Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Mike's Not Ready"

It's Mike and Molly's third date and we all know what that means: It's time for them to get it on. The only problem is that Mike's not ready. And Molly thinks he's just not that into her.

When Carl asks Mike about the date later, Carl knows Mike isn't comfortable with the prospect of being naked in front of Molly — even though he won't admit it. Instead, he goes on about his hat and needing a chin-strap.

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The Good Wife's Michael Ealy: You Have to Watch People Like Derrick Bond

Michael Ealy, Christine Baranski, Josh Charles

Who is Derrick Bond?

That's the question fans of The Good Wife were left asking after last week's cliff-hanger regarding the secret link between Bond and Will Gardner (Josh Charles). According to the man who plays Bond, Michael Ealy, fans have plenty of reasons to be suspicious about.

"You just never quite know his intentions. That's where it becomes a bit tricky," Ealy tells "He refuses to show his real self. No one knows... read more

Report: Two and a Half Men's Angus T. Jones Scores Multi-Million Dollar Deal

Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones

Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones just got one heck of a 17th birthday present, according to

See photos of the Two and a Half Men cast

The young actor has reportedly signed a contract for 26 episodes at $300,000 per episode. The deal guarantees Jones $7.8 million over the next two seasons, plus a $500,000 signing bonus, making Jones the highest-paid child actor in the business... read more

Keck's Exclusives: Which Magician Will Magically Appear on The Defenders?

Penn Jillette

One of Las Vegas' most popular showmen has been cast in a bewitching role on CBS's The Defenders. Penn Jillette, currently appearing at the Rio Hotel with his silent partner Teller, will play a colorful Sin City magic shop owner/magic scholar named Reuben Charles in the Nov. 11 episode. He gets wrapped up with the Defenders when they take on a case involving Las Vegas' most famous magician... read more

Survivor’s Jimmy T.: Marty Doesn’t Care About the Tribe


After the exit of former National Football League coach Jimmy Johnson on last week's Survivor: Nicaragua, the Espada tribe was in desperate need of a new castaway to serve as team leader. Although Jimmy Tarantino was eager to take on that duty, telling everyone within earshot about his past leadership experience, it was Marty Piombo who gained control of the group. Marty quickly pushed the tribe to vote off Jimmy T. over Dan Lembo, whose knee injury has kept him out of a number of important immunity challenges. Tarantino, 48, spoke with about Marty's game strategy, Jimmy J.'s "lack of... read more

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode Recap: "Pulling the Trigger"

It's week four in Nicaragua, and both tribes are beginning to establish power players while one player still hasn't learned to keeps his mouth shut! This week's episode can also be known as the Jimmy T hour, because we were stuck with the Gloucester, Mass., fisherman as he sang, cried and yammered on and on about not be utilized in his tribe. For the avid reality TV viewer, it was easy to deduce from the first segment that Jimmy T was the one going home, but the real story this week was the gameplay of two members in each tribe.

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The Mentalist: Gunning for Romance

Simon Baker, Malcolm McDowell

It's a crazy, jam-packed night on The Mentalist (10/9c, CBS). The fate of psychic Kristina Frye (Leslie Hope) — abducted last season by serial slayer Red John — will at last be revealed. Malcolm McDowell returns as messianic cult leader ... read more

Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "Remembrance of Things Past"

Joe Mantegna and Daniel J. Travanti

On this week's Criminal Minds, the murders of several women cause Rossi to revisit the 26-year-old cold case of The Butcher. Meanwhile, Morgan gets closer to Ellie Spicer.

Y'all ready for a Rossi-centric episode? I hope you've polished your Italian leather shoes and pulled out your charm bracelets! read more

NCIS Episode Recap: "Short Fuse"

The "Short Fuse" episode of NCIS presents a terrible quandary for series historians. For whoever is counting the all-time number of head slaps that Mark Harmon gives Michael Weatherly — and we know you're out there — does Gibbs slapping DiNozzo's cardboard standup count, or not? Debate.

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Criminal Minds: What Happens When a Serial Killer Has Alzheimer's?

Joe Mantegna and Daniel J. Travanti, Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds' Behavioral Analysis Unit has an obligation to keep bad guys off the street. But series star Joe Mantegna says every case isn't just about right and wrong.

Check out photos of the Criminal Minds cast

"Sometimes when a case gets resolved, there's always different aspects to consider. It's not always so cut-and-dried," he tells "There are sometimes conditions that lend themselves to why these things happen. It's interesting when the stories have a little bit of a twist to them."

And Wednesday's episode (9/8c on CBS) has just that. When the BAU begins investigating a string of murders, Rossi (Mantegna) can't help but notice a similarity to a killer he chased over 25 years ago. Just when Rossi got close, the killer stopped, never to be heard from again — until now... read more

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