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Letterman Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

David Letterman

A CBS producer who works on the true-crime show 48 Hours pleaded not guilty Friday to charges that he attempted to extort $2 million from David Letterman by threatening to reveal the Late Show host had sex with staffers.

Robert J. "Joe" Halderman pleaded in a New York City court ...
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Chris Rock on Roman Polanski: "It's Rape!"

Chris Rock

Chris Rock says he doesn't understand why fellow filmmakers are coming to the defense of Roman Polanski, saying of the charges against him, "It's rape."

"People are defending Roman Polanski because he made some good movies? Are you kidding me?" Rock said on Thursday's Jay Leno Show. "He made good movies 30 years ago, Jay! Even Johnnie Cochran didn't ...
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DietTribe Fitness Trainer Raises the Stakes with Triathlon

Jessie Pavelka

In the new season of Lifetime's DietTribe, fitness trainer Jessie Pavelka has returned to not only coach five best friends to compete in a triathlon, but help them lose 35-50 pounds each in the process.

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Unlike other reality weight-loss shows, the women on the show must drop the pounds while ... read more

Rachel Bilson Appearing on How I Met Your Mother — As the Mother?

Rachel Bilson

Is Rachel Bilson going to be the Mother?

The O.C. alum has booked a guest spot on the 100th episode of How I Met Your Mother as the love interest in Ted's story line, has confirmed.

"Ted will also get as close to ...
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Top Moments: Letterman Confesses, Housewives Spar and More

Teri Hatcher, David Letterman

The girls can't help it! Just ask Peggy Olson, who succumbed to the oily charms of Duck Phillips. Or Kristin Cavallari, who celebrated her debut on The Hills by launching a full-scale flirting offensive on her frenemy's ex. Or Katherine Mayfair, who might have acted out a tad when her fiancé dumped her to return to his ex-wife. Or Madonna, whose filthy double entendres made not-that-innocent David Letterman blush. Why should guys have all the fun? Amirite, chicas? Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care and check out all the lady drama in this week's Top Moments: Girls Behaving Badly Edition.

12. Grossest Hookup: On Mad Men, Peggy turns down Duck Phillips' job offer, but gets turned on by his very graphic pick-up line: "I want to take you into that bedroom, lock the door, throw you on the bed, take off your clothes with my teeth and give you... read more

Project Runway Rundown: Something Ruffled, Something Blue

Project Runway

On this week's Project Runway, the final ten designers had to break into teams to create two pieces using only the color blue to fit in with the Macy's INC line.

The designers' true colors show in the workroom (as always with team challenges), and alas, Michael Kors returned to judge the runway.

The top designs belonged to Carol Hannah and Shirin: a draped neckline blouse paired with a high-waisted skirt, and a tunic top with leggings. At the bottom, however, was Louise and Nicolas' ruffle explosion.

See what Chris March had to say about this week's episode in the video below after the jump.

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Survivor's Ben Browning: "It's Not Like I Hit a Girl"

Ben Browning

Ben Browning was only the third contestant sent packing on Survivor: Samoa, but the 28-year-old bar manager still managed to snag himself a spot in the Survivor hall of shame thanks to his physical and verbal antics. During his brief stay on the island, Browning was accused of being a racist after a dramatic falling out with Yasmin Giles, and earned the dismal distinction of becoming the first Survivor cast mate ever to be thrown out of a challenge.

Despite his now-notorious reputation, Browning tells us... read more

Extreme Makeover Helps Keep Kids Together in New Home

This week finds us in Greene County, Mo. where Chris and Niki Hampton were happily living in a 792 sq. ft. house with their 9-year-old son Dakota and 6-year-old daughter Hannah (cramped but content). Then, the Hamptons got a phone call from Social Services. Niki's sister's four children had been taken by the state, and Chris and Niki had one hour to decide whether they could take in their nieces and nephews, or let them go to a foster family. They knew immediately that they had to take in Jacob, Lexi, Kira and Gage. Though they weren't sure how eight people could squeeze into the tiny one-bedroom, one-bathroom house, the Hamptons knew that they needed to take those kids in, or they would lose them into the system where they'd likely be separated. This week is about following through with their wish to keep those kids together, safe and create one big family unit.

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Celebrity Charities: Three Rivers' Alex O'Loughlin "Very, Very Proud" to Be an Organ Donor

Alex O'Loughlin

Sunday's series premiere of Three Rivers (CBS, 9/8c) marks Alex O'Loughlin's return to TV, and the Aussie hunk hopes his Moonlight fans will follow him to the medical drama not just to support him, but to support organ donation. Rivers explores the lives of organ donors, recipients and a team of transplant surgeons led by O'Loughlin's Dr. Andy Yablonski. Since scrubbing into the role, the actor has become a Donate Life America spokesperson and ambassador to raise awareness, while CBS and Donate Life have partnered in a joint initiative to encourage people to donate their organs once they die. 

We caught up with O'Loughlin to learn about his passionate new roles on- and off-screen for our new Celebrity Charities feature, which highlights stars' favorite causes.

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Poll: 76 Percent of Voters Want Kate Plus Eight to End

Jon Gosselin

Production on Kate Plus Eight has been suspended, and the majority of users in a poll want the suspension to lead to cancellation.

Poll: 94 Percent of voters don't want a new Jon Gosselin show

Approximately 76 percent agree with Jon Gosselin that the troubled ...
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