Getting Lost

Getting Lost: Series Finale Talk, Thoughts on "They" & More

Will Lost end with the gang going back to happier, pre-island times?

Featured here in the latest installment of's Getting Lost video series:

• I start off with a reminder about some Very good news (with a capital V).

• Leaping ahead in time a bit — as a Lostie is prone to do — I had to wonder: Are the producers locked into what the series' final scene will be, when Lost signs off in May 2010? Carlton Cuse gives me an update.

• Who is the "they" Jacob warned Un-Locke about? I share your top two theories.

• Similarly, this week's Burning Question tackles another case of uncertain identity. Give it a listen, then send your best theory to

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Getting Lost: What Happens Now? And Who Are "They"?

Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost

ABC's Lost may be over for the season, but Getting Lost just keeps on getting... Lost. In this week's installment:

• I reveal your assorted predictions about how the season finale would end, and then rip open the envelope and reveal my own: "The whole damn island blows up."

• Fortuitously, I ran my prediction by Michael Emerson when I spoke to him the other day. Hear what he had to say about how the "explosive" ending means for the show's final 17 episodes — starting with the Season 6 premiere.

• Is Juliet definitely a goner? The fate of her fall pilot set aside, I remind you what Elizabeth Mitchell teased about the season finale's apparent death.

• This week's Burning Question concerns what Jacob told "UnLocke" just before he "flamed" out. Give it a listen, and then send your best theory to

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Getting Lost: Richard Alpert Theories Revealed, and More!

What is Richard Alpert, other than a kick-ass Maybelline pitchman?

Featured in this week's installment of's Getting Lost video series:

• Ben describes his mysterious former colleague as "an advisor," and one who has held that job "for a very, very long time." But really, who or what is Richard Alpert? I share the two prevailing theories submitted by readers — one of which just got some added juice from this week's episode

• Has Jack gone off the reservation with his plan to detonate a 40,000-lb. hydrogen bomb, all in the name of "saving" everyone? Executive producer Damon Lindelof ... read more

Getting Lost: The Episode Producers Would Rather Forget, and More

In this week's installment of our Getting Lost video series:

• On the heels of Lost celebrating its 100th episode, executive producer Damon Lindelof reveals the hour in time that he and Carlton Cuse wish they could get back.

• Have viewers been shown all of the Smoke Monster's secrets? Get Cuse's answer.

• How did Hurley find out about Flight 316? I reveal the theory shared by 77 percent of you.

• Then check out this week's Burning Question, and send your best guess to

Coming next week on Inside scoop on the season finale's perhaps unlikely hero.

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Getting Lost: The Season's Biggest Shockers, and More

As Lost's Season 5 heads into its final three weeks,'s Getting Lost video series counts down the season-to-date's most resonant episode-ending "thump" moments, as voted on by readers.

Among the Top 5 is, of course, the capper to "He's Our You," in which Sayid guns down a young Ben. Michael Emerson emailed us the morning after that jaw-dropper aired, saying, "When Sayid shot Young Ben, I looked at my wife, Carrie [Preston] — who was in a state of shock — and said, 'Yikes. That's more than a flesh-wound.'

"If it's as bad as it looks, what happens now?" Emerson mulled. "Do three seasons of Lost DVDs suddenly erase themselves?! And what will I play in Season 6 — Might-Have-Ben?"

As if he didn't know that Ben didn't die on the spot.

Also in this installment, I reveal the dominant theory coming out of last week's Burning Question, which asked about Faraday's recent whereabouts. I then send a new puzzle your way, this one regarding the last unsolved mystery regarding Flight 316.

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Getting Lost: Death Pool Update, Finale Tease and More

This week, in's Getting Lost video:

•Get the latest numbers from our "Lost death pool" — and see how your No. 1 pick to kick it compares with that of a major betting site.

• Also on the sad, sad topic of death, Elizabeth Mitchell shares a tease about the season finale's big farewell.

• Check out the dominant theories about newcomer Ilana and "what lies in the shadow of the statue." Then, check out the new Burning Question, about last night's rather surprising submarine passenger, and send your best theory to after watching the video after the jump.

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Getting Lost: Has Rose & Bernard's Time Run Out? Plus: Naomi's Back!

This week, in the latest entry in's Getting Lost video series:

* Is Ben not so bad after all? Hear what Michael Emerson has to say about perception-altering moments like those in "Dead Is Dead."

* Speaking of dead, Naomi resurfaces in next week's episode, "Some Like it Hoth." What is Las Vegas alum Marsha Thomason able to reveal about her "encore"?

* Last week's Burning Question — "What happened to Rose and Bernard?" — resulted in quite a consensus of opinion. Find out what the dominant theory is, then see if Lost bosses Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were willing to confirm or deny!

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Getting Lost: Has Kate Made a Grave Mistake? Plus Smoke Monster Secrets, and More!

Evangeline Lilly, Lost

Featured in this week's Getting Lost video:

• Did Kate make a massive mistake by revealing the truth about the Oceanic survivors to Sawyer's babymama? See what Cassidy's portrayer had to say.

• Is Kate correct in her belief that Claire is alive? Get the latest word from Emilie de Ravin herself!

• Next week in the episode "Dead Is Dead," Ben summons the Smoke Monster for a "meeting." See what one Lost expert has to say about ol' Smokey's origins.

• I pass along readers' best theories as to where/when Daniel Faraday currently is. This week's Burning Question then asks for your thoughts on other "missing" characters.

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Getting Lost: Inside Scoop on Young Ben and Two MIA Characters

Back with a bang, it's the latest entry in's "Getting Lost" video series. This week, just hours after Sayid put a bullet in Young Ben, I spoke to 13-year-old Sterling Beaumon about his pivotal character's fate. Is Ben dead? And regardless, are there ramifications for the castaways' future? Give a listen to Beaumon's take.

Also in this episode of Getting Lost:

• Many of you have pointed out the conspicuous absence of one Dharma member. Find out if that MIA individual is returning anytime soon.

• I've got your best theories as to why Sun and Ben crashed versus flashed.

• And this week's burning question comes with an added twist — a tiny hint from Elizabeth Mitchell. Give it a listen, then send your best guess to

Coming soon: a "bonus" episode of Getting Lost featuring an exclusive from Team Darlton.

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Getting Lost: Might a Jealous Juliet Turn to an Other Man? Plus: What Is Christian?

Namaste! In the mood to be Getting Lost again?

In this week's video, Elizabeth Mitchell weighs in on how Juliet might react — and to whom she might turn — if Sawyer strays back to Kate.

Also, in the wake of Sun and Frank being assigned so unexpected a "tour guide," we take a look at who/what the super-creepy Christian Shepherd is, exactly.

Lastly, check out this week's Burning Question, then send your theory to

Watch and discuss it all after the jump. Peace.

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