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Kobe Bryant Strikes With The Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant

At long last, Kobe Bryant has debuted The Black Mamba.

In a short film directed by Robert Rodriguez, Bryant's  alter ego, The Black Mamba,  goes up against a trio of villains: The Crippler (Danny Trejo), Mister Suave (Bruce Willis) and The Boss (Kanye West).

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Prime Suspect Adds Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens will star opposite Maria Bello in NBC's remake of Prime Suspect, Deadline reports.

In the update, Bello stars as detective Jane Timoney, who needs to prove herself in the male-dominated New York precinct. Stephens will play her live-in boyfriend with an ex-wife who doesn't want their son staying over with him and Jane.

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Rob Corddry and Paula Marshall Batter Up for Fox Pilot

Rob Corddry, Paula Marshall

Fox has cast Rob Corddry and Paula Marshall in its fish-out-of-water comedy Little in Common set in the world of little league, Deadline reports.

The pair will play Mr. and Mrs. Weller, who move from San Jose, Calif., to Austin, Texas. The proper couple will have to adjust to new neighbors like the Pachecos, who have different ways of child-rearing, and the Burlesons, who take little league very seriously.

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Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine to Judge Glee Regionals

Kathy Griffin, Loretta Devine

Glee has cast two new judges for its upcoming Regionals competition, and it's not Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.

Kathy Griffin and Loretta Devine will hold New Directions' fate in their hands, has confirmed. On Friday The My Life on the D-List star tweeted to fans, "So excited!! It's true!!"

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Beyonce Goes Blonde: Love It or Hate It?

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles has been turning heads with her new 'do.

The singer, who recently attended the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, has been seen around Hollywood sporting a head of long, wavy blonde hair.

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Spartacus, Episode 5: Things That Made Us Go "Ew!"

Marisa Ramirez and Dustin Clare

Gaia learned the lesson last week, and it was reiterated in Friday's episode of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena: If you value your life, stay away from the House of Batiatus.

Fearing for her friend's sanity, Naevia sneaked sullied sex slave Diona out of the house. Everyone was too busy to notice her absence anyway since Titus set up a competition among the fighters to prove their worth or else get booted to the mines. When the Syrians went head-to-head, Dagan had more skill (and anger over learning of Ashur's pimping betrayal), but Ashur fought dirty, blinding Dagan and rendering him useless as a gladiator. Just before the final showdown, Gannicus learned that if he lost he'd be sold to Tullius ... so he threw the fight to Crixus, choosing to leave behind the torture of loving his best friend's girlfriend. How, uh, romantic. In the end, two people died, but not in the gladiator's arena. Lucretia had been poisoning Titus' honeyed wine all along (as if we didn't see that coming), so he's no longer an obstacle, but poor Melitta also drank some of the wine when she bid "farewell" to Gannicus.

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Matt's TV Week in Review


Because social and personal (Happy Valentine's Day!) obligations kept me away from the TV more than usual this week, I'm going to boil down this week's wrap-up to my version of a "Hot Topics" list, with a few odds and ends thrown in for fun.

OF IBM AND MEN: Man your buzzer if you really thought either Ken Jennings or Brad Rutter could topple supercomputer Watson on Jeopardy! in that fascinating three-part exhibition stunt. I got more caught up in seeing what Watson didn't know or how it was misinterpreting clues — including the first Final Jeopardy, which somehow led Watson to... read more

TV Guide Network to Air Academy Awards: Iconic Stars, Legendary Fashions

Halle Berry

In anticipation of Hollywood's biggest night, TV Guide Network will celebrate the Academy Awards by looking back at the legendary fashions worn by film stars from the 1950s to today.

With insight from fashion experts Bob Mackie, Philip Bloch and Nick Verreos, Academy Awards: Iconic Stars, Legendary Fashions will show how important it is for designers to get A-list stars to wear their creations. (Had you heard of Elie Saab before Halle Berry wore this knockout gown?)

Check out photos of the 2010 Oscars red carpet arrivals

The one-hour special will also highlight... read more

Tim Allen to Join ABC's The Last Days of Man

Tim Allen

Tim Allen will return to his Home Improvement home at ABC to star in the comedy pilot The Last Days of Man, has confirmed. 

Allen, 57, will play... read more

Leelee Sobieski to Star in CBS' Rookies Pilot

Leelee Sobieski

Leelee Sobieski will star in CBS' drama Rookies, has confirmed.

Rookies centers on six new NYPD cops trying to balance their personal lives while working the mean streets of Manhattan. Sobieski, 28, will play... read more

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