The Bachelor Episode Recap: Week 6

On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Jake embarks on four very different hometown dates and Ali must make a very life-changing decision.

In New York City, Gia's family seems tough to please right off the bat. Gia's mom and brother are 100 percent on the offensive to break Jake down and even before they dig into dinner, Gia's mom is already badgering our boy. Gia's mom even pulls Jake aside from the table to ask him point blank if he has really and truly fallen for four girls. Jake says he has, but also gives mom some good food for thought about his relationship with Gia specifically. By the end of the evening, she seems to be Jake's biggest fan. Gia has always been very realistic about how, although Jake may be falling for her, it's clear he's falling for other women just as hard but her mom says she has "intuition" that his feelings for Gia are different. Gia shows off her level-headedness (sooo not Bachelor-like) and says she doesn't want Jake to be in love with her yet; she just wants to know she stands out in his eyes. The funniest part is when Gia's brother tells Jake he'll break legs if he has to but even baby bro is won over by Jake in the end.

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Getting Lost: Who Is Richard Alpert?

Lost - Nestor Carbonell, Terry O’Quinn

Now that the Man in Black's identity has been made plain (well, sort of), some people from the Temple are not too happy about it, especially Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), who was knocked out by him in the season premiere of Lost. So who came to the island first — the smoke monster or Richard? Carbonell drops a hint. Plus, Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn discuss the possibility of their characters' redemption this season. Is that even available for the real Locke? It could be if he returns to his body, which O'Quinn says is a possibility.

Lost's Nestor Carbonell on Season 6's power struggle

Also, we reveal a major spoiler, thanks to behind-the-scenes photos snapped on the set in Hawaii...

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Lost's Nestor Carbonell on Season 6's Power Struggle


Over the decades on Lost, there has been a constant battle for control of the island. Whether it's been the Dharma Initiative or the Hostiles, one constant has remained: Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell). With a Richard-centric episode on the horizon, spoke to Carbonell about all the things we we will find out about his character: where he came from, why he doesn't age and whether he might finally take control of the island...

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Brothers & Sisters Casts Young Walkers For Flashback Episode

Joe Jonas, Cody Longo

Brothers & Sisters has locked in three guest stars for an upcoming flashback episode that shows the Walker siblings as teenagers, has confirmed.

Check out photos of the Brothers & Sisters cast

Early reports had tween heartthrob Joe Jonas playing a young Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty), but a scheduling conflict forced him to back out. Taking his place will be Make It or Break It's Cody Longo... read more

The Shield's Michael Chiklis to Play Superdad in New Pilot

Michael Chiklis

The Shield star Michael Chiklis will play the patriarch in Greg Berlanti's ABC drama pilot No Ordinary Family, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

ABC greenlights Greg Berlanti drama

Chiklis will play ... read more

Queen of Castle, Stana Katic, Reveals Beckett's Softer Side

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, Castle

If Nathan Fillion is Castle's king, Stana Katic is the queen. And in recent weeks, the hit procedural comedy has turned its focus on Katic's character and her back story — mainly, her mother's murder.

See photos of the Castle cast

Katic, who plays Detective Kate Beckett, tells that she enjoyed getting some resolution — she now knows the killer, but not who hired him —and promises there is more to come.

"It was really a smart way to drop more information but not fully resolving it," Katic says. "I think it is going to be a driving force as we continue to move on. They'll definitely be dealing with it — probably not in the next couple of episodes. But I'm sure before the season's end, we'll get another big bombshell regarding that story line."

More important, Katic says, was the introduction of Beckett's family life... read more

Lost Actors' Burning Questions: The Island, the Numbers and More


Fans are frantic to find out which of Lost's 4,815,162,342 mysteries will be resolved in the show's final season. But think how the actors must feel. Even the people bringing the characters to life have no idea, in some cases, why they do the things they do. We talked to a few of the show's stars to see what they desperately want... read more

Sheryl Crow Coming to Cougar Town

Sheryl Crow

Cougar Town has recruited singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow for a three-episode arc, has confirmed.

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Crow, 47, will make her first appearance on the show in March as a new read more

FlashForward's David Goyer Steps Down as Showrunner


FlashForward co-creator David Goyer is stepping down as the series' showrunner, has confirmed.

Goyer, an executive producer on the show and one of the writers behind Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, will... read more

Desperate Housewives Extends Julie Benz's Role

Julie Benz

Julie Benz will stick around Wisteria Lane a little longer: The Dexter actress' stay on Desperate Housewives has been extended, has confirmed.

Watch full episodes of Desperate Housewives

Benz, who made her Housewives debut on Jan. 31, was originally slated to appear in three episodes but will now appear in an... read more

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