Britney as Idol Mentor? Simon Says: "I Would Love It"

Britney Spears

Might Britney Spears' comeback trail ultimately lead her to serve as a celebrity mentor to this season's batch of American Idol wannabes? Or, at the very least, might she be one of this season's guest performers, akin to how she recently served up "Womanizer" on Idol's UK counterpart, X Factor?

Simon Cowell shares his honest opinion, after the jump. read more

Tom Cruise Would "Love" for Suri to Act

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise

Will Suri Cruise be joining the family business of show business?

It's a tad too soon to tell, but should the 2-year-old have any Hollywood dreams in the future, dad Tom won't have any problem with it.

"I'd love it. I'd love it," Cruise told Us Weekly. "Acting is ...
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Chenoweth: Pushing Daisies' Olive Should End Up with Ned

Kristin Chenoweth, Pushing Daisies

We're all bummed that ABC has canceled Pushing Daisies, and no magic finger is bringing it back to life. But perhaps none of us is as sad as Kristin Chenoweth, who plays the spunky, sing-songy Olive Snook on the romantic fantasy series. While speaking about her appearance on TNT's Christmas in Washington (Wednesday, 8 pm/ET), Chenoweth lamented the way the show met its end, and how she imagined Olive's future with her Pie Hole cohorts. (While three episodes of Daisies' final season have yet to air, ABC has not announced when or if they will.) Let's listen in, shall we?

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Tracy Morgan Gets Some Roommates

Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan has found Roommates for the big screen.

The 30 Rock resident will headline and produce the comedy Freshman Roommates, Variety reports.

Based on the infamous e-mail scams by a Nigerian prince looking for help in securing his fortune, the film will explore the possibility of ...
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The More You Know: Pete Wentz Kisses & Tells on Sex Life with Ashlee

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Look up "TMI" in the dictionary and you'll get a picture of Pete Wentz.

The new pop appeared on Howard Stern's radio show Tuesday to promote Fall Out Boy's new album, Folie a Deux, which in Wentz's mind means "overshare details on my sex life with Ashlee Simpson."

"We have an amazing sex life," he proclaimed. "We have such sexual chemistry. If we had been on this show last year, we'd probably be doing it in ...
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Madonna, Guy Ritchie Refute $76 Million Settlement Report

Guy Ritchie and Madonna

The reported $76 million settlement in Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce is an "inaccurate" figure, the exes said in a statement Wednesday.

On Monday, the singer's rep, Liz Rosenberg, told The Associated Press her client was poised to give Ritchie between $76 million and $92 million, dubbing it "one of the largest payouts ever." However, the former couple now says the statement was "wrongly issued."

"We have tried to maintain a dignified silence regarding the details of our divorce for the last few months whilst accepting the obvious media interest," the two said. "A misleading and ...
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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Gets Apology from White House

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Who has enough clout to get a personal apology from The White House? Would you believe us when we say Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Because she did.

Usually an annual guest to the White House Christmas party, Hasselbeck did not receive an invitation this year and voiced her discontent on The View Tuesday morning.

"Maybe I didn't do enough for the Republican party this year," the loud and proud "Great AmeriCain Hero" supporter pouted on the show, adding that she has a "bone to pick" with the White House.

But don't worry about a Hasselbeck-Bush feud any time soon. After the show ...
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Mega Buzz on Grey's, Lost, Fringe, Smallville and More!

Mark Valley (Fringe), Evangeline Lilly (Lost) and T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy)

Senior editors Matt Mitovich, Mickey O'Connor and Tim Molloy answer your questions. Drop us a line at mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

Is there any indication that Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is going to adjust her stories because of all of the recent negative feedback? — Heidi
MATT: I doubt that Rhimes will alter any master plans, especially when it comes to the Izzie/Denny "romance" which, though polarizing, seems destined to serve some greater purpose. Now, speaking of "negative feedback," I've got at least one source telling me that T.R. Knight's apparent disenchantment with Grey's might not necessarily result in him exiting the series early. Wouldn't it be refreshing to see cooler heads prevail? 

The John Scott character on Fringe is such a joyful enigma; maybe one of you can convince the producers to bring him back from the dead? — Susan
MICKEY: [Peeking out from behind a giant Chinese fan] You know who else is a joyful enigma, Susan? Me! When I asked my friends o' Fringe about John Scott's possible reanimation ... read more

Harrison Ford Flexes Comedic Muscle for J.J. Abrams

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is giving his Indiana Jones adventures a rest long enough to star in J.J. Abrams' latest project, Morning Glory.

Far from Abrams' signature thrillers, Glory is a comedy about an ailing morning news show in chaos. Rachel McAdams is in talks to sign on as an aspiring producer who tries to temper the storm of feuding anchors and set the show straight. Ford will play... read more

The Office: Jack Black, Jessica Alba in Super Bowl Ep

Jack Black, Jessica Alba

Are you ready for some football?!


How about some A-list guest stars on The Office then?


Read on to see who's suiting up at Dunder Mifflin...

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