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The Obamas to Sit Down with Barbara Walters

Barack and Michelle Obama

President-elect Barack Obama is making another pit stop on his road to the White House.

A little more than a week after Obama and his wife Michelle were interviewed for 60 Minutes, the future President and First Lady will sit down with ABC News' Barbara Walters, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The interview will air as a one-hour special Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 10 pm/ET.

ABC is probably hoping ... read more

Debra Messing Proud of Her "Healthy Approach" to Weight Loss

Debra Messing

Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can hurt too.

So says Debra Messing in the January issue of Shape as she recalls hurtful stories she read in tabloids about her as she tried to lose her baby weight. "On one page it showed all the actresses who got skinny in six weeks or less, and on the other page was me!" says the Will & Grace and Starter Wife star. "I was so depressed and frustrated."

Messing gave birth to son Roman in 2004, and began ... read more

The Beatles' Deal to Go Digital Hits a Sour Note

Paul McCartney

Rumor has it that if you play "Revolution No. 9" backwards, it now says, "The deal is dead."

Negotiations on a long-awaited deal to make The Beatles' catalogue available online via services such as the iTunes Music Store have hit an impasse. "The last word I got back was it's stalled," Paul McCartney said Monday ... read more

How Do You Think The Shield Should End?

The Shield

After seven critically acclaimed seasons, FX's The Shield (Tuesday, Nov. 25, 10 pm/ET) will finally close up "the Barn" for good with "Family Meeting," a blockbuster, 90-minute series finale that creator Shawn Ryan promises won't be in the ambiguous style of the Sopranos' fade to black. "The story makes sense," says Ryan. "Vic will pay a price -- some will think it's too high, and some will think it's too low." Read on to see how it could end...

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Hills' Spencer and Heidi Tie the Knot

Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt

It's official: Speidi have tangled themselves in a web of matrimony.

The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, who have had an infamously stormy on-again, off-again relationship, have wed in a secret ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The pair exchanged vows on Nov. 20, and the blushing bride, 22, told Us, "The minute we said our vows, I couldn't stop crying."

At the altar, Pratt, 25, told his bride: "Heidi, from the moment... read more

Dancing with the Stars Episode Recap: Monday, Nov. 24, 2008

Well, folks, I made it to the Dancing with the Stars finals with my sanity relatively intact. Thanks to all of you for making my introduction to ballroom relatively painless, and, dare I say, relatively fun. Monday's performance show will include recaps of the contestants' favorite dances, something The Berge calls a "samba smackdown" (God help me) and the much-vaunted freestyle dance, which I hope includes Mission: Impossible-style wirework and something scary like Mummenschanz's clay faces. Lance, Brooke and Warren each have their strong points, to be sure, but in my estimation, Brooke seems to have the edge at the moment if for no other reason that she has been overwhelmingly consistent throughout the season. (We won't mention last week's unpleasantness.) Is it bad, therefore, that I am secretly (OK, not so secretly) hoping for an upset of gigantic proportions? Barring that, just seeing Cloris Leachman again will probably sustain me until the next season starts in March 2009. Are you ready? Read on to see who shone in Monday's proceedings.

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Steven Seagal's New Show: He's a Shooting Sheriff

Steven Segal

Steven Seagal the action-movie star will now be seen as Steven Seagal: Lawman.

A&E has announced production on a new reality series that will focus the mega-action star's 20 years working as a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana.

If his under-the-radar law enforcement background was a surprise, know that he's also considered an expert marksman who has worked with Jefferson's SWAT team and has instructed their officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat. Noted: Reason #1098 not to mess with Steven Seagal.

The show will allow viewers to ride along with Seagal as he and his hand-selected deputies respond to crimes as they happen. We will also be treated to a softer side of Seagal as he goes off-duty... read more

Mega Minute: Boston Legal's Big Goodbye, Mother Casts a Sister & More

Now playing in this week's Mitovich Mega Minute:

• A hint at one of the surprises Boston Legal has on tap for its two-hour series finale.

• Who else on 24 is coming "back from the dead"?

How I Met Your Mother casts Ted's sister. (But what has Ted so worried?)

Watch and discuss this week's MMM video after the jump. read more

House: An Inside Look at this Week's "Super-sized" Standoff

Hugh Laurie

This week on Fox's House (Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET), an impatient patient takes hostages at Princeton-Plainsboro until what ails him can be determined. So complex is his diagnosis, and so taut is the tension, that the hour-long drama demands an extra seven minutes to unspool (so adjust your DVR).

In preparing to tell this story, executive producer Katie Jacobs — who also directed the episode — picked the brain of real-life SWAT team members who have been involved in near-identical hospital face-offs. "One had a really interesting story about how ... read more

Madonna Is "Sad" About Split


Madonna is "sad" about her divorce from Guy Ritchie, but she isn't letting her personal strife get in the way of her career.

"I'm sad about my personal life, but I feel very ...
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