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Exclusive Ringer Scoop: Gregory Harrison Cast As Gemma's Father

Gregory Harrison

Gemma's father is coming to town on Ringer — but is this good or bad news for his daughter who was recently taken hostage?

Gregory Harrison, 61, has been cast in the recurring role of... read more

Bones Season 7: Can a Baby Break the Moonlighting Curse?

David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel

Ever since the demise of Moonlighting, many television writers have had one great fear: Once their show's two romantic leads sleep together, the show will lose its tension and become lifeless.

Fall Preview: Get scoop on your favorite returning shows

But Bones creator Hart Hanson — who faces that challenge as the show's seventh season premieres with Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) six months pregnant with the child of her former will-they-won't-they partner Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) — has found the opposite to be true.

"I feel like it re-energized the series," Hanson tells TVGuide.com... read more

The Secret Circle's Britt Robertson Dishes on the Mystery of John Blackwell

Chris Zylka, Britt Robertson

The Secret Circle's Cassie is taking a walk on the evil side.

As Cassie (Britt Robertson) begins to discover more about who the mysterious "J.B." is, she and the coven go to the lake house in search of Cassie's grandmother. TVGuide.com was on set for the circle's trip to the house, which includes a rousing game of truth or dare — including a certain smooch you may have already spied in the promos. Their journey is not all fun and games, though, as Robertson says this episode will take a dark turn. (And we all know what happened last time The Secret Circle took a dark turn. RIP, Nick!)

Get the scoop on the lake house trip, who John Blackwell really is and why Cassie is "blinded" when it comes to Jake (Chris Zylka)... read more

Exclusive Sneak Peek Video: Grimm Takes On Goldilocks

David Giuntoli

In the world of Grimm, everyday crimes like breaking and entering can unlock some surprising dangers.

read more

American Horror Story: What Else Goes Down on Halloween Night?

Evan Tate, Jessica Lange and Frances Conroy

Halloween isn't over just yet for the Harmons. On Wednesday's conclusion of American Horror Story's two-part event, it's not just Hayden and the house ghosts who want vengeance.

When Tate takes Violet out for their date — curious that he jumps at the chance to do it on Halloween night — he'll be greeted by some angry, not to mention bloody and mutilated peers who will reveal new things about his dark past. But first, TVGuide.com quizzed Evan Peters, who plays Ben's homicidal dreamer psych patient Tate, about all the questions lingering from last week: i.e. Why does Tate know so much about what lurks in the basement? What's his deal with Rubber Man? Is he working for Constance? While we're at it: What's so great about Violet anyway?

read more

Mega Buzz: Bones' New Baddie, a Revenge Death and Miami Romance

Emily Deschanel, Emily VanCamp, Emily Procter

Every week, editors Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams satisfy your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

So excited for Bones to come back! What can you tell me about this season's new villain? — Brittany
Creator Hart Hanson tells us that if The Gravedigger was the "evil" version of Brennan and Jacob Broadsky was the "evil" version of Booth, then Christopher Pellant, the show's tech-savvy new killer, is the "evil" version of... Booth and Brennan's baby!? "It's too creepy to say that it's like, 'What if Booth and Brennan's baby grew up to be a horrible serial killer?'" Hanson says with a laugh. "But thematically, they have to deal with two things this year that are a combination of the two of them. One's the baby, and the other is this big baddie."

I really don't want Daniel to die on Revenge. At least tell me who his killer is. — Melissa
Let's put together some facts: Executive producer Mike Kelley has previously said that the second half of the season will show the trial of Daniel's murderer, so yeah, it looks like he's going die. Now, the show is currently looking for an actor to play a high-powered attorney who will defend... read more

Exclusive First Look: Jaime Pressly Under Attack in I Hate My Teenage Daughter

I Hate My Teenage Daughter

Jaime Pressly spent four years and won an Emmy for terrorizing on-screen ex-husband Earl on My Name is Earl, but now she's bearing the brunt of the abuse on her new series I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

The series, premiering on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9:30/8:30c, follows single moms Annie (Pressly) and Nikki (Katie Finneran), who realize that by raising their daughters to be cool (as opposed to the nerds they were in high school), they have actually created two bratty monsters. "The relationship between Annie, my character, and my daughter Sophie is actually a really good one," Pressly says. Adds Kristi Lauren, who plays Annie's daughter: "Annie let Sophie grow up without a lot of rules and so Sophie thinks, 'Oh, I can do whatever I want.' They always have this... read more

Fall TV Popularity Contest: We Have a Winner!

Emily VanCamp, Michael Emerson, Zooey Deschanel

TVGuide.com users have named their favorite new show!

Fall TV: Get the lowdown on this season's must-see new shows

Over the past several weeks, we've conducted a series of polls in our Fall TV Popularity Contest, asking users which shows they liked and which they didn't. The competition was fierce, but a champion has emerged... read more

Fall TV Popularity Contest: Last Chance to Vote!

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Emily VanCamp

Have you found a favorite new show this fall? Now's the time to tell us about it!

Vote: Which fall premieres won you over? Which flopped?

For the past several weeks, we've conducted a series of polls in our Fall TV Popularity Contest. Now, it's time to name a winner. But not before you vote!Were you charmed by the adorkable New Girl? Do you find yourself in constant need of Revenge? Still trying to piece together the mysteries on Ringer or Person of Interest? While those shows are vying hard for the top spot, Unforgettable, Terra Nova, A Gifted Man and 2 Broke Girls are right on their heels.

read more

Fall TV Popularity Contest: Did You Dig Grimm's Fairy Tales?

David Giuntoli, Currie Graham

NBC's supernatural cop drama Grimm debuted Friday, and we want to know what you thought of it  — and what you think of every new series this season.

Vote: Which fall premieres won you over? Which flopped?

Did the show's twist on Little Red Riding hood leave you hungry for more? Or was it a big, bad mess? Vote now! And don't forget... read more

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