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Heene Lawyer: Arresting Heene Parents in Front of Kids "Would Be 'Child Abuse'"

Heene family

The lawyer for Richard Heene expects charges will be brought against his client in the next day as investigators analyze e-mails that show Heene discussing the hoax months ago with an associate, according to The Associated Press.

Sheriff calls balloon boy a "hoax," Specifies criminal charges

"I've reached out to law enforcement in Larimer County and said these folks are willing to turn themselves in the minute you give me a phone call," lawyer David Lane said on NBC's Today show. "Do not do the perp walk for media consumption and ... read more

Dancing's Maks Says Show Is a "Social Experiment"

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your comments and messages again. I've had busy week and before we get into Dancing, I want to mention a very important event I went to last week.

I had the privilege of attending the Free the Slaves Freedom Awards and it was amazing! I had no idea what to expect going into it. I was totally blind to things like this — modern-day slavery. It was interesting to find out the facts. While I was doing the red carpet, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore showed up and all these big actors were there, so it was a very publicized event and now a lot of people are jumping onboard to raise awareness and help out. When you hear it, you don't really think about stuff like that: "Like, really? Slaves in 2009?" Somebody asked me on the carpet what I think we should do and I think just the knowledge that there are more people out there than whoever facilitates human trafficking is already something to think about. It gets more people involved and makes the police become aware of this. I think we can change it. I was totally shocked and surprised and very happy to be a part of it.

As for Dancing, I was ...
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Mad Men Episode Recap: "The Color Blue"

Mad Men

"The truth is, people may see things differently, but they don't really want to." — Don Draper
Because he's an adman, Don Draper is a master of perception. Or maybe it's the other way around, but I think he's bought into a little too much of his own way of thinking. In any case, Sunday's episode of Mad Men, like many in the show's history, dealt with the two-sided coin of perception. While Lane Pryce perceives New York City to be his home, his wife continues to rant about the city's worthlessness compared to London. Paul perceives Peggy to be his competition, while she looks at their assignment as a team effort. Anyone who doesn't know Roger Sterling as well as the audience might perceive him and Don to be the chummiest of chums based on the glowing speech he makes at the agency's 40th anniversary gala. And that whole celebration is an exercise in futility once it's revealed that Sterling Cooper is again for sale.

But what happens when perceptions are altered, or better yet, disproved? When Don gets some alone time with Miss Farrell's brother, Danny, Don preaches the message of his life to another impressionable youth. But his sermon falls on deaf ears. And when Betty meets Dick Whitman for the first time — or more accurately, the early life of Don Draper — everything her life is built upon comes crumbling down around her. I think it's about time Don started to look around and see just how he's really being perceived once all that applause finally stops... read more

Desperate Housewives Episode Recap: "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues"

Felicity Huffman

On Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives, Bree came to an increasingly irrational Katherine's aid when it became clear that she's still not over Mike. John Rowland (guest star Jesse Metcalfe) cozied up to Ana, but not for the reason that you might think. Lynette adjusted to some of the physical effects of her pregnancy. Angie threw a party for Danny. And we learned more about Julie's secrets — including the identity of her married lover.

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Trauma Star Aimee Garcia on Playing in the Boys' Club

Aimee Garcia

A female pilot is no different than a male pilot: That's what Aimee Garcia learned when preparing for her "badass" role as Iraqi war veteran and helicopter pilot Marisa Benez on NBC's Trauma (Mondays at 9/8c). Garcia told about how she prepared for this challenging role, how the paramedic community's response has influenced future episodes and what's in store for Marisa in future episodes. Last week, Marisa got a taste of the action. Will she get to do more in upcoming episodes?
Aimee Garcia: She will. When we were preparing for the show, all of my co-stars were taking EMT classes and I thought, "I'm going to spend most of my time with the helicopter pilots, in hangars and inside actual choppers." All of a sudden, they're starting to write Marisa out of the helicopter and onto the streets and all I can think was...

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More "Naley" Babies on Tree Hill? Star Says It's Not "Out of the Question"

James Lafferty

Although he started out as the bad boy on One Tree Hill, Nathan Scott has become the ultimate family man whose relationship with wife Haley is now the core of the show. James Lafferty, who plays Scott, told that he was "excited" to have things shaken up a bit in its seventh season, which leaped (yet again) into the future. Read on about Lafferty's take on his alleged cheating storyline, and what he'd like for "Naley" if the show were to come to an end. What was your reaction when you first read the Nathan-Renee storyline?
James Lafferty: I was excited [because] it's rare nowadays that the Nathan and Haley relationship is threatened in any way. They used to have their ups and downs when they were in high school, married, and lately they've been a pretty rock-solid foundation. At no point did I actually think...

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Dancing's Melissa Joan Hart Unsure If Being Paired With Mark Is "a Good Thing or a Bad Thing"

Melissa Joan Hart

After a delightful Charleston that saw her jump nine points on the leaderboard — the best one-week improvement in Dancing with the Stars history — Melissa Joan Hart knows everyone else is gunning for her now. "I've got to watch my back!" she tells, citing Mya, Kelly Osbourne and Natalie Coughlin as her biggest competition. "Natalie's really good. She's coming alive. It's going to be tough." It will be even tougher this week for the former Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star to maintain her top spot as couples must prepare three dances: an individual dance, the group hustle and a knockout dance (to be performed by the pairs in the bottom two). Find out how Hart's handling her trio of dances, why she and partner Mark Ballas are like a "little married couple" and more.
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Sheriff Calls Balloon Boy a "Hoax," Specifies Criminal Charges

Heene Family

The sheriff investigating the Balloon Boy incident said Sunday it was a "hoax" and a "publicity stunt" the boy's parents hoped to parlay into a reality TV show, and promised that charges would be presented to the local district attorney's office. read more

Dancing and Kardashians Top 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards

Kim Kardashian, Karina Smirnoff

Dancing with the Stars mamboed their way to best competition show while Keeping Up with the Kardashians took home best docu-series at the 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards. "I have the best job in the world," Kim Kardashian said at the fourth annual ceremony.

Host Vivica A. Fox opened the show with... read more

Sheriff Says Balloon Boy's Dad Will Be Charged

Heene Family

Richard Heene, the father of balloon boy Falcon Heene, will be criminally charged in the incident, CNN reports.

"We anticipate criminal charges will be read more

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