A Poster for Lost's Final Season Revealed


Season 6 of Lost kicks off in just a few short months and a poster for the final season drops some interesting clues.

ABC spokeswoman Erin Felentzer says the poster in question was created for Comic-Con and is not the official poster, which will be released later. Still, there are still plenty of clues we can analyze.  

We've heard that many of the characters who fell victim to the island throughout the five seasons will return, but there is one person on the poster we're unsure about... read more

Ugly Betty: Vanessa Williams on Wilhelmina's Latest Scheme

Vanessa Williams

It isn't easy playing Ugly Betty's scheming, nasty Wilhelmina Slater — especially at the beginning of Season 4, when she's lost her man, her baby and her job. But Vanessa Williams is glad that Willy doesn't always get her way, as it helps explain why she's so guarded. Williams tells us how Willy will deal with her setbacks, why the arrival of her daughter, Nico (America's Next Top Model's Yaya DaCosta), will distract her and what Willy and Betty have in common.

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Balloon, Boy Rivet Nation

The Heene Family

The balloon drama that transfixed the nation — and left viewers terrified at the grim possibilities — ended happily and a bit absurdly Thursday with the discovery that the young boy once thought to have been carried across the Colorado sky had never taken to the air.

Cable news channels followed a helium-filled balloon thought to carry the 6-year-old boy, whose family was featured last year on ABC's Wife Swap, and the coverage continued for hours. The balloon landed softly, with the aptly but bizarrely named Falcon Heene not inside. That led to endless vamping and filler as reporters and experts tried to guess where he was, whether he was alive and whether it might have been a hoax.

At one point CNN broke ... read more

Ugly Betty's Becki Newton: "Amanda Goes All Ways"

Becki Newton

Now that Amanda (Becki Newton) knows who her mom is — the late Mode editor and fashion legend Fey Sommers — what's her next quest? A chance meeting with eerily familiar temp Helen (guest star Kristen Johnston) gives her a glimpse at her not-so-rosy future, which sends her on a very surprising path. As Ugly Betty returns for its fourth season, Newton tells us how Amanda will grow this season, what she really thinks of Betty and with whom she'll be making out.

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Ugly Betty's Justin Struggles With Being "Different" at School

Mark Indelicato

Betty Suarez isn't the only one facing big changes this season on Ugly Betty. Her nephew, Justin, is starting high school, and it's not going to be easy. caught up with Mark Indelicato, who told us why things get tricky for Justin, how his mom is faring with his struggles and who he turns to for help.

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ABC Picks Up The Gates

ABC logo

ABC has ordered 13 episodes of the crime drama The Gates, has confirmed.

Set in a gated suburban community, The Gates follows a city cop who is promoted to chief of police in a ...
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Dancing with the Stars to Honor Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, Cheryl Burke

Dancing with the Stars will pay homage to Michael Jackson during the "Macy's Stars of Dance" performance on Tuesday's results show, has confirmed.

Read out latest episode recap

Access Hollywood, which first reported the news, says... read more

Let's FlashForward and Get Lost with Sonya Walger

Sonya Walger, FlashForward

If you thought Lost was a tricky show filled with twists and turns, FlashForward has a few mind games of its own to play. sat down with a star from both ABC shows.

One of the many issues FlashForward raises is whether or not you can change the future. Sonya Walger's character, Olivia, finds herself struggling to make sure the glimpse she saw in her flash doesn't come true, because it would mean the end of her marriage to Mark (Joseph Fiennes).

FlashForward picked up for full season

What does the rest of Olivia's flash forward reveal? Can her marriage survive these circumstances? Walger discusses that and more. First, let's get the major Lost question out of the way ... All right, when are you returning to Lost?
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Is Bachelorette Contestant Wes Hayden Returning to TV?

Wes Hayden

Jake Pavelka, just announced as the newest Bachelor Tuesday, may already be getting competition from on-screen rival and fellow Bachelorette contestant Wes Hayden.

"I've actually got something going on... read more

Grey's Anatomy: Meet the New Mercy Wester

Nora Zehetner, Grey’s Anatomy

Seattle Grace will be rocked to its core Thursday when it merges with Mercy West Hospital. New doctors mean new drama on Grey's Anatomy, and there will be plenty of it with the introduction of Reed (Nora Zehetner) and her Mercy West cohorts. caught up with the 28-year-old Zehetner (Brick, Heroes) to get the scoop on what's coming up. Expect a lot of fighting, and a few new relationships. Find out what else ...

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