Dancing's Mark Dacascos: The Cha-Cha Chairman

Mark Dacascos


I'm Mark Dacascos.

For the "foodies" out there, you may know me as "The Chairman" of the Food Network show, Iron Chef America.

If you're a fan of action movies, perhaps you've seen me in a French film with Monica Belucci titled, Brotherhood of the Wolf, or fighting against Jet Li in Cradle 2 the Grave. I've also starred in the Capoeira film, Only the Strong, the martial arts movie, Drive, and the TV series, The Crow: Stairway to Heaven.

If none of those shows sound familiar, no worries. Maybe the next one will: Dancing with the Stars.

I am one of the very fortunate people to have been invited to be a contestant on DWTS. I am ecstatic, and grateful. I'm also very, very ...
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Redmond O'Neal to Leave Jail, Ordered to Rehab

Redmond O'Neal

Redmond O'Neal, the son of Ryan O'Neal and the late Farrah Fawcett, has pleaded no contest to bringing heroin to a jail facility and will be transferred from jail into a yearlong rehab program, the Associated Press reports.

News: Redmond O'Neal violates probation, could face prison time

A Los Angeles judge also ordered three years of probation and a six-year suspended state prison sentence for O'Neal on Friday. O'Neal, 24, will not have to serve ...
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Grey's Anatomy's Izzie Debuts New Hair

Grey's Anatomy

Gone is the headscarf from Izzie Stevens' head — and in its place, some new dark locks.

In an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy, Katherine Heigl's cancer-survivor Izzie returns to work donning a wig that seems to... read more

Kate Gosselin to Shoot New Talk Show This Weekend

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is starting hosting duties on a talk show with the Food Network's Paula Deen and several other prominent moms.

The View-like talk show is geared towards working moms, and the pilot is scheduled to tape this Sunday in Manhattan, reports the New York Post.

Kate Gosselin says she will not remarry for a "long, long time"

The hosts include... read more

Patrick Swayze Has Been Cremated

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze's death certificate says the actor's remains have been cremated, USMagazine.com reports.

The actor's remains have been removed from California, though their current location is unclear, according to the site.

TV Guide Network to air unseen Swayze interview

The family has not released plans for a funeral, but... read more

Fashion Hit or Miss: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman looks superb in this pink floral mini-dress. Not everyone can pull off giant flower appliqués, but Portman's strapless neckline is super-cute.

Vote in our poll after the jump.

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Ghost Whisperer Producers Counting Down to Season 5 Premiere

Ghost Whisperer

Here we go!

We've made it to final episode for Season 4 we kick off Season 5. Believe it or not, we're still putting finishing touches on our premiere episode, but should have it all locked up at the beginning of next week. Yikes!

In our season premiere, you will be personally introduced to Melinda and Jim's new baby at the moment the baby is put into Melinda's arms. At that moment, Melinda and Jim will send, online, to all their Ghost Whisperer friends, a customized baby announcement with fabulous photos and details about their precious new gift. To receive this ...
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Mother Boss: "It's Not Going to Be Happily Ever After" for Barney and Robin

How I Met Your Mother

Now that Barney and Robin are out of the bag, it's time for the Emmy-nominated How I Met Your Mother (premieres Monday, 8/7c, CBS) to have even more fun this season. "We've kicked the door open on them together — I guess you can say together — and the floodgates of hilarious stories have opened up because there's nothing funnier than two people who are just terrible at being in relationships trying to be in a relationship," creator Carter Bays tells TVGuide.com. Of course, Barney and Robin aren't the only ones with plot turns as Ted starts a teaching gig at Columbia University, where he will meet his future wife. Bays tells us what's in store for everyone and why it would be an "outrage" if Neil Patrick Harris doesn't win an Emmy on Sunday.
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Watch the Emmys with Us!

Chris Harrison and Carrie Ann Inaba

Want to be the first to see the highs and lows of celeb fashion on the Emmys red carpet? Watch online at TVGuide.com as the stars arrive starting at 5:30 ET/2:30 PT Sunday, and at the same time, update your Facebook status with your thoughts on celebrity fashion and the event. TVGuide.com's Facebook-embedded application will also show your friends' related status updates.

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TV Anchor's F-Bomb Flub Creates New Catchphrase

Ernie Anastos

What is with New York City news anchors dropping f-bombs on live television?

While bantering with the weatherman on Fox's WNYW, longtime New York City news anchor Ernie Anastos jovially flubbed a line on Wednesday, creating a new obscene catchphrase rapidly spreading across the internet.

Anastos, who likely meant to say "Keep plucking that chicken," after making a play on an old chicken commercial, swapped the "pl" for a letter F. The news veteran remained oblivious to his flub and continued on with the broadcast as though nothing had happened. But his co-anchor's eyes nearly popped out of her head.

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