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Springsteen, Jay-Z, Timberlake, Swift Sign On for Haiti Telethon

Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift

Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Bono and The Edge, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys are among the heavy hitters participating in Friday's "Hope for Haiti" telethon.

Find out who else will be featured.

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Wyclef Jean Defends Charity, Calls for Evacuation of Haitian Capital

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean defended his charity and called for an evacuation of Haiti's capital, The Associated Press reported.

Wyclef Jean's plea for urgent earthquake relief in Haiti: "We must act now"

"Port-au-Prince is a morgue," Jean said during a New York City press conference. With tears running down his face, the Haitian-born music star recounted his recent trip to his homeland, where he collected the corpses of small children and adults from the streets.

"We need to migrate at least 2 million people," Jean said. "I give you my word, if I tell them to go, they will go. But they need somewhere to go to."

MTV plans "Hope for Haiti" telethon

During the conference Monday, Jean also defended his charity, Yele Haiti Foundation, which recently came under fire by The Smoking Gun for its practices.

"Have we made mistakes before? Yes. Did I ever use Yele money for personal benefit? ... read more

MTV Plans "Hope for Haiti" Telethon

George Clooney, Wyclef Jean

MTV will present "Hope for Haiti," a telethon that will be simulcast on numerous networks Jan. 22 at 8/7c.

Celebrities encouraging donations for Haitian relief efforts

The two-hour, commercial-free special — on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, BET, the CW, HBO, MTV, VH1 and CMT — will be headlined by ... read more

Celebrities Encouraging Donations for Haitian Relief Efforts

George Clooney

Celebrities are pitching in to encourage aid to Haiti following the massive earthquake that hit the Caribbean island nation earlier this week.

Wyclef Jean's plea for urgent earthquake relief in Haiti: "We must act now"

George Clooney and MTV are working together to stage a telethon for Haitian earthquake relief, The Associated Press reports. Though the roster of celebrities that will participate ... read more

Wyclef Jean's Plea for Urgent Earthquake Relief in Haiti: "We Must Act Now"

Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean is pleading for people to "act now" to help victims of the devastating 7.0 Haitian earthquake, which officials feared could leave thousands dead.

"Haiti today faced a natural disaster of unprecedented proportion, an earthquake unlike anything the country has ever experienced," the Haitian-American music star wrote on his blog. "I cannot stress enough what a human disaster this is, and idle hands will only make this ...
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90210's Jessica Stroup Talks Silver's New Cause and Show's "Incestuous Little Group"

Jessica Stroup

Jackie Taylor may be gone, but she's definitely not forgotten. On Tuesday's 90210 (8/7c, CW), Silver (Jessica Stroup) will honor her late mother — who died from breast cancer in the Nov. 17 episode — by becoming a Ford Warrior in Pink and participating in a Race for the Cure run for breast cancer research. The story line happened "organically," Stroup tells TVGuide.com, as the show and Ford teamed up to raise awareness and educate the show's young female fans about the disease. "When they came to us and said, 'Would you want to participate in an ad?' I jumped on board," Stroup says. "They incorporated it into the story line and I was all game for it. I loved working with them." Find out what Stroup, 23, hopes fans take away from the episode, what's ahead for Silver's love life and more.
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Alison Sweeney Hopes to Make Big Gains for Feeding America

Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney has a plum hosting gig (The Biggest Loser) and a role on a long-running soap (Days of Our Lives), but neither brings her as much joy as the work she does with Feeding America, the country's leading non-profit hunger-relief charity. "I was introduced to Feeding America through Biggest Loser, and I've been lucky and so proud to work with them," Sweeney tells TVGuide.com. "It's such a great organization and they show what a big difference we can all make in people's lives just with our time." Sweeney recently hosted the Hallmark Celebri-Tree Holiday Open House benefiting Feeding America at her L.A. home and tells us more about the event and how we can all contribute to the cause.
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Betty White: Animal Work Gives Me the Greatest Joy

Betty White

Betty White's name is as synonymous with animal advocacy as it with comedy — and she wouldn't have it any other way. "I'm the luckiest person in the world. My life is divided in absolute half: half animals, half show business," White, 87, tells TVGuide.com. "They're the two things I love the most and I have to stay in show business to pay for my animal work!" The six-time Emmy winner, who will receive SAG's Life Achievement Award in January, opened up to us about her lifelong passion and what we can do to be more animal-conscious.
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Celebrity Charities: Stephen Baldwin Finds Purpose in Breast Cancer Work

Stephen Baldwin

If you're ever in Syracuse, N.Y., don't be surprised to see an 80-year-old woman in a pink helmet sitting in a sidecar of a Harley-Davidson. That's just Carol M. Baldwin, matriarch of the Baldwin clan, doing her part to raise money for her Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Son Stephen Baldwin tells TVGuide.com: " ... We're trying to talk her out of it because she ain't getting any younger!"

The 41-year-old Baldwin is doing his part too, volunteering on behalf of the organization, which his mother, a breast cancer survivor, created in 1996 without the help of her famous sons. "It was really after my mom had created enough awareness of the organization on her own ... that it became a catalyst for the brothers to almost have to get involved. It was pretty cool to see," he says. Since then, the organization has been a family affair and has raised nearly $3 million for research.

We caught up with Baldwin to learn more about his work, including another cause that's close to his heart.
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Celebrity Charities: John McEnroe Gets Serious About Prostate Cancer Awareness

John McEnroe

For a long time, John McEnroe was just like most guys: He hardly went to the doctor. That changed when his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago, McEnroe TVGuide.com. Since then, the seven-time Grand Slam champ has become a Stand Up to Cancer ambassador and has partnered with an array of organizations, including the American Urological Association, Men's Health Network, Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Prostate Conditions Education Council, to raise awareness about the importance of pro-activity in prostate cancer. This year, more than 192,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and more than 27,000 men will die from the disease, according to Prostate Cancer Foundation figures.

We caught up with McEnroe, 50, to learn more about his work for our new Celebrity Charities feature, which highlights stars' favorite causes.... read more

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