On-Set Report: 90210's West Bev Boys Work It a la Chippendales


Filming this week's episode of 90210 was hard on the boys. Michael Steger didn't sleep. Blair Redford's first reaction was a depressed sigh. Tristan Wilds said the rehearsals were crazy.

Wearing only a pair of firemen pants and suspenders, Matt Lanter lowered his voice between takes on set in Long Beach and confided, "I can't say I'm going to be upset when this day is over."

90210's Matt Lanter reveals Who will give Liam a run for Annie's love

But, oh, gentleviewers, they did it all for you. And by "all," I mean performing a striptease-esque dance on stage to the tune of Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning" for tonight's episode.

The number is all in the name of... read more

Smallville Episode Recap: "Shield"


In the latest Smallville, Hawkman returns and gets closer to Lois, Oliver hunts for Chloe and Tess begins her path to redemption. Meanwhile, Deadshot sets his sights on new Daily Planet reporter Cat Grant, though he's really after the Blur.

After 1,001 Arabian nightmares, Lois arrives at the excavation of Isis' tomb, where she comes face to face with Carter Hall, who's in Egypt to protect her.

Back at The Daily Planet, Clark attempts to get in touch with Chloe. Also missing: read more

The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Memory Lane"

In a Vampire Diaries episode filled with flashbacks — and a curly haired Damon — more answers about Katherine's return were revealed.

It's 1864 at the Lockwood mansion, and while Stefan and Katherine are dancing, Damon and Elena are embracing. Stefan realizes it's his imagination as he walks into the Mystic Falls Café to see Damon and Elena in the present kissing. Still a dream. Stefan finally wakes up in bed with Elena, only it's Katherine and this time it's not a dream. "Why are you back in town?" he asks. "Three reasons: You, you and you," she says.

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Smallville's Tess Takes on a Motherly Role Towards Lex Luthor

Cassidy Freeman

Lex Luthor has returned to Smallville — well, a younger, cloned version of him.

As far as we know, Little Lex is the last surviving clone, as the creepy older version burned down the lab in the season premiere before his demise. Now, Tess (Cassidy Freeman) is keeping the little tyke in her care in hopes that he won't grow into the monster Lex Luthor is known to be in the mythos.

Meet Smallville's newest intrepid reporter: Cat Grant

"She feels more hope that maybe at a young age, it won't turn into... read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "The Space in Between"

This week's episode is titled "The Space in Between" and that's the exact definition of Clay's existence. With Quinn now alive and recovering, Clay is left in a coma where his fate is soon decided.

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Meet Smallville's Newest Intrepid Reporter: Cat Grant

Keri Lynn Pratt

Lois Lane, meet The Daily Planet's newest reporter — Cat Grant.

She's been assigned as Clark's partner, and Keri Lynn Pratt tells that her character may have a bit of a crush on Clark, adding: "She gets herself in trouble and gets herself in the middle of things often."

Smallville's Brian Peterson: "Everything is possible" in the final season

How will Lois feel about Cat once she returns from Africa?

"I don't think she's thrilled about it," Pratt says. "I think Cat just... read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "Exile on Main Street"

Then: At the end of Season 5, Sam sacrificed himself to stop the apocalypse and rid the world of Lucifer. This left Dean to be with Lisa and Ben so he could finally have that shot at a normal life he hadn't experienced since he was 4.

Now: It's a year later and Dean's Mr. Respectable. He wakes up in the morning; he makes breakfast for Ben; he goes to work at his construction gig; he barbecues and drinks beer with the neighbors; he spends quality time with Ben; he locks up and makes sure the house is secure; he makes sure Ben's safe and then gets back in bed with Lisa to go to sleep.

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Smallville Episode Recap: "Lazarus"


Smallville kicks off its tenth and final season with big emotional ups and downs. Clark comes back from the brink of death to be chided by Jor-El for not becoming the shining light he should be. Lois decides to hide the fact that she knows Clark's secret, while grappling with whether she'll head to Africa. Tess wakes to find that her face has been fixed, but accidentally releases a somewhat familiar evil force in the process. Meanwhile, Chloe makes a sacrifice to save Oliver...

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Smallville's Brian Peterson: "Everything Is Possible" in the Final Season

Tom Welling

There's nothing small about the 10th and final season premiere of Smallville. The season opener finds Clark (Tom Welling) coming back from death to face the ultimate challenge: becoming Superman. So what obstacles will stand in his way? And how will Lois deal with knowing his secret? Executive producer Brian Peterson tells all in our super Q&A below:

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Supernatural: Sam Is One Angry Dude Upon His Return From Hell


Supernatural just wouldn't be the same demon-hunting show if Sam (Jared Padalecki) really died after that fall into hell. The man he is now is a stark contrast to what we've seen over the last five seasons.

"I come back much less lovey-dovey," says Padalecki, "and more like, 'All right. I've been to hell a couple times, I've been to heaven. I've died, I've come back, I've done this, and I've done that. [Now] Sam's more no bullsh--."

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