Exclusive First Look: Raising the Bar Razors its Star

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Consider him saved by the barber.

When TNT premieres the second season of its legal drama Raising the Bar in June, Mark-Paul Gosselaar's Jerry will make an appointment to get his unwieldy mane (revisit it here, if you must) managed.

Jerry's decision to brave the buzzer comes as he reaches another birthday, and is part of a bid to present a more professional appearance to his clients.

As would be the case in real life, the public defender's makeover does not go without mention. For example ... read more

Mega Minute: NCIS Finale Preview, Private Practice & More!

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

• In but the very first excerpt from my new in-depth interview with Shane Brennan, the NCIS executive producer teases a season finale with utterly unpredictable ramifications. Plus: Who's back to make big waves?

• Josh Hopkins previews a Private Practice season-ender that has to be seen to be believed.

• Which two Army Wives' lives are poised for serious upheaval? Get the Season 3 scoop!

Watch and discuss the new MMM after the jump. read more

Exclusive: Melanie Griffith Cuts into Nip/Tuck Role

Kelly Carlson, Melanie Griffith

If you've ever wondered who brought Nip/Tuck's wild Kimber into the world, you'll soon meet her — and she'll be played by Melanie Griffith.

The Working Girl actress will play Brandie, Kimber's beautiful and considerate mother, who visits her ex-pornstar daughter from Wisconsin, a show insider confirms exclusively to TVGuide.com. (Griffith couldn't be better cast in terms of looks — her resemblance to Kelly Carlson, who plays Kimber, is striking.)

Brandie will be joined by Les, her too-tan, on-again-off-again car-salesman boyfriend of six years. Les, played by Robin Thomas (Another World, Who's the Boss), ignites insta-hate from Christian ... read more

Smallville: TVGuide.com Readers' Questions Answered!

Tom Welling, Smallville

To help pass the time until Smallville returns on April 23 with the final four episodes of the season, executive producer Kelly Souders answered questions from the CW series' superfans here at TVGuide.com. Read on to see what Souders had to share about Clark's destiny, Lois' future, Chloe's crises, a surprising pairing and much more.

Make the jump to get the super scoop. read more

Exclusive: Adele Will Guest on Ugly Betty

Adele, Ugly Betty

Soul singer Adele will show up in a May episode of Ugly Betty, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

She'll play herself in "In the Stars," in which Betty, Marc and Matt oversee a photo shoot for a YETI assignment that turns into an impromptu wedding.

read more

NCIS Exclusive: Dexter's Ex Gets Under the Team's Skin

Jaime Murray

An ICE queen is going to give the NCIS team a big chill during May sweeps.

TVGuide.com has learned that Jaime Murray will guest-star on the CBS series' penultimate episode of the season, playing Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Julia "Jules" Foster-Yates.

As Gibbs' gang engages in this cross-departmental exercise, Agent Foster-Yates will get under the skin of ... read more

Exclusive: Lost Finale's "Code Name" Is Revealed

What the fork does Lost have planned?

Since Season 1, the producers of ABC's Lost have assigned a "code name" to the season-ending twist that sends jaws plunging to the floor and heads a-scratching. It started with "The Bagel" (Walt is abducted by the Others!), and most recently we had the "Frozen Donkey Wheel" (a nod to the apparatus Ben uses to "move" the island, but in actuality referring to the reveal of Locke's death).

This season, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, via their ABC.com podcast, invited Lost fans to (blindly) suggest nicknames for the Season 5 game-changer. Find out the winning entry, after the jump! read more

Exclusive: Truth Is, Mekhi Phifer's Joining Lie to Me

Mekhi Phifer

Just as ER prepares to tee up its series finale, one of its alumni has booked a meaty new gig.

Mekhi Phifer, who for six seasons walked the halls of County General as Dr. Gregory Pratt, has booked a multiple-episode appointment on Fox's Lie to Me, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

Phifer will appear on the freshman drama series as ... read more

Smallville Exclusive: Chloe's "Hex"-cellent Adventure Backfires!

This week on the CW's Smallville, the DC Comics spellcaster known as Zatanna (guest star Serinda Swan) works her magic at Chloe's birthday party, granting the guest of honor a most special wish. As a result, Chloe is planted into her cousin Lois' body, and that switcheroo makes for one freaky Thursday.

In this exclusive clip, watch as "Chlois" — aka Erica Durance channeling Allison Mack, nervous lower-lip bites and all — beseeches Zatanna to use her "hex appeal" to undo what's been done. Plus: Does Clark have a wish of his own to make?

Watch and discuss this preview clip, after the jump. read more

Scoop: How I Met Your Mother's Ted Meets Soap Siren

Rebecca Budig

Fresh off her second stint as All My Children's "real Greenlee," Rebecca Budig has grabbed a guest-starring gig on CBS' How I Met Your Mother.

In one of this season's final episodes, Budig will play Holly, a new girlfriend of Ted's, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

The casting of Budig is perhaps 17 percent extra-interesting to longtime AMC viewers who know that Abigail Spencer (who played Pine Valley's virginal Becca Tyree) also has "dated" Ted. Spencer played "Blah Blah," a Season 3 girlfriend whose name Ted could never remember.

The same two actresses sharing a Josh (Radnor vs. Duhamel)... . I could go on for days with the coinky-dinks. But of greater/actual concern to the HIMYM fan is the fact that ... read more

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