VIDEO: Eric Balfour Gets Some Lovin' on Haven's New Season

Eric Balfour

Haven fans may not recognize Duke Crocker's new love interest, but she's no stranger to his past.

"This woman [played by Vinessa Antoine] appears, who, it turns out, is technically married to Duke," Eric Balfour tells us. "It was a whirlwind shotgun wedding and she's kind of a con artist like Duke is. Somewhere along the lines she burned him."

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Big Brother Episode Recap: Eviction 1

Julie Chen

After one crazy week in the Big Brother house, the first eviction provides some interesting, if not altogether predictable results. Mostly, I'm thankful that, unlike last season, the vote wasn't unanimous, which generally means everybody votes the way the house wants in order to not piss off anyone. However, two houseguests definitely drew a line in the sand tonight. So, who's going home? Let's find out... read more

Leslie Birkland on Going From Welfare to Big Rich Texas

Leslie Birkland

The premise of Big Rich Texas, the Style Network's riff on the Real Housewives template that premieres Sunday at 9/8c, is simple: Self-made woman, pageant coach and model Leslie Birkland moves to Dallas and attempts to enter society by joining the exclusive Woodhaven Country Club. It's so simple that the series takes Birkland's decision for granted (after all, the premiere would have no narrative arc without it). Watching it made me wonder why anyone would want to subject themselves to the kind of superficial scrutiny that joining a country club (or pledging a sorority or attempting to sit at the cool kids' lunch table) conjures. The potential for humiliation is great and there are no guaranteed rewards when you put effort into winning over a group of people you barely know and may not end up liking yourself.

In a way, joining any of these reality shows where strangers are thrown together basically for the sake of arguing is a lot like joining an exclusive country club. That makes the narrative of Big Rich Texas either perfectly tailored to its medium or redundant (give us a few episodes and we'll let you know which). People want to be accepted, just like they want to be on TV, but is it worth the headache? We spoke to reality newbie Birkland to get to the bottom of this...
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Top Moments: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Naked and The Bachelorette Bores

Man Vs. Wild, Jake Gyllenhaal

Our top moments of the week:

13. No "I" in "Team" Award: On Ice Loves Coco, Coco is pumped to show her hubby her new Licious clothing line at the factory... until Ice-T points out something her whole crew had apparently missed: All the shirts are printed with the (non)-word "licous" — or, phonetically, "lick-us." Don't get too upset, Coco. Beyonce can't spell it either.

12. Best Accidental Foreshadowing: Don't get us wrong, we love Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Modern Family, but maybe in his next lifetime he should come back as a fortune teller! Less than 12 hours after... read more

Who Made It Into So You Think You Can Dance's Top 10?

So You Think You Can Dance, Nigel Lythgoe

After five grueling weeks of fast-paced competition, injuries and a few highly memorable routines, it's finally time for So You Think You Can Dance to name the Top 10 dancers and the All-Stars they'll be paired with.

But first, judge Nigel Lythgoe took a moment to honor the show's amazing, and well-deserved, achievement in garnering... read more

Friday Night Lights' Jason Katims on Emmy Noms "Touchdown," How the Finale Came Together

Friday Night Lights

What did Friday Night Lights executive producer Jason Katims feel like when the show got its first drama series Emmy nod the day before its final episode is scheduled to air? "It's like an episode of the show — a touchdown in the last seconds of the game," he told TVGuide.com Thursday. "It's the perfect metaphor. We'll take it!"

Friday Night Lights comes to an end: An oral history, Part 1 (Part 2, Part 3)

"I have to say, it's sweet. It's not bitter," he continued. "It's simply sweet. Even though the finale is on tomorrow night, we shot that a year ago, so read more

VIDEO: Harry Shum Jr.'s Abs Hit the Big Screen in Glee: The 3D Concert Movie


Did you miss the Glee concert tour? Or do you just want to see Harry Shum, Jr.'s abs close-up and in 3D? You're not alone!

 Glee: The 3D Concert  Movie, hitting theaters on Aug. 12, promises to take Gleeks behind the scenes of the hit Fox musical's second nationwide tour. Not only will fans get to see... read more

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy Name Their Newborn Son

Matthew Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Five days after welcoming their first child together, Kate Hudson and fiancé Matt Bellamy have named their newborn son.

"So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy. Born 7 Ib., 12 oz.," Bellamy tweeted Thursday. "Mum and baby are strong and healthy. Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense... read more

Justified Emmy Nominee Margo Martindale: "I Haven't Gotten to Do All the Things I Can Do"

Margo Martindale

If there was one performance that earned almost unanimous praise from both TV critics and  viewers alike this season, it was that of Justified's Margo Martindale. So the fact that her riveting portrayal of Harlan County crime family matriarch Mags Bennett earned the stage and screen veteran her first Emmy nomination is, well, justified.

Check out our complete Emmys coverage

"I'm truly beside myself with joy," Martindale tells TVGuide.com, giddy with laughter. "It's a whole new world for me. I've been nominated for a Tony, but this whole thing is just joyous."

Although Martindale says she never anticipated the waves of support and critical appreciation she received throughout the season, she instantly responded to Mags on the page... read more

Emmys: Big Bang Boss Proud of His Traditional Sitcom, "Can't Guarantee" a Season 5 Wedding

The Big Bang Theory

Bill Prady is an Emmy virgin and that's just fine with him.

The Big Bang Theory received its first nomination for comedy series Thursday, but the showrunner/executive producer has no clue which six episodes the show has submitted for the academy to review.

"I just got here, so I have no idea what the rules are. I'm learning about this from you right now!" he tells TVGuide.com. "I've never done this before. I'm going to assume that somebody knows. I'm going to say there's a high-place committee ...
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