True Blood Episode Recap: "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dying?"

True Blood, Joseph Manganiello

On Sunday's episode of True Blood, the witches and the vampires square off for what is sure to be this season's battle royale. Sookie, for perhaps the first time in the series, finds herself utterly alone in her fight against the world. Tara is off battling vampires. Alcide has reconciled with Debbie. Jason is too busy being forced to propagate a race of werepanthers. Bill is consumed by Portia Bellefleur and other kingly matters. Even her faerie godmother has abandoned her! Sure, Sookie has Amnesia Eric, but in his current state, what help is he? I ask you: Who will pay attention to Sookie, the neediest waitress in all of Renard Parish?! Read on to find out.

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Game of Thrones Adds Gwendoline Christie in Season 2

Gwendoline Christie

British actress Gwendoline Christie has joined the growing cast of Game of Thrones, book author George R.R. Martin announced on his blog.

Christie, who appeared in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, will play... read more

Jason Sudeikis Batters Up for Eastbound & Down

Jason Sudeikis

Kenny Powers has a new friend in Jason Sudeikis.

The Saturday Night Live cast member has signed on for a recurring role on the third and final season of Eastbound & Down, Variety reports.

Check out photos from Eastbound & Down

Sudeikis, 35, will play Shane, a new friend of... read more

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Daughter Joins Aaron Sorkin's HBO Pilot

Aaron Sorkin's adding some real political flavor to his HBO pilot: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s daughter, Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy, has been cast in Sorkin's More As This Story Develops, The New York Post reports.

The drama stars Jeff Daniels as the co-anchor of a cable news show who must deal with a new team after his fellow host takes most of the staff with him to a new gig. Kennedy joins Olivia Munn, Sam Waterston, Alison Pill, Emily Mortimer and Dev Patel in the project.

Olivia Munn, Alison Pill sign on for Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot

A Stanford graduate, Kennedy, 23, has been studying ...
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Keck's Exclusives: Hung Takes a Transgender Turn


Hung's Thomas Jane has long maintained a "no gay sex" mandate for his male prostitute character, Ray Drecker, and "that maxim still stands," he says. But when a rival anything-goes gigolo (The Vampire Diaries' Stephen Amell) hones in on Ray's territory in Hung's third season (premiering on HBO in October), Ray inches closer to the forbidden LGBT zone. Mid-season, he'll bed down with a pre-op transgender receptionist named Kyla before contemplating a full same-sex encounter. Kyla is played by transgender actress Jamie Clayton, whose only previous TV experience was cohosting VH1's TRANSform Me.

When Thomas first got wind of Ray's new adventures... read more

True Blood Episode Recap: "You Smell Like Dinner"

Alexander Skarsgard

This week's episode of True Blood, "You Smell Like Dinner," launches two story lines that will seem familiar to readers of the Charlaine Harris novels on which this show is based. But while one story will hew closely to the text, another will move along much more swiftly, helped along by a topical addition. The title is apt. The scent of two characters will be specifically noted in dialogue, and at least three other characters will be made someone's figurative dinner — but not all in the way you'd expect.

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True Blood's Marshall Allman: "Team Tommy Is On the Rise"

True Blood, Marshall Allman

True Blood's Tommy Mickens (Marshall Allman) has finally found a family this season — albeit an unconventional one. Unfortunately, Maxine Fortenberry's tendency to treat Tommy as a substitute Hoyt (Jim Parrack) will bring on a new set of problems in Season 4.

"What he wants deep down is a family," Allman tells "He wants to be loved, so that relationship just serves both of their needs. Max feels abandoned by Hoyt, and Tommy, even though he left his mom, feels abandoned by his mom because she chose her husband, my dad, over me."

True Blood: 10 big Season 4 spoilers

Though Max provides a roof over his head, early on Tommy will... read more

True Blood Episode Recap: "She's Not There"

True Blood

Welcome back, fangbangers! Mickey O'Connor here, ready to dive into the cesspool of platelets, fornication and biscuits with gravy that is True Blood. For this first episode, my recap will be pretty, well, recappy, since there is so much new ground to cover, but after this week, I'm hoping to keep things on the shorter side to put the spotlight where it belongs: on your brilliant observations in the comments section. Let's let the bon temps roulez!

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True Blood: 10 Big Season 4 Spoilers

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

True Blood has brought witches, werewolves and vampires to life over the last three seasons, but everything you think you know about the supernatural beings will be upended this season.

"Everything you thought you can count on, you can't," executive producer Alan Ball says. "Vampires are not stronger than certain humans, shapeshifters can do things other than shift and there are ghosts."

Here are 10 things we do know about what's coming up, straight from the cast of True Blood: read more

Tudors' Natalie Dormer Joins Game of Thrones

Natalie Dormer

Let the Game of Thrones Season 2 casting begin.

Natalie Dormer, who portrayed ill-fated Anne Boleyn in Showtime's The Tudors, has joined the cast of the HBO series, has confirmed. She'll play... read more

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