Conan O'Brien Talks About Tonight Show, Dancing Like an Ass

Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien took a lot of questions at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, where NBC announced he'll exit his show Feb. 20, and Jimmy Fallon will take over March 2. (O'Brien has long been scheduled to take over The Tonight Show June 1, three days after Jay Leno's sign off, with the first airing of Leno's new 10 pm show to be determined.) Beyond that scheduling news, we had a choice: Run a long news story, or some of O'Brien's jokes.

You're welcome. Here are O'Brien's thoughts on ... read more

Did Top Chef's Ariane Deserve to Go?

Arianne, Top Chef

She started out at the bottom, but Top Chef's Ariane Duarte quickly rose to the top, impressing the judges week after week. Unfortunately for this cheftestant, string became the enemy and ultimately the reason for her elimination. The New Jersey restaurant owner explains how the cliquiness in her team was a huge roadblock and shares who she thought should have gone home after the farm challenge.

TVGuide.com: Why did you end up working on the lamb dish if you weren't familiar with tying roasts?
Ariane Duarte:
I've cooked lots of lamb, but I don't tie. I've done a whole leg of lamb, whole baby lamb — my grandmother's from Italy so that's what we eat every Easter! Hosea and Leah were supposed to help me. When we decided, I said, "Alright guys, that's what I'll do, but this is what I need from you." It was something they knew and we discussed. And there never was an issue. I think we all thought everything was great, tasted great and looked great. But you get to the table and ... read more

"Ridiculously Nervous" Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers Honored to Perform at Inauguration Eve Concert

Demi Lovato with the Jonas Brothers

You'll have to forgive teen-queen Demi Lovato if she's a bit on edge about performing at a Monday concert helping celebrate no less than the historic, Jan. 20 inauguration of the first African-American president of the United States. "I'm ridiculously nervous, to a point where I don't know what I'll be able to do with myself," the 16-year-old tells TVGuide.com of her pre-show jitters. "I hope I don't fall!"

Lovato calls it a "huge honor" to be a part of the event, noting, "It's not just another president. It's [Barack] Obama." Since the concert ... read more

VIDEO: Battlestar's "Adama" and "Roslin" Drop Final Season Hints

Toasters beware! Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos (Admiral Adama) and Mary McDonnell (President Roslin) are in the house! Olmos and McDonnell stopped by TVGuide.com for a lengthy and emotional interview about their journeys on four seasons of the hit Sci Fi show. We have so much good footage that we're splitting up the interview into several parts. Part 1 below features a candid conversation about Adama's and Roslin's strengths and weaknesses — including Adama's downward spiral into alcoholism this season. Also, watch to find out if either of them ever thought their characters were Cylons. Battlestar's final season begins Friday at 10 pm/ET.

Watch the video after the jump! read more

Beast Producer: Swayze Is a "Tough Son of a Bitch"

Patrick Swayze, The Beast

Patrick Swayze's new cop drama, The Beast, made its television debut Thursday night on A&E, and according to the show's producers and co-creators, Bill Rotko and Vincent Angell, there's a good chance the cancer-stricken actor may back for a second season.

"He's doing good, and he'll be getting out of the hospital soon," Rotko told gossip site These Boots Are Made for Stalking while attending a private screening of the show in Chicago Wednesday. "He has pneumonia. It is not that serious. It was more of a precautionary move. He missed ... read more

Howie Mandel Opens Up About Germaphobia

Howie Mandel

After being released from the hospital on Tuesday for an irregular heartbeat, many speculated Howie Mandel's paranoia was to blame. But the Deal or No Deal host is setting the record straight and opening up about how hard life is having germaphobia.

"It was no treat for me, being the germaphobe that I am," Mandel told People. "It was really hard. I wouldn't put on the gown or the customary clothing. I remained clothed and in my boots on the gurney and ... read more

Jamie Bamber Promises Answers on Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica

Jamie Bamber's run as the handsome fighter pilot, and now vice president, on Battlestar Galactica (Friday, 10 pm/ET, Sci Fi) will be coming to an end in a few months as the show draws to a conclusion.TVGuide.com spoke to the sexy Brit, now back in the UK filming Law & Order: London, about the questions that will be answered throughout the last season of BSG, how he reacted to the final script and why he stole his flight suit from set.

TVGuide.com: With Battlestar coming to a close, what's been the response of fans to you on the streets of London? Are they begging you for information on who the last Cylon is?
Jamie Bamber: Yeah, they are. And they're normally quite surprised that I'm English and walking around the streets of London. I haven't done anything in this country [in TV and film] for ages. Anything that they've seen of me on the screen here of mine has been Battlestar. And most of them came to me fresh from that and never seen me in anything before, so they're like, "What are you doing here? Oh, you talk like I do!" They're all shocked. I [also] get feedback from [fans] from all over the world and London's no exception.

TVGuide.com: What do you think people are craving to see at the end of Battlestar?
Bamber: I think sci-fi fans in particular are almost legal in their obsession with story points. They want to know the reveal of the final Cylon, they want to know how the final five relate to the rest of the Cylons... read more

Heroes Returns to Roots in Midseason Reboot

Hayden Panettiere, Robert Forster and Masi Oka

Heroes will go back to its roots in its midseason return, trying to win new viewers and recapture those turned off by too many characters and plotlines.

"This volume starts us pretty much from scratch," creator Tim Kring said in a statement Thursday. "There is almost nothing that the audience needs to know from the previous volume in order to follow the storyline."
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Lipstick Jungle Is Alive!

Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price and Kim Raver

As Tracy-Jordan-as-white-girl once said on 30 Rock: "Lipstick!" -- or, in this case, Lipstick Jungle! Read on to see Brooke Shields' good news...

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Craig Ferguson to Critics: Give Jimmy a Chance!

Craig Ferguson

The Craig Ferguson-Jimmy Fallon late-night competition appears to be anything but mean-spirited.

At Television Critics Association on Wednesday, Ferguson suggested that reviewers wait to sharpen their pens until Fallon has some time to adjust to the new job. Fallon is expected to take over... read more

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