Top Moments: Balloon Boy, Amazing Race, "Intercoursing" and More!

Tina Fey, Katherine Heigl

This week TV made us feel things. Trauma panicked us with a disgruntled employee shooting at his co-workers. Modern Family made us squirm and laugh with an off-color wedding toast. The contestants of The Amazing Race made us feel smart. And the idea of a little boy in a balloon crashing to his death made us all hold our breath and pray for his safety... and then puke. Welcome to this week's Top Moments: Funny Feelings Edition.

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Fred Durst Files for Divorce

Fred Durst and Esther Nazarov

Fred Durst has filed for divorce from his wife, Esther Nazaroy, after three months of marriage, according to court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Fred Durst says Spears romance was "taboo"

In the documents, Durst, 39, cited irreconcilable differences and said that the two separated a month after their July nuptials in Las Vegas.

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The Good Wife Switches Showrunner

The Good Wife

CBS' The Good Wife will change showrunners, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The current executive producer and showrunner, Dee Johnson, will leave the series, with co-executive producers Michelle and Robert King set to take over.

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Johnson was initially brought in because... read more

Defense Rests in John Travolta Extortion Case

John Travolta

Defense attorneys for two people accused of trying to extort John Travolta over his teenage son's death have rested their case, according to the Associated Press. The judge is expected to instruct the jury on Tuesday.

Prosecutors contend that former Bahamas senator Pleasant Bridegewater and ambulance driver Tarino Lightbourne threatened to sell stories based on a document Travolta signed. The document said... read more

Survivor's Ashley Reveals Tribe's Weakest Links and Secret for Success

Ashley Trainer, Survivor: Samoa

One week after (finally) winning its first immunity challenge, the Foa Foa tribe found itself back in the losers' circle on Thursday's Survivor: Samoa. The heavy rain not only kept the entire tribe in close quarters, but it also put a huge damper on any chance of strategizing who to vote off at tribal council. After Ashley Trainer failed to ... read more

TLC Sues Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin

TLC filed a lawsuit against Jon Gosselin Friday, accusing the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star of breach of contract.

News: Kate Gosselin "profoundly disturbed" by report that Jon hacked into personal accounts

The suit, filed in Maryland, claims that Gosselin violated his contract by ... read more

Melissa Rycroft Diagnosed with Swine Flu

Melissa Rycroft

Former Bachelor star and Dancing with the Stars contestant Melissa Rycroft has the swine flu.

"I am indeed recovering from a bout of the H1N1 flu virus," the 26-year-old told US Weekly. "Like most people who become infected, I thought I had a mild case of the common flu, but when ... read more

Extreme Makeover's Paul DiMeo Talks Carousels and a Home Edition First

This week, Extreme travels to Lancaster, Texas, to meet Carlton Marshall and family, which includes his wife and fellow police officer Susan, daughter Jessica and young son Joseph. Carlton was a police officer who tragically lost most of his mobility and all of his hearing after being shot in the neck while serving a search warrant leading a Dallas Police Department SWAT team. But despite their myriad of difficulties and a home not suited for Carlton's needs, his and Susan's big hearts remain open to others as supporters of the ...
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Smallville's Tess Mercer Is More Than Evil

Cassidy Freeman, Smallville

As if Smallville's Clark (Tom Welling) didn't have enough on his plate with robotic men with kryptonite hearts trying to kill him and zombies taking over Metropolis, but now his greatest foe, Zod (Callum Blue) is teaming up with Lex Luthor's protégé, Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman).

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What happens when two evil characters join forces? Nothing good, Freeman tells TVGuide.com. Just think of all the people Tess can destroy once she's got a Kandorian on her side. But is she really after the destruction of Earth, or is she trying to protect it? See what Freeman has to say — and more.

TVGuide.com: Originally Tess released Zod to make Clark become the hero he's meant to be, but it's backfired with all the trouble the Kandorians have been causing. 
Cassidy Freeman:
She didn't know what was going to happen when she released the orb. All she knew was that she was listening to it and doing what it told her to do. I didn't really expect what has happened, but I will continue to try and make it right and make sure that my initial thought of... read more

Balloon Boy Vomits Twice on Television During Questioning

Heene Family

The 6-year-old boy involved in the helium balloon debacle that transfixed the nation vomited in two separate interviews Friday during questions about whether the incident was a publicity stunt and what the boy meant when he said "we did this for a show."

Balloon drama deflates amid intense coverage

During a live interview on CNN Thursday night, Falcon Heene said he heard his family calling his name while millions of people wondered about his whereabouts, but didn't come out of his hiding place because his father "had said that we did this for a show."

Falcon was ... read more

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