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Adam Lambert on Outrage: "I'm Not a Babysitter, I'm a Performer"

Adam Lambert

Following a racy performance on the American Music Awards, Adam Lambert says he got carried away, but he is not apologetic.

ABC cancels Adam Lambert's Good Morning America performance

"I'm not a babysitter, I'm a performer," Lambert said Wednesday on The Early Show. "Honestly, [children] didn't cross my mind. It was almost 11 o'clock, it was ... read more

Biggest Loser Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Nicole Brewer

Holidays are a time for family, fun and, of course, food — which doesn't mean you have to throw all your hard work to the wayside. The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, Season 4 winner Bill Germanakos and Couples contestant Nicole Brewer offer some tips to stay healthy during the holidays and beyond.

Treat Thanksgiving like any other day
It's easy to use any holiday — especially those that revolve around food — as a "cheat" day, so Germanakos suggests treating it as "just another day." Just because many people gain a few pounds during the holidays, "it does not give you a free lease to go ahead and ruin what you work so hard for all year long," he says. "It's a matter of taking some precautions and trying not to overdo it." Newlywed Brewer makes sure she doesn't deprive herself. "I definitely have a spoonful of everything so I can feel like I had Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't go for a second plate."

Filling up on the good stuff
Fill up on healthier options, leaving little room for the higher calorie items. Sweeney does this by eating...

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What Were the Top TV Shows from the '50s?

I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver

Thanksgiving always makes us feel nostalgic for '50s TV — maybe because of all those Twilight Zone marathons we watched growing up. So we were psyched to find AOL's list of the best '50s TV shows. With everything from Leave it to Beaver to Dobie Gillis, all of our favorites are here.

So we want to know... read more

Mega Buzz: Scoop on House, Criminal Minds, The Office and More!

Robert Sean Leonard (House), Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds), Ed Helms (The Office

Every week, editors Mickey O'Connor and Adam Bryant answer your burning questions. Want some TV scoop? Please send all questions to

Any chance we'll see a Wilson-Cuddy hookup on House? — Allison
MICKEY: I suppose this is a natural progression after we all lived through Huddy, but Robert Sean Leonard disabused us of that notion when we asked. "I think [Wilson] is a dark guy. He has three ex-wives, he lives alone, deals with death every day and his best friend is House," he says. "So when I think about him with Cuddy, it doesn't work." Fine, so then maybe there's someone else out there for him? Not for now, says Leonard. He'll just have to content himself with a domestic partner (as in roommate) in House. They'll be going apartment-hunting together soon.

I'm obsessed with Criminal Minds! Are they ever going to get Prentiss a boyfriend? — Erin
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VIDEO: Carol Hannah Reveals How She Knew She Wouldn't Win Runway

Carol Hannah Whitfield's third-place finish on Project Runway shocked many fans, but surprisingly, not the evening wear designer herself. The designer talked with about why she thinks she didn't win the top spot and her steamy flirtation with fellow Runway contestant Logan. Also, check out the video to see which cast mates she's sharing space with now and what's coming up for her clothing line... read more

Cougar Town's Travis Gets a Girlfriend; Is a Cougar Next?

Dan Byrd

Cougar Town's Thanksgiving episode will revolve around the birds — not turkeys — and the bees, and Dan Byrd.

Byrd plays Travis, Courteney Cox's 18-year-old son, on the ABC sitcom, and it's Travis' (would-be) sexual exploits ...
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Glee Gets Eve-ntful with Guest-Star Eve


In this Wednesday's episode of Glee (9/8c on Fox), New Directions finally meets some of the competition for sectionals: Jane Adams Academy, led by Grace Hitchens (guest-star Eve). The rapper-actress took a few minutes from her tour in Dubai — her fourth album "Flirt" drops later this year — to dish on her guest stint, including the plot to take down the McKinley High glee club...

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Fox Lines Up Midseason Premieres

American Idol, 24

American Idol and 24 will return just days apart in January, Fox announced Tuesday in unveiling its midseason schedule.

Idol's ninth season — the first with Ellen DeGeneres taking over... read more

Dancing's Maks Predicts Donny for the Win, Says Dmitry "Dropped the Ball"

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your comments. Let's get right down to it, shall we?

I've gotten a lot of reactions about my tweet last night about Mya and Dmitry's paso doble looking similar to mine and Mel's. There is no way I'm going to get out of this sounding like an angel, but that dance was copied. I'm flattered, but contrary to what people think, I am not upset about it and don't look it in a negative light. It was a fantastic dance and I didn't say anything derogatory about it. Mel called me yesterday and I got messages from thousands of people on Twitter about it. Mel loved it! We both loved it! They did their thing. I was like, "Bam! Awesome!" Mya's an incredible dancer and it was a well-deserved 30. To my and Mel's supporters who are mad, don't take it personally. To everybody who's mad about my tweet and think ...
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Two and a Half Men Episode Recap: "Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair"

This week on Two and a Half Men, Charlie realizes that the heat has gone out of their sex life when Chelsea no longer screams "Ga" during sex (apparently, when she's finishing she can't get out the whole "God"). That's not too surprising, considering that they've been together for a while now. What is surprising are the people he'll turn to for advice... read more

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