Chace Crawford Steps Out of Footloose Remake

Chace Crawford

Kevin Bacon's dancing shoes are proving to be hard to fill.

After replacing Zac Efron in the Footloose remake, Chace Crawford has now backed out of the project due to scheduling conflicts, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Chace Crawford joins Footloose

The flick is set to start filming this summer, which would overlap with Crawford's Gossip Girl schedule as the CW drama resumes ...
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Bret Michaels Recovering After Emergency Appendectomy

Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels is "doing well" after undergoing an emergency appendectomy, his rep said in a statement.

The rocker and current Celebrity Apprentice contestant was rushed into surgery in San Antonio at 1 a.m. Monday after suffering severe stomach pains and what was assumed to be the flu all day Sunday. Doctors later determined the singer ...
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Conan O'Brien Debuts on Stage with Self-Pleasuring Panda

Conan O'Brien

Though he's legally prohibited from being funny on television — until he debuts on TBS in November anyway — Conan O'Brien brought laughs, jabs at his former employer and even a new character on the road with him as he kicked off his live comedy tour.

"This is the first time anyone has paid to see me. They've ...
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Why Didn't Jay Leno Congratulate Conan?

Jay Leno

After hinting months ago that he would scale down his role with The Tonight Show, Kevin Eubanks announced on Monday's show that he would step down as Jay Leno's bandleader, a role he's played for 18 years.

Conan O'Brien going to TBS

The announcement may have been the reason Leno made no mention in his monologue of Monday's other late-night news: read more

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, April 12, 2010

It's time for the Double Score Showdown on Dancing with the Stars! The remaining nine couples take on either the romantic rumba or the passionate tango to get not one, but two scores from the judges. Did Nicole and Derek break the rules again? Has Kate improved at all? Find out below!
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Amazing Race's Carol and Brandy: Caite "Very Clearly Had a Problem with Us As Lesbians"

The Amazing Race

Caite Upton and Brent Horne seemed to have it out for Carol Rosenfeld, 47, and Brandy Snow, 40, from the beginning of The Amazing Race this season — which was news to the couple. "We both had separate conversations with her and Caite talked about [her infamous answer at Miss Teen USA 2007] and how she overcame it. I remember specifically saying, 'Good for you,' so to find out how much she hated us was a complete shock," Carol tells TVGuide.com. The models' self-described hatred culminated in them U-Turning Carol and Brandy in Sunday's episode, leading to their anger-filled elimination. Get the duo's take on the so-called "feud," why they think Caite in particular was after them, and if they would've used the U-Turn on the models.
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V's Joel Gretsch: Father Jack is an "Ill-Equipped" Resistance Fighter


An FBI agent, a conspiracy theorist, a priest and an alien... no, they are not walking into a bar; they are the leaders of the resistance on ABC's V. Unfortunately, the priest, Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), may do more harm than good now that he's been infected with R6, the Visitors' tracking solution. Gretsch tells TVGuide.com that Jack will have to put his morals aside if humanity is to survive. Plus: Who is going to die?

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Project Runway Rundown: The Circus Comes to the Catwalk

In the last Project Runway challenge before the show heads to Bryant Park fashion week, the finalists have to create high-end looks inspired by the circus.

Project Runway Rundown: Maya quits! Anthony returns

While the designers were specifically instructed not to make their outfits too costumey, the looks ranged from Hamburgler-esque to something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Anthony's drag-queen dress gets the boot, and somehow, Emilio's can-can girl dress is selected as the winner. Judging fail!

See what Chris March had to say about this week's episode after the jump.

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HBO's The Wire to Air on DirecTV

The Wire

The Wire, HBO's critically acclaimed series about the municipal struggles of Baltimore, will debut on July 18 on DirecTV.

DirecTV will air all five seasons in HD, uncut and commercial-free.

Watch full episodes of The Wire

"By adding The Wire to our Sunday-night lineup, we are... read more

Getting Lost: Has Desmond Been Claimed?

Henry Ian Cusick

It's a really bad sign when you wake up from a Lost-sized explosion and follow evil Sayid (Naveen Andrews) into the jungle. So what has become of Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick)? Cusick, our constant, tells TVGuide.com that Desmond has not been claimed like Claire et al; it's actually quite the opposite. He also drops a hint about the finale, including what the Man in Black wants with Desmond...

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