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Dancing's Maks "Proud" of Joanna Krupa, Ready for Michael Jackson Tribute

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

I hope you enjoyed my Argentine tango with Joanna. It was a lot of fun! Right now, I'm rehearsing for the Michael Jackson tribute on the results show. It's going well. There are a lot of people and we're getting through it and getting a lot of things done. It's going to be a fun dance and a fun experience.

As I said last time, the tribute will be three numbers. Derek and Mark choreographed the first, I choreographed the second and we kind of all choreographed the third one under Cheryl's tutelage. Everybody is stepping in for the third number, which will a big thing. A bunch of Jacksons are going to be there and at the risk of sounding cocky — like Maks! — I'm not nervous. Just kidding! I just want to do a good job. I'm having a ...
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Joss Whedon Takes On Glee

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon will direct an episode of Glee, has confirmed.

The wunderkind, who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse, earned his musical stripes with a singing-and-dancing episode of Buffy titled "Once More, With Feeling" and the Emmy-winning Internet musical sensation Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Glee cast to perform at World Series

Whedon posted a message on the... read more

Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep's Daughter, Gets Engaged

Mamie Gummer and Ben Walker

Meryl Streep has a new role: future mother-in-law.

The two-time Oscar winner's daughter, actress Mamie Gummer, has gotten engaged to actor Ben Walker. "He proposed [on Saturday]. He did it on one knee!" Gummer told Us Weekly. "My mom loves him!"

Watch videos of Mamie Gummer

The two met on a short film ...
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Michelle Obama Appearing on Jay Leno Show

Michelle Obama, The Tonight Show

Michelle Obama will appear on The Jay Leno Show Friday, NBC announced.

Set to appear via satellite, the first lady will participate ...
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Saw VI Hosting Sixth Annual Blood Drive

Tanedra Howard

The Saw films get pulses racing — and blood pumping.

For the sixth straight year, a Halloween blood drive is coinciding with the release of the latest film from the franchise. Saw VI comes out Friday.

Since the first Saw blood drive in 2004, fans have donated enough blood to save more than ...
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Swiss Court Rejects Polanski's Bid for Release

Roman Polanski

A Swiss court has ordered Roman Polanski to remain in jail because the director poses a big flight risk, The Associated Press reports.

"The court considered the risk that Roman Polanski might flee if released from custody ...
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Kate Gosselin: Children Have Been "Acting Out"

Kate Gosselin

Jon & Kate's eight have been "acting out" in the wake of their parents' contentious divorce and legal battles, Kate Gosselin says.

"I'm trying to give them the grace to see, if they're acting out of line, I'm trying to look deeper ...
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Wife Swap Co-Star: Richard Heene "Had the Mind of a Mad Scientist"

Heene family

Sheree Silver, the woman who lived with the Heene family on Wife Swap, said Richard Heene, the father of balloon boy Falcon, "had the mind of a mad scientist" and a short temper.

"He wasn't very nice to me," Silver told People. "But ... I don't think he would ...
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90210's New Surfer Chick Talks Love Triangles

Gillian Zinser

While Liam (Matt Lanter) may be attempting to make amends with Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), he's momentarily distracted when Ivy (Gillian Zinser) arrives. She's a cool California chick who joins the surfing team -- and the West Bev boys' club. Zinser sat down with to introduce us to 90210's version of Spicoli and to dish on how Ivy will affect Naomi and Liam's rocky road to relationship recovery.

Exclusive: Meet 90210's new surfer chick Ivy is the quintessential surfer chick who hangs out with the guys.
Gillian Zinser:
I got a little Spicoli going on. [Laughs] Ivy is fun as hell. She's definitely the quintessential California girl, but she's smart. She's really smart and sassy and quick-witted. She's totally one of the guys, as she's part of the surf team and demands her respect in that manner. But a lot of that confident, bro'd out shtick is soon to be broken down when... read more

Melrose Place: Jessica Lucas on Daphne Zuniga, Riley-Jonah Breakup

Jessica Lucas, Daphne Zuniga

Jessica Lucas knows that signing on to play Riley, one-half of Melrose Place's happy couple (Michael Rady's Jonah is the other half), is a risky move on a show so single-centric. For that reason, she says, "What was important to me ... [was] establishing Riley away from Jonah and as having a strong point of view." Though she sings Rady's praises, let's face it: Nobody stays together forever on this show like this. "We're kind of headed down that road," Lucas admits. But first, she'll pose on a beach for photographer Jo Reynolds (original cast member Daphne Zuniga), who returns to Melrose for two episodes this season starting Tuesday (9/8c, CW). Lucas tells us why Riley isn't cut out to be a model, what Zuniga told her and why we should all brace ourselves for the cutest breakup ever.

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