AMC Launches Walking Dead Webisodes

Walking Dead

Ever wanted to see the evolution of a zombie? Before the second season of The Walking Dead premieres, you'll get a chance to find out.

On Monday, AMC will launch a series of six webisodes that explore... read more

Breaking Bad Sneak Peek: Will Ted Keep Skyler's Money?

Anna Gunn

Like Saul said, it was a bad idea.

On last week's Breaking Bad, Skyler (Anna Gunn) was forced to reveal to her former boss/lover Ted (Christopher Cousins) that she was ...
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Breaking Bad Sneak Peek: Where's Walt?

Bryan Cranston

Where did Walt walk off to?

Walt (Bryan Cranston) made it out of Jesse's house after their comically brutal fight last week, but he's MIA on Sunday's Breaking Bad (10/9c, AMC) on a rather important day — Jr.'s 16th birthday.

Fall TV: Get the lowdown on this season's must-see new shows

"Walt, if you're there, please pick up," Skyler (Anna Gunn) says, leaving a message ...
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Exclusive Walking Dead Key Art: Why Is Rick All Alone?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans can gorge on the AMC zombie drama's Season 2 premiere on Oct. 16. Until then, we offer an exclusive first look at the new season's (clue-filled) poster as a tasty appetizer.

The Walking Dead creator on Season 2: "This world will get more dangerous"

The first question that comes to mind: Why is Rick (Andrew Lincoln) all alone? The poster certainly continues the theme established by the striking Season 1 image of Rick riding into an abandoned Atlanta on horseback. But now that Rick's been reunited with his family and the other survivors, why is he still seen flying solo?

Our educated guess after screening the 90-minute season opener: This season will test Rick as a leader, and his decisions may end up isolating him from the other survivors. That's a concept Lincoln saw developing at the end of Season 1 when Rick led the group to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention only to learn it was far from a safe haven.
The Walking Dead creator weighs in on Season 1's biggest mystery

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Breaking Bad Sneak Peek: Will Jesse Actually Kill Gus?

Aaron Paul

On last week's Breaking Bad, Jesse promised Walt he'd kill Gus the first chance he gets, but can he actually go through with it?

In Sunday's episode (10/9c, AMC), Jesse (Aaron Paul) hasn't yet done the deed, much to the dismay of a very antsy Walt (Bryan Cranston), who cryptically broaches the subject before Gus' cameras in the most awkward small talk ever.

Check out photos from Breaking Bad

"I didn't get a ...
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Walking Dead's New Boss: I'm Not Frank Darabont and I Shouldn't Try to Be

Andrew Lincoln

Fear not, Walking Dead fans: The man who replaced Frank Darabont as series boss wants to calm your fears. "There's been all this concern that I'm going to f--- up this show, and really, we're just trying to get it done," Glen Mazzara told a handful of reporters who screened the Season 2 premiere on Thursday. 

Glen Mazzara replaces Frank Darabont as Walking Dead showrunner

Mazzara certainly has some big shoes to fill. Darabont, who adapted the AMC hit from the comic books created by Robert Kirkman, parted ways with the series just days after attending its Comic-Con panel in July. (Fortunately, he had already mapped out the entire season with around eight episodes already written.)

"We all did... read more

Breaking Bad Sneak Peek: Would You Take Advice from Walt?

Bryan Cranston

How good can the advice be if the giver doesn't follow it himself?

On Sunday's Breaking Bad (10/9c, AMC), Walt meets a newly diagnosed cancer patient at his regular check-up. The jittery guy hasn't come to terms with this life-changing news, but an irritated Walt can only sneer at his anxiety before offering some words of wisdom that double as yet another ...
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Breaking Bad Sneak Peek: Does Skyler Want Out?

Anna Gunn and Bryan Cranston

Can you ever have too much money?

Breaking Bad's Walt and Skyler do — and it ain't a good thing.

On Sunday's episode (10/9c, AMC), Skyler (Anna Gunn) nearly has a small stroke after she crunches the numbers and learns that Walt ...
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Breaking Bad Sneak Peek: Is Walt Ready to Be the Boss?

Bryan Cranston and Marius Stan

Is Breaking Bad's Walter White ready to be the boss?

AMC orders 16-episode final season of Breaking Bad

We're not talking about the drug cartel — we mean Walt's newly purchased car wash, of course. In Sunday's episode (10/9c, AMC), Walt (Bryan Cranston) visits his former employer to pick up the keys to his new business, a front through which to launder his drug money. But Bogdan (Marius Stan) — who is happier dealing with Walt than his pushy wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) —can't resist pushing Walt's buttons.

"So, you are the boss now," he says in the sneak peek video after the jump... read more

Why Sons of Anarchy Boss Kurt Sutter Quit Twitter

Kurt Sutter

Kurt Sutter, the often outspoken creator of Sons of Anarchy, quit Twitter over the weekend, after inciting a slew of headlines with a tweet that blamed Mad Men creator Matt Weiner for demanding so much money out of AMC that they were forced to fire Walking Dead's Frank Darabont as part of budget cutting.

Glen Mazzara replaces Frank Darabont as Walking Dead showrunner

Last week, Sutter took AMC to task for... read more

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