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Vince Vaughn: I'm Glad "Gay" Joke Is Staying in Film

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn says he's glad that a joke using the word "gay" will remain in his new film, The Dilemma.

In one scene, Vaughn, who plays an automotive consultant, says, "Ladies and gentleman, electric cars are gay." The joke was removed from the film's trailer three weeks ago after it was deemed insensitive by GLAAD, but director Ron Howard said last week that he will not cut the quip.

Ron Howard refuses to cut "gay" joke from The Dilemma

"I'm glad to hear it's staying ...
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Exclusive: Jane Lynch to Host New Holiday Special for Fox

Jane Lynch

Fox has enlisted Glee star Jane Lynch to host its new holiday special, has learned exclusively.

TV's Funniest Holiday Moments: A Paley Center for Media Special will look back at the small screen's most memorable... read more

Kanye West: I Understand How George W. Bush Feels

Kanye West; George W. Bush

Kanye West says he understands why George W. Bush says the "all-time low" during his presidency was when the rapper claimed the former president "doesn't care about black people" — because he went through the same criticism after interrupting Taylor Swift.

"I definitely can understand the way he feels, to be accused of being a racist in any way, because the same thing happened to me, where I got accused of ...
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Matt's Weekend Picks: November 5-7

The Simpsons

Blue Bloods (Friday, 10/9c, CBS)
This week, it's Erin the assistant district attorney who's in the family's crosshairs — and if you've been watching this Friday night hit, you know the dinner-table debates in this multigenerational crime-fighting family are a weekly highlight. What's got the Reagans riled up this time? Erin's methods in taking down a notorious gang leader, which involves... read more

Cheers & Jeers: Terriers Shows Some Bite


Cheers to Terriers for sinking its teeth into some meaty drama.

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FX's P.I. series has suffered from a bit of an identity crisis in its first season — is it a breezy caper comedy, a dark conspiracy thriller, a character-based drama or some combo platter of the three? That, along with... read more

Eliza Dushku Makes a Big Bang

Eliza Dushku

"Comedy is definitely a huge part of who I am," insists Eliza Dushku, best known for playing tortured vampire killer Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the tragic fembot Echo on Dollhouse. "I know everyone says.... read more

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010


8/7c Fox
Stephen "tWitch" Boss was light enough on his feet to finish second in the fourth season of "So You Think You Can Dance." But when the aspiring actor guest stars on tonight's episode, his character will have to employ some pretty fancy footwork to get out of a murder charge after a rival street dancer's skull is discovered at a construction site. Meanwhile, Hannah's instincts as a war correspondent could come in handy when she's assigned to cover a story in a dangerous part of town. — Joe Friedrich

Read on for previews of The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, The Office, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Private Practice and Next Stop for Charlie. read more

On the Set: Private Practice Prepares for the Aftermath of Charlotte's Attack

Private Practice

"It's not anything that the audience can't handle," KaDee Strickland stresses as she sits in the living room of Sam's beachfront house on the Private Practice set during one of the few days she's not covered in prosthetic cuts, scrapes and bruises.

The "it" in this situation is her character Charlotte's sexual assault and brutal beating in this Thursday's episode of Private Practice (10/9c on ABC).

Private Practice tackles rape during sweeps

At the end of last week's episode, Charlotte walked out of her office at the hospital only to encounter a deranged man whose face the audience has yet to see (though we know he's played by Buffy alum Nicholas Brendon). After a harsh smack, he shoved her back into the dark office as the episode faded to black.

"The fact that she has this happen in her place of business is a very powerful statement because she has to go back to it," Strickland says. "It will never be the same thing to... read more

Hilary Duff Taps Into Her Inner Mean Girl for Community

Hilary Duff

Forget the family friendly roles. Hilary Duff is going the ruthless, queen bee route for her upcoming guest role on Community.

"It was fun," Duff says. "I haven't really done anything where I got to be a bitch before."

On Thursday's episode (8/7c on NBC), Duff plays Meghan, Greendale's resident mean girl who bullies Britta, Shirley and Annie.

Watch full episodes of Community

"The mean girls are taking over and ... read more

Eliza Dushku Goes for Big Laughs on The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

Like any good FBI agent would, Eliza Dushku did her recon work before heading to The Big Bang Theory for her guest spot.

"I am a fan, but I have to be honest. I Wikipedia-ed each of their characters to see things that have been revealed and things that might be in their file so I would get lines that I wouldn't have made the connection to because I haven't watched every single episode," Dushku tells "When they said little things, I could ...
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