Getting Lost

Getting Lost: Our Series Finale Postmortem

John Terry

Still confused about Lost's "flash-sideways"? Didn't get all the answers you wanted? Don't think we need to have everything spoon-fed to us? Have you stopped crying yet?

All of these reactions are valid!

Which finale did you like better: Lost or 24? delves into what we think the series finale was trying to tell us in the video below:

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Getting Lost: Who Is Jack's Baby Mama?

Lost - Matthew Fox

Let's hope the series finale of Lost (Sunday at 9/8c) answers this nagging question: Who is the mother of Jack's son?

Getting Lost: What does the finale hold?

Juliet is the fan favorite to be the baby mama. Though Elizabeth Mitchell tells that she knows what Juliet's dying words about "going Dutch" mean, we ponder if they were said to Jack (Matthew Fox) and not Sawyer (Josh Holloway)?

Damon Lindelof: Jacob and the Man in Black are not "the epitome of what Lost is"

Check out Getting Lost below for more on that. Plus: We discuss your theories on the series finale, including what Jack's bloody neck might mean...

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Getting Lost: Who Will Take Jacob's Place?


Lost question No. 4,815,162,342: Which candidate will take Jacob's place as guardian of the island?

While Mark Pellegrino tells that it remains to be seen if anyone will take up the role, we'll actually find out next week who becomes the big man on the island.

Lost's Mark Pellegrino: There will be more answers

Find out what else Pellegrino has to say, including his take on why Jacob can leave the island:

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Getting Lost: What Happens to Ji Yeon Now?

Lost - Daniel Dae Kim, YunJin Kim

With so few episodes left, Lost finally proved that even series regulars aren't safe. But just how permanent were the deaths in Tuesday's episode? Thanks to that sideways universe, we will get ...
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Getting Lost: What Does the Finale Hold?

Matthew Fox, Lost

Since there's no new episode of Lost this week, let's talk about the series finale. With only four episodes left, the biggest and juiciest mysteries will be solved by May 23. However, a mystery no one saw coming may be in the final moments of the series. A call sheet for the final scene was leaked, and if it's real, it's so spoilery that we won't even write about it here. So find out what may be in store for the Lostaways in the video below:

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Getting Lost: Will Libby Return?

Cynthia Watros and Jorge Garcia

Now that Hurley (Jorge Garcia) has "woken up" in the alternate universe on Lost, does that mean we'll be seeing more of his lost love, Libby (Cynthia Watros)? Garcia teases what's ahead. Plus: some new info on the Man in Black and who may die before the Lost battle is over... read more

Getting Lost Exclusive: Lost's Emmy Reel Revealed!

Lost's Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson in "The Incident, Part 2"

How do the producers of ABC's Lost plan to make their grab for Emmys gold? has the exclusive reveal of which six episodes they submitted for consideration in the Outstanding Drama series category.

As expected, both parts of the Season 5 finale, "The Incident," made the cut. But which other four hours hope to be deemed Emmy-worthy?

Watch's Getting Lost videos for more Lost news

Well, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" made the short list, as did ... read more

Getting Lost: Reader Questions About Jack, Claire and More Answered


In this installment of's Getting Lost video series, we plucked a few reader questions out of the Getting Lost mailbag.

The topics that are addressed:

• Did Matthew Fox and a young Malcolm David Kelley pre-film a scene during Season 1 to be used in the series finale?

• With Emilie de Ravin back as a series regular for the final season, will Claire be alive... or that special Lost kind of dead?

• Has a time slot — or at least a month — been set for Lost's final season premiere?

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Getting Lost: Mysterious "Man No. 2" Teases His True Identity

Titus Welliver, Lost

The Season 5 finale's unnamed "Man No. 2" is the No. 1 topic in the new Getting Lost video. Who (or what) is this being that would eventually find a "loophole," pose as a resurrected Locke and order Ben to slay Jacob?

In this video, I share Getting Lost viewers' top theories, which are plumbed from such places as the Bible, Egyptian lore, and the creepy chamber situated beneath the island's Temple.

Next, the "man in black" himself — Deadwood alum Titus Welliver — reveals ... read more

Getting Lost: Is a Full-On Flight 815 Reunion Headed Our Way?

Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace, Lost

Which former Lost cast member tells there is a "very large" possibility that he or she will return to the show during its sixth and final season?

And how might that actor's sound bite tie into the big tease tendered by a new ABC promo?

Watch the new entry in's Getting Lost video series to see how the latest buzz is adding up to as unlikely a reunion as Paul McCartney getting back with Stella!

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