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Nia Vardalos: Fat Is "Not a Naughty Word"

Nia Vardalos

A slimmed-down Nia Vardalos says there's a big, fat and sexist double-standard in the entertainment industry.

The actress, who lost 40 pounds to combat a blood sugar problem, writes on Anderson Cooper's 360 blog that she's tired of seeing older, heavier, or less attractive men paired with younger, slender, sexy women on-screen, but rarely seeing the opposite dynamic. Vardalos — who describes her looks as "er, below-average" — says she is often pressed about her celluloid romances with "hottie" John Corbett in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Alexis Georgoulis in My Life in Ruins, which is currently in theaters.

"It's been years, and I have sat through many a movie like Sideways, where nobody blinks an eye when Paul Giamatti gets together with ...
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VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Helps Women Fit In Their Jeans By Friday

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known for the way she fills out her jeans, and she wants to help you fit in yours with her new workout DVD. Would you believe two of the three discs focus on the butt?

"Everyone wants to fit in their jeans by the weekend and look good," says the reality star, who stopped by earlier this week to talk about Fit In Your Jeans By Friday.

The shapely celebrity explained she made the three-disc set (Butt Blasting Cardio Step, Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt and Amazing Abs Body) because it gave her the motivation she needed to work out.

Kardashian also reveals some of her favorite moves (she says she likes to "stick with my lower body"), what kind of result she has seen since making the DVD, and whose "big butt" she loves.  

Watch the video after the jump.

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Stevie Nicks: Botox Makes Everyone Look Like "Satan's Children"

Stevie Nicks

Botox is the go-to fountain of youth for many aging Hollywood beauties, including the ladies of Wisteria Lane, Stevie Nicks believes. The singer went under the needle once, and that experience, coupled with seeing the faces of the cast of Desperate Housewives, led her to vow to never to do it again.

"Botox is becoming the new face of beauty and it's unfortunate because it makes everybody look like Satan's children," Nicks tells Women's Wear Daily. "Everybody has pointed eyebrows. Everybody looks ...
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Star Jones "Still" Feels 300 Pounds; Apologizes to View Ladies

Star Jones

It's been almost six years since Star Jones shed 160 pounds, but her former frame still weighs on her mind.

"I'm still 300 pounds in my head some days," Jones says on Wednesday's Oprah Winfrey Show.

Jones, who once weighed 307 pounds, underwent gastric bypass surgery in August 2003, but denied it until 2007 despite widespread speculation. She kept the procedure a secret because she was "ashamed" she had to resort to surgery to control her weight.

"The doctor said, 'If you don't make ...
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Kim Kardashian: "So What, I Have a Little Cellulite"

Kim Kardashian

What?! Photo shoots are airbrushed?!

Kim Kardashian has taken to her blog to stamp out the controversy created over a non-Photoshopped image of her that errantly appeared on Complex magazine's website. The original, less-flattering photo was replaced with a retouched version a few hours later, spawning the conversation.

Kardashian's response? "Who cares!"

"So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!?" she wrote on her blog. "But you know what, who cares! How many people do you think are Photoshopped? It happens all the time!"

Kardashian, famous for her curves, said she is happy ... read more

Valerie Bertinelli Shows Off Her Bikini Body: Lookin' Great at 48?

Valerie Bertinelli on the cover of People

Former One Day at a Timer Valerie Bertinelli is celebrating her upcoming 49th birthday by showing off her rocking bikini body.

Bertinelli, who has shed 50 pounds as a celebrity client and spokesperson for Jenny Craig, slipped into a string bikini for the cover of People's latest issue. Bertinelli said she hadn't worn a bikini since she was 20, but used her fear as motivation.

"I thought, am I really going to do this? Can I pull this off?" Bertinelli tells the magazine. Eventually, she loosened up. "Come on — it's just a bathing suit! I thought, if I'm so afraid of a bikini, there's something wrong. And so I had to get back into one!"

Bertinelli in her career has ... read more

Jessica Simpson Squeezes Back into Daisy Dukes and Corset

Jessica Simpson

Now that spring is almost here, it's time for Jessica Simpson to break out her Daisy Dukes again — and how.

A little more than a month after enduring scrutiny over her unflattering high-waist jean getup, Simpson showed off ...
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Jennifer Love Weighs In: Leave Jessica Simpson Alone

Jennifer Love Hewitt

No stranger to public ridicule over her weight, Jennifer Love Hewitt has some advice for her fellow scrutinized star, Jessica Simpson.

"Ignore it, live your life and ...
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Jessica Simpson Designs Clothing Line to "Flatter Every Figure"

Jessica Simpson

The only expanding Jessica Simpson is doing these days is to her resume.

Two weeks after enduring scrutiny for her weight gain, the singer announced she has designed a fashion line to clothe women of all shapes and sizes. "I want to create clothes that flatter every figure," Simpson told the March issue of In Style. "I know how a dress can make you feel so frumpy. I promise ...
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Jessica Alba's Post-Baby Body Secret: A Girdle

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's post-baby body may have looked great in recent calendar shots, but she's willing to share one of her tricks.

"I wore a girdle," Alba says in the March issue of Elle. "Eight weeks after my girlfriend had her baby, you could see her six-pack. She told me to put an elastic band around my waist — any kind of band or girdle works."

But Alba says her six-pack hasn't returned, mostly because she's had trouble ... read more

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