann, the multitalented 19-year-old behind the role — he's written two novels, and several stories you can read here — promises plenty of other secrets await. He talked to us about a major death when Season 2 starts in June, Ben's dynamic with Ricky, the father of Amy's baby, and whether Ben will finally get to stop solving everyone else's problems. read more

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